MD026 True Wireless Earbuds User Guide 
Fones de ouvido estéreo sem fio verdadeirosGCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds -

Conteúdo do Produto

GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 1

Especificação de produto

Bluetooth Versão: 5.3
Suporte: HSP / HFP / A2DP / AVRCP
Porta de carregamento: Tipo-C
Battery capacity: Earbuds:25mAh
Battery life: 5 hours of use per full charge (actual battery life varies with song type and volume requirements)
Charging time: 1 hour for earbuds / 1 hour for charging case
Transmission range: 15 meters (without obstacles)


GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 2

How do I pair two headphones with my phone?

  • Please make sure both the earbuds and the charging case are fully charged before first use.
  • Passo 1
    Take both earbuds out of the charging case and both earbuds will power on and start pairing automatically (If the earbuds are not connected to your device for more than 5 minutes, the earbuds will automatically turn off Press the MPS button for about 3 seconds to manually turn on the earbuds when prompted “Power on”.) The indicator light of one earbud will flash red and blue alternately, and the indicator light of the other earbud will slowly flash blue when paired successfully.
  • Passo 2
    Enable the Bluetooth pairing mode on your phone device, search and select “MD026” to connect. (You should hear a voice prompt “connected” when wearing earbuds).
  • Se a luz indicadora do fone de ouvido estiver apagada, significa que o telefone está conectado
  • Automatic connection By default, the earbuds will connect to the last paired mobile automatically when powered on.GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 3
  • Pronto
  1. If you have any problem pairing the two earbuds with your phone, put the earbuds back in the charging case and repeat the above steps.
  2. These earbuds can be used not only together, but also individually
    If you want to use a single earbud
    Just take one earbud out of the case and connect it to your phone. or when using two earbuds, manually turn off one earbud or put one back in the charging case and you’ll be able to use the other earbud alone.


  • Comunicação por telefone  GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 4

Answer call: Tap once
Hang up: Press and hold the key for 2s
Refuse incoming calls: Press and hold the key for 2s

  • Para música GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 5
A pausa Toque duas vezes
Faixa anterior Pressione e segure “L” por 2s
Faixa seguinte Press and hold “R” for 2s
Ativar Siri Quick tap three times
Abaixe o volume A single tap on the left earbud
Aumente o volume A single tap on the right earbud


  • Carregamento de fones de ouvido
    The earbuds will only be charged when you correctly place them in the charging slots and close the lid. (You can charge the charging case and the earbuds at the same time, or you can charge the charging case first and then the earbuds.)
    O estojo de carregamento parará de carregar automaticamente e a luz indicadora nos fones de ouvido se apagará quando estiver totalmente carregado.
    When the earbuds are charging in the charging case, the digital display bar of the case will keep blinking and turn off after 60 seconds.
  • Carga da caixa
    There is a Type-C usb charging cable in the package, please use it to charge the case directly. During charging, the digital display will flash and display the battery level in real-time. When fully charged, the number shows 100.

GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 6

Alertas de carga GCBIG MD026 True Wireless Earbuds - 7

  • After using it for a long period of time, due to the oxidation of the magnet connector, the earbuds might not be charged or even turned on. You can fix this problem by cleaning the magnet connectors on the earbuds and charging case with an alcohol wipe
  • Put the earbuds in the charging case, and the earbuds will turn off immediately and the charging case will start charging automatically. The earbuds will connect to the last paired mobile automatically.

Armazenamento e Manutenção

  • If the earbuds have not been used for more than 3 months, we recommend that you charge them.
  • Please use a charger approved by FCC FFC : (Federal Communications Commission).
  • Do not disassemble the earbuds.
  • Crianças com 12 anos ou menos precisam de supervisão de um adulto.
  • Não exponha os fones de ouvido a temperaturas altas ou baixas e não use os fones de ouvido durante uma tempestade.
  • Evite queda livre ou choque violento no dispositivo. Mantenha o dispositivo longe de fontes de fogo e não coloque o dispositivo na água.


Q: Why don’t these earbuds pair with my phone?
A: Make sure the earbuds are fully charged and powered on. Make sure your phone’s Bluetooth is enabled If there is no problem with the two points stated above, turn off the powered-on earbuds after 5 continuous and quick clicks. Put them back into the charging case and close the lip, wait for 1 minute, then open the charging case and reconnect the earbuds to the phone.
Q: Why does the music cut in or out?
A: First, keep the earbuds no more than 49 feet away from your phone (no obstacles). If the distance is less than 49 feet, follow these steps:

  1. Put the earbuds back into the case and close the lid, manually click “forget the MD026” on your phone
  2. Após 10 segundos, abra o estojo de carregamento e reconecte esses fones de ouvido ao telefone

Q: Why do the earbuds still won’t be charged or disconnected from the phone after I put them in the case and close the lid?
A: Make sure the charging case is not in a low battery state. If the charging case is in a low battery state, the earbuds will neither be charged nor disconnected. In this case, please use a type-c charging cable to fully charge the case.
Q: Are these earbuds sweat- and water-resistant?
A: These earbuds are sweatproof and slightly waterproof. For electronic devices, we do not recommend that you submerge the earbuds in water.
For more detailed product FAQs, please contact our customer service.

Activation & Warranty

Permanent replacement of damaged, defective, upgraded, or missing items (no need to return the original)
Please activate via email below within 15 days. ” [email protegido]"

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Fones de ouvido sem fio verdadeiros GCBIG MD026 [pdf] Guia do usuário
Fones de ouvido sem fio verdadeiros MD026, MD026, fones de ouvido sem fio verdadeiros

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