CATSHIELD 3.5L 4×4 2WD Toyota Tacoma


Thank you for purchasing the best Tacoma converter theft deterrence device on the market. Please read the instructions below to ensure the most accurate and secure fit for your Cat Shield. Professional installation is recommended.



  • Sterownik bitowy ¼”
  • Gniazdo 12 mm
  • okulary ochronne


  • Torque specs for M6 tamperproof screws are 37-72 inch lbs and 68-135 inch lbs for M8 tampśruby odporne na er.
  • Assistance is recommended to hold the shield in place.
  • Depending on your Tacoma model, your main shield, support plate, and hardware may differ, however, installation procedures will be the same.


  • KROK 1: Remove the two cross bars. Remove the four bolts holding the cross bars by using a 12mm socket. Set the two cross bars aside for later installationCATSHIELD-3.5L-4x4-2WD-Toyota-Tacoma-FIG-3
  • KROK 2: Install the two wings to the main shield. Install the left and right wings to the main shield by using nine tamperproof screws (not the long ones), locking washers, and fender washers. The hardware should be installed in the following order: tamper-proof screw, lock washer, fender washer, then shield.CATSHIELD-3.5L-4x4-2WD-Toyota-Tacoma-FIG-4
  • KROK 3: Position the threaded plate above the cross member. The threaded plate must be positioned on top of the cross member. Refer to images C and D to see how to position the plate, and make sure the threads are facing the right way (rivet nut body extending toward the vehicle and rounded side facing toward the driver side). Make sure you can visually see the threaded holes through the three holes in the cross member.CATSHIELD-3.5L-4x4-2WD-Toyota-Tacoma-FIG-5
  • KROK 4: Reinstall the two cross bars with the shield. Position the shield and line up the rear holes of the shield with the threaded holes that were used for the cross bars. Reinstall the cross bars over the shield. Instead of reusing the four bolts for each crossbar, replace one bolt in the front and one bolt in the rear with M8 tamper-proof screw sets. Using the tamper-proof screws (one in the front and one in the rear) will prevent the removal of the bar while allowing the crossbar to be torqued secure. Refer to image E to see where to add the tamper-proof screws. The order of the tamper-proof screw will be M8 screw and fender washer (heavy).
    Pro tip: A stand or an extra pair of hands will be helpful to hold up the shield to the threaded holes. Refer to image E
  • STEP 5: Install the front portion of the shield. Using the long tamper-proof screw set, install the shield to the support plate. Install the four long tamper-proof screws into the cupped holes. Aligning the longer screw to the support plate may require several attemptsCATSHIELD-3.5L-4x4-2WD-Toyota-Tacoma-FIG-6
  • STEP 6: Tighten all screws. Using the appropriate key (M6 or M8), tighten all the screws and make sure the shield is secured. Refer to image G for the fully installed shield.


  • KROK 7: Naklej naklejkę Cat Shield (opcjonalnie). Place the sticker on the vehicle to warn thieves this vehicle is protected by Cat Shield! Congratulations! You are now #catshieldprotected. If you have any questions or feedback about our product, contact us at [email chroniony]. Nie zapomnij tag us with your latest install using @millercatcorp and #catshieldprotected. Leave us a review and help others get #catshieldprotected!

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CATSHIELD 3.5L 4x4 2WD Toyota Tacoma [pdf] Instrukcja instalacji
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