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MLB7-1076-RGB – v1.0 0322

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Thank you for choosing the Orb+ Smart RGB+IC LED Light by Monster Smart illuminessence. This quick start guide will help you with setup and installation of your device.
په باکس کې څه شی دی؟

  • Ix Orb+ Light
  • l x 4ft USB charging cable
  • 1x د چټک پیل لارښود

څه د پکار دی؟

  • Cellphone or tablet with Android*’ 6.0 Marshmallow or higher/ 10510 or higher
  • WI-R router with an Internet connection
  • WI-R 2.46Hz 802.11n

Before setup, make sure your phone or tablet is connected to the 2.4GHz WI-Fl network that your LED Strip will be placed on. For easier pairing, turn on Location and Bluetooth to quickly find nearby devices. TIP: Do you know your Wi-Fi network name and password? Write it down now if it’s hard to remember.
TIP: دا لارښوونې د راتلونکي حوالې لپاره خوندي کړئ.


Remove your Orb+ and all components from the box It is recommended to first pair your device in a location dose to your router BEFORE installation. NOTE: If desired, you can operate the device with the controls and without pairing to WI-R and without the app. Advanced features like color customization, scheduling, and vote control will not be available. (See “How To Use” on page 5)
لومړۍ مرحله - چارج کول
The Orb+ has a built-in rechargeable battery that can be charged using the included micro USB to USB Type-A cable and any 5v USB power source (not included). For best results, fully charge the Orb+ before setup.

MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig1

When the battery is low, the LED indicator will glow RED (when the USB cover is closed. the LED will shine through) While charging, the LED will glow GREEN. When charging is complete, the LED will turn OFF. NOTE: under nermaloperation, the Orb+ can provide over &no( light vVhite colors. high brightness settings. and frequent W-Fi controlled adjustrnents can reduce the total battery run time.
یادښت: د اوبو مقاومت
Your Orb+ is water-resistant and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. To ensure maximum water protection:

  • Keep the silicon USB cover tightly sealed at all times.
  • Do not charge the Orb+ in wet environments.
  • Do not submerge the Orb+ in water.
  • Avoid dropping or damaging the Orb+.

ګام 2
Download the am MONSTER - logo app from the App Store (for Phone) or Goo& Play Store (for Android phones).

MONSTER - icon

ګام 3
Make sure your phone or tablet Is successfully connected to the 24GH2 WI-Fl network that your device will be placed on and ensure that your Bluetooth Is enabled. Open the MONSTER - logo app and create an account by following the on-screen Instructions.

خبرداری یادښت
Most Smart devices only velark on a 2.46Hz WI-FI network. Many new tome 1M-Firehvorksare mated networks Wet are set to 5Eblz by default (Pc: AT&T Verizon) and you may need to use AP pairing mode to connect. if you still have difficulty. contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance with 2.4G1-Iz network setup.
ګام 4
Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on the light. Press and hold the reset button for 5-6 seconds to enter palling mode. The light will begin blinking when it has entered pairing mode and is ready to pair.

MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig2

ګام 5
Confirm that the device Is in pairing mode. LED Is RAPIDLY blinking. In the MONSTER - logoapp, select the “+” in the upper right corner of the home screen to add a new device.
MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig3

The app will detect the nearby Wi-Fi+BLE enabled device and ask if you would like to add it. click “Go to add”. Ensure that the device is checked and then click the “+” button.
MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig4

ګام 6
Confirm that the network displayed Is your 2.4GHz WI-FI network. then enter your WI-FI password and click “Confirm”.
MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig5
NOTE: this may take up to one minute.
Once complete, your device will be connected to the network. Confirm or change the settings for your device and then click “Done”. Your device is now setup and ready to use!

MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig6

You can now use the app to add voice control (see pg 8). adjust settings, create custom lighting effects. set schedules. and more!

څنګه یی استعمال کړو

Your Orb+ can be easily controlled by the controller, tap control, using the m moron= SMART app to access advanced and customizable lighting effects, or by using a compatible voice assistant product (see page 8).
د بټن کنټرول

MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig7

پرانیستی MONSTER - logo app and click on your device from the list of available paired devices.

MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig8

WHITE: Multiwhite selector wheel and buttons with brightness adjust COLOR: Multicolor selector wheel and buttons with brightness adjust STATIC: Customizable static color scenes with color selectors and brightness adjust. Each Static scene has it’s own unique pattern. DYNAMIC: Flowing multicolor scenes with brightness/speed adjust MUSIC: Sound reactive multicolor scenes with mic sensitMty adjust DIY: Customizable flowing multicolor scenes with color selectors, brightness and speed adjust. Each DIY scene has its own unique flowing pattern. Create and save your favorites!

monster - icon1 TAP CONTROL
Your Orb+ is equipped with a vibration sensor so it can be controlled with Just a tap! Simply tap firmly on the top of the Orb+ to change between preset scenes in Static, Dynamic. Music, and DIY modes.

MONSTER MLB7 1076 RGB ORB Smart Portable LED Light-fig9

ګروپ کولو وسایل
Your Orb+ is great to use in multiples, you can control each separately or easily group multiple lights together in the app to control them all as one. Click on the settings button In the upper right corner and then click “Create Group” to group your devices.

یادښت Grouping different Monster Sman akininessence devices with different features may cause communication issues Wnen selecting Scenes. For best results create of the same products. If you would hke to go up together dfferert Is recommended to control using the Cote settings onty. rather than Scenes

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