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Quick Start Guide

See the owner’s manual for complete assembly and operating instructions and important safety information before using this product.


PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer - STEP 1Set Steam Selector to Off Ensure that the iron is detached from the Base Unit. Then, flip the switch to off.


PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer - STEP 2

Fill Water Tank
Lift the Water Tank Cap and slowly fill the water tank with water without filling past the max fill line. Close the Water Tank Cap.


PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer - STEP 3

Set Temperature
Attach the iron to the Base Unit, and plug the Base Unit into a power outlet. Then, set Temperature Control Dial to the desired temperature.


Iron Cordlessly
To detach the iron from the base, unlock the Base Lock Switch. To use the iron cordlessly, place the iron on the base for about 8  seconds (until the Temperature Indicator Light darkens).*


Press Steam Blast Trigger
Set the Steam Selector to the desired setting. Use the Steam Blast Trigger to generate a powerful burst of steam.


  • Use the PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer Deluxe on a discardable cloth for a few minutes. This will ensure that any residue leftover from the manufacturing process is burned off the Soleplate and will not transfer to your clothes. Any odor or smoke during this process is normal and should disappear quickly.
  • Flush the system by filling the water tank, setting the iron on the highest temperature setting, and pressing the Steam Blast  Trigger to release steam.

* You can also iron with the cord by attaching the iron to the base and locking the Base Lock Switch.

Iron Will Be Hot; Be Careful When Handling

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PowerXL Cordless Iron & Steamer [pdf] User Guide
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  1. I rarely use my power XL iron. I have had it for about 3 or 4 yrs and I may have used it a dozen times. The blue light comes on but the yellow indicator light doesn’t come on to heat the iron. Can u tell me what could be wrong with it not heating?

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