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Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera

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Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera -


A. Shutter Button
B. Lens
C. Flash
D. Viewfinder
E. Photo Eject Slot
F. Film Door Button
G. Flash Button
H. ON | OFF Button
I. Film Counter Display
J. Neck Strap Loop
K. USB Charging Port & Battery
Level Indicator
L. +Button Mode Indicator
M. +Button
N. Light Meter
O. Tripod Mount


A. Starburst
B. Red Vignette
C. Yellow
D. Orange
E. Blue


  • Battery full
  • Battery half full
  • Battery empty


The Polaroid Now+ camera is always ready to connect to the mobile app. Check the connection status with the +Button.
Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera - icon 1y The camera is searching for the mobile app.
Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera - icon 2 The camera is connected to the mobile app.
Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera - icon 3 The camera is not connected to the mobile app.

The lights above the +Button indicate which creative mode you’re in.

  • Self-timer: Press +Button once to activate.
  • Double exposure: Double press +Button to activate.
  • Custom shortcut: Long press +Button to activate.

Works with the free Polaroid mobile app

Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera - google play

This camera works with

Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera - This camera works with

  1. Turn on the Polaroid Now+ camera by pressing the ON | OFF button.
  2. Download the Polaroid Originals app to your mobile phone from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. Switch on Bluetooth® wireless technology. Open the app and tap ‘Now+’ from the menu. A permission message will pop up. Tap ‘OK’ to confirm. The +Button on the camera will turn blue to indicate that it’s now connected to your phone*.
  3. To insert the film pack, open the film door.
  4. Insert the film pack darkslide up and with the tab facing toward you.
  5. Close the film door. The darkslide covered by the film shield will eject.
  6. Do not pull on the film shield. Allow it to roll back into the camera, so you can remove the darkslide. You’re now ready to take your first photo.
  7. The Polaroid Now+ camera comes with a lens filter kit. To add a colored filter, press it over the lens. For the starburst and red ignette filters, turn until the small notch aligns with the light meter at the bottom of the lens.
    The filter will then click into place.
  8. The Polaroid Originals app comes with extra creative tools. Select one to use now, or continue to step 9.
  9. Aim the camera at your subject and press the shutter button.
    The flash will trigger automatically.
  10. To shoot without the flash, press the flash button before each shot.
  11. The photo covered by the film shield will eject.
  12. Don’t shake the photo! Place your photo in a dark place or face down on a flat surface. Follow the development time on the packaging.

Download the complete
Polaroid Now+ User Manual.

Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera - qr


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*The connection is made through the app, so there’s no need to pair the camera with your phone. This means the Polaroid Now+ camera will not appear in your phone’s list of Bluetooth® devices.
Made in China for and distributed by Polaroid Film B.V. (P.O. Box 242, 7500 AE), Enschede, The Netherlands.
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Polaroid PRD009061 Now+ Instant Camera [pdf] User Guide
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