PRO DVX WM-25 Wall Mount




Screw types:PRO-DVX-WM-25-Wall-Mount-FIG-2

Step 1:
Please make sure the thickness of the wall is over 5cm and the material is suitable for installation. For a wooden wall, please choose wood screws 4pcs. For a concrete wall, please choose wall anchors 4pcs wall Anchor.PRO-DVX-WM-25-Wall-Mount-FIG-3
Step 2:
Remove the TV plug before installation. Use the M4X12 screw to fasten the screenPRO-DVX-WM-25-Wall-Mount-FIG-4
Step 3:
Combine the screen mount and the mount of wall and make sure the screen mount fix on the mount of wall.PRO-DVX-WM-25-Wall-Mount-FIG-5

Documents / Resources

PRO DVX WM-25 Wall Mount [pdf] Instruction Manual
WM-25 Wall Mount, WM-25, Wall Mount

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