PROGRESS LIGHTING P804000 White Baffle Recessed Light Trim Instruction Manual
PROGRESS LIGHTING P804000 White Baffle Recessed Light Trim



This Instruction Sheet is also intended to be used as a Paint Shield. Upon completion of Installation, Crumple this Sheet up and Insert it up into the Housing to Protect the Socket and Labels from being Spray Painted. Remove Instrucion Sheet and Socket Paint Cap prior to installing Trim and Lamp.


Please read and understand this entire manual before attempting to assemble, operate or install the product.
CAUTION: Read instructions carefully and turn electricity off at main circuit breaker panel before beginning installation.
CAUTION: Risk of fire. Min. 90°C supply conductors. Consult a qualified electrician to ensure correct branch circuit conductor.
WARNING: If any Special Control Devices are used with this fixture, follow instructions carefully to assure full compliance with N.E.C. requirements. If there are any questions, contact a qualified electrical contractor.


  1. Before beginning installation, make sure all parts are included using the contents diagrams from page 1. If any part is missing or damaged, do not attempt to assemble, install or operate the product.
  2. Estimated assembly time: 30 minutes.

Care and Maintenance

Shut off main power supply before cleaning product or changing light bulbs. To clean, wipe with damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners or cleaners that contain alcohol.

Assembly Instructions

  1. Loosen the wing nut to adjust socket position up/down inside recessed housing. (if necessary) Push the trim (A) up into the recessed housing slightly, rotate the fixture housing to desired location using the trim flange and then push until it contacts the ceiling, confirm that the trim is flush with ceiling.
  2. Thread the bulb (not included) into the socket. Use medium base 40-watt MAX A19 bulb or 50-watt equivalent PAR20/R20 bulbs.


Progress products, when properly installed and under normal conditions of use, are warranted to our customers only to be free from defects in material and workmanship at time of shipment. All warranty claims must be asserted within five year from date of purchase of the subject items; thereafter, warranty claims will not be honored. Customers’ sole remedy for a warranty claim or otherwise shall be limited to repair or replacement of the subject product if it is shown to have been defective in material or workmanship at time of shipment. Progress’s sole and maximum liability for a defective product shall never exceed the cost of the subject product. EXCEPT FOR SUCH A WARRANTY AND EXCLUSIVE REMEDY AS STATED (AND THE EXPRESS WARRANTY OF TITLE), WE DISCLAIM ALL OTHER WARRANTIES, WHETHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIM THE IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY AND FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. IN NO EVENT SHALL WE BE LIABLE TO CUSTOMER IN WARRANTY, CONTRACT, NEGLIGENCE, STRICT LIABILITY OR OTHERWISE, FOR ANY DAMAGES, WHETHER INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL WHICH ARE ALLEGED TO BE CAUSED BY ONE OR MORE OF OUR PRODUCTS, BEYOND THE COST TO THE CUSTOMER OF THE SUBJECT PRODUCT OR PRODUCTS. Therefore, the customer’s sole and exclusive remedy against us for breach of the warranty, breach of contract or negligence or strict liability or otherwise shall be limited to repair or replacement of the subject product at our option (excluding installation and removal charges which shall not be our liability) or, if we choose, refund of the purchase price. In no case does our warranty and exclusive remedy extend to anybody other than our customers. Our customers are not authorized to extend warranties or remedies on our behalf to anyone. Such unauthorized extensions of warranties or remedies by the customer shall remain customer’s responsibility. Customer is responsible for determining the suitability of our products for customer’s use or resale, or for incorporating them into objects or for applications which customer designs, assembles, constructs or manufactures.

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