POWERTECH Single Channel Universal Battery Charger User Manual

Single Channel Universal Battery Charger

battery charger

User Manual


Box content:

battery charger
1 x Battery Charger

power cable
1 x Micro B Power Cable

Product Diagram

product diagram



  1. Insert the USB micro B power cable in to a suitable 5VDC USB mains power adaptor (not included) or a suitable USB port such as a computer.
  2. Insert the USB micro B plug from the USB power cable to the USB power socket located on the rear of the battery charger.
  3. The LED will flash green and red alternatively indicating that it is powered correctly.
  4. Insert a Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery into the charging slot.
  5. Once a battery has been inserted; the LED will change to red indicated it is charging.
    Note: If the red LED is flashing then it indicates reverse polarity, short circuit or a bad battery.
  6. Once the battery is fully charged; the LED will change to green.

LED Status Indicator:

LED: Description:
Green & Red Flashing
Power Connected
Green On
Battery Charged
Red On Charging
Red Flashing
Reverse Polarity, Short Circuit, Bad Battery
Red Flashing Fast
Mains Power Too Low


Problem: Solution:
Battery Won’t Charge
Connect to a suitable USB charging source such as a USB mains power adaptor or USB charging port and make sure it’s correctly turned on.
Make sure the battery is the correct Li-ion type according to the specifications
Make sure the battery is in working order and not completely damaged.
No Power/ LED
Ensure the USB charging cable is connected properly to a USB charging port or USB charging adaptor.
Check to see if your USB power source is working correctly


  1. Do not open the case of this product to prevent the unit from damage.
  2. Keep the battery charger away from high temperatures as it may damage the device.
  3. Do not expose the battery charger to water or liquids to prevent the unit from damage.
  4. Please disconnect the battery charger from power when not in use.
  5. This battery charger is for indoor use only.


  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Zero Volt Battery Activation
  • Reverse Polarity Protection
  • Over Charge Protection


Input: 5VDC, 1A Output: 4.2V, 1A (Battery Above 0.65mm)/0.5A (Battery Below 0.65mm) Battery Compatibility: 10440, 14500, 16340, 17335, 17670, 18490, 18650, 22650, 26500, 26650 Supported Battery: 3.6-3.7V Li-ion Protection Voltage: 4.2V+0.05V Dimensions: 100(L) x 32(W) x 28(D)mm

Distributed by: Electus Distribution Pty. Ltd. 320 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere

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