PRO DVX White Bezel Screen Cover


Installation instructions

You can now easily transform your black ProDVX display into a white one! The White Bezel Screen Cover also acts as a Tempered Glass Screen protector for your 10-inch display. Follow the steps below to install your new White Bezel Screen Cover. The cover is compatible with all 10-inch ProDVX displays: the APPC 10 DSQ / DSK / X / SLB series.

  • A. Items
  • B. Preparation and cleaning
  • C. Alignment
  • D. Eliminating bubbles



  • ProDVX 10-inch display
  • White Bezel Screen Cover
  • ProDVX PROscreen cleaner
  • Cloth

Preparation and cleaning

This is the first and most important step for a perfect installation.

  1. Choose a clean, well-lit environment with a flat surface.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-2
  2. Wash and dry your hands – Eliminate dirt and oils.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-3
  3. Clean your screen – Use the ProDVX PROscreen cleaner, alcohol or Screen / Glass cleaner in combination with a microfiber cloth to wipe the entire screen.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-4
  4. Remove residual dust with a mild adhesive. Dust is the most important thing to remove from under a screen protector: bubbles will eventually diffuse out through the plastic and tiny finger marks will probably merge with the glue, but dust specks will stay. Lightly dab a sticky note (such as a Post-it) all over the screen. Looking at the reflection of a bright area on the screen at an angle will confirm the presence or absence of dust.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-5


Perfect alignment can be achieved by following these easy steps.

  1. Take the Screen cover out of the protective sleeve.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-6
  2. Peel off the protective film carefully, as the tempered glass is thin and when too much force is applied the Screen cover may break!PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-7
  3. Do not touch the adhesive side once the protective layer has been removed.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-8
  4. Slowly lower the uncovered adhesive side onto your screen cover while carefully aligning it with the sides, bottom and active area of the LCD screen of your device. If it does not align perfectly, gently lift immediately and adjust until you are satisfied.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-9
  5. Once in place, lightly tap the center and slide your forefinger over the screen to form a diagonal cross.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-10

Eliminate bubbles

Easily eliminate bubbles.

  1. Use your fingers and the microfiber cloth to firmly push bubbles out from the center towards the edges. If a bubble remains, press and hold it for five to ten seconds until it dissipates.PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-11
    Finishing Touch: Last Step!
  2. Use the microfiber cloth to polish your screen protector and you are ready to go!PRO-DVX-White-Bezel-Screen-Cover-12

Important Notes: 

  1. After installing, you may see faint wave patterns. This is quite common and is caused by the adhesive and bonding of the two glass surfaces together. This will disappear after 24-48 hours.
  2. Although this product is made from tempered glass, please try to avoid strong impact or bending.
  3. Whether broken or intact, be careful when removing the screen protector from your device and keep it out of the reach of children.
  4. Please do not remove your screen protector for the purpose of re-installing it, as it is a single-use product. Only remove the screen protector when discarding or replacing it.

For further installation assistance, please contact our technical support service:

Documents / Resources

PRO DVX White Bezel Screen Cover [pdf] Instruction Manual
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