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PROAIM P-WV-2PL 10 Inch Wave-2 Jib Crane for Camera Installation Guide

10′ Wave-2 Jib Crane for Camer (P-WV-2PL)
Assembly Manual

What’s In The Box

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Camera Jib Setup

  • Mount the central fork of the Jib arm to the 100mm bowl mount tripod (not included) and attach the bottom clamp for a secure connection.

NOTE: Ensure that the Central Fork is seated in the bowl properly, i.e., perpendicular to the tripod bowl. Off-axis installation may hamper the jib movement. Also, you may need a grip stand to hold the camera end of the arm during structure, preventing it from falling as it will be front-heavy. You may also require the grip stand or assistance at the rear of the jib when mounting the camera.

Tripod Stand is Not Included.
  • Unscrew the knob present on the back portion of the jib. Extend the jib arm length backward. Retighten the knob to secure it properly.

  • Insert weight rod into the jib arm. Slide in the counterweights (Not-Included) as per your requirement. Screw in the weight closer appropriately

  • Loosen the knobs of the Jib arm, extend the front telescopic post as per your requirement and tighten all knobs to secure.

Camera Mounting Setup

  • Mount your fluid head (Not Included) onto the 100mm bowl plate attached to the jib camera mount and secure it with a locking adapter. Then, remove the tripod plate from it.

  • Securely attach the tripod plate to the camera (Not Included) . Now mount the camera setup onto the fluid head (Not Included) and secure it with the help of a provided knob.

  • Loosen the bolts and remove the 100mm bowl.

  • For an under-slung setup, attach the flat base plate to the bottom of the camera mount. Mount the camera setup, and secure the camera (Not Included) properly.

Lcd Mounting Setup

  • LCD Mounting: Attach your LCD Mounting Arm to Jib Fork and secure it properly. Screw-in LCD (Not Included) to arm and tighten its knob after positioning the angle of the LCD Arm.

Balancing Tips :

Camera Weight 1kg 2kg 3kg 4kg 5kg
Counter Balance 2kg 4kg 6kg 8kg 10kg


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PROAIM P-WV-2PL 10 Inch Wave-2 Jib Crane for Camera [pdf] Installation Guide
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