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  1. The device must be disassembled for effective cleaning.
  2. Inspect the device for debris. Remove visible debris or organic matter from the device with a disposable wipe or a soft brush.
  3. Using a mild detergent and warm tap water, clean and rinse the device.
  4. Dry device.


The retractor and cushions are autoclavable. Sterilize in a steam autoclave using distilled water at the temperature of 134˚C /273˚F.

  • Re-assemble device after sterilization.
  • Cold sterilization is not recommended.

Instructions for Use


Helpful Hint: Apply non-petroleum jelly or lip balm to the patient’s lips prior to inserting lip and cheek retractor.

  1. With the pink cushions facing the patient, contract the vertical lip holders to ease placement (Figure 1).
  2. Place one side of the lateral lip holder against the inside of the patient’s cheek (Figure 2).
  3. Verify that the pink cushions are resting inside the patient’s anterior vestibular region. The upper cushions should be resting adjacent to the frenulum. Lift patient’s lips, if needed.
  4. Once securely in place, gently guide the other side of the retractor in the other cheek by slightly bending it.
  5. Verify that the patient’s lips are comfortably in place (Figure 3).

Reorder Information: ComfortView® 

  • 9061381 Lip and Cheek Retractor with Mounted Cushions – UNIVERSAL (2 per box)
  • 9061383 Lip and Cheek Retractor with Mounted Cushions – SMALL (2 per box)
  • 9061382 Refill Cushions (10 per pack)

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