Pivo Pod

Pivo Pod

POD Overview

POD Overview
  1. Smartphone Holder
  2. LED Indicator
  3. Power Button
  4. Extendable Legs
POD Overview

5. Grip Fastener
6. Micro USB charging port
7. Bubble Level
8. 1/4” Screw Thread

Product Overview

Height (without mount): 5cm /2 inches
Maximum load: 1kg
Weight: 176g / 6.2 ounces
Bluetooth: BLE 4.0
Battery: 500 mAh
Charging: Micro USB, 5VDC, 0.5A

Charging the POD

Charging the POD

LED Indicator Status

LED Indicator Status
Download PIVO APP

Create an account

  1. Open Pivo APP and tap “Yes, I got Pivo”
  2. Create a Pivo account using a valid email address
  • Tap Create account under the Log in button
  • Fill out the Sign up form
  • Confi rm your registration by email
  1. Go back to the App and Log in into your new account
  • Tap “Allow” permission to microphone, photo album
    and voice recognition

Pair your smartphone

  1. Turn your smartphone on and enable the Bluetooth settings
  2. Press and hold the power button for 3 seconds until the LED
    light turns BLUE
  3. In the App, tap “Connect” and follow the instructions on the
    screen to fi nish the pairing process
Pair your smartphone

Position your phone

Position your phone

Visualize settings and menu

  1. Swipe to the left to visualize settings
  2. Swipe to the right to visualize the menu
Visualize settings and menu
  • For detailed tutorials about how to use each mode, please visit

Remote Overview

Remote Overview

** For detailed information and manual about how to use the remote, please visit

Pairing the Remote

The Remote comes already paired and ready to use. However, if the Remote becomes disconnected or if the batteries are replaced, the Remote needs to be paired as follows:

Pairing the Remote
  1. Press the power button 3 times in quick sucession. The LED indicator will turn white, indicating that the remote pairing mode is ready.
  2. Press and hold the “+” button on the Remote until you hear 3 quick beeps. This sound indicates that the Remote pairing is complete.
3 quick beeps

Control Settings

With your Remote, you have control over various core settings of your POD including, rotation speed, rotation direction, shooting mode, shutter button, and more.

  • Up to 15 meter operating range
  • Can be paired to multiple Pivo PODs
  • Comes with 1 replaceable 3V battery (coin type)
  • For video instructions visit the Pivo YouTube offi cial channel at cial
  • For downloadable version of this manual, go to

Additional Information

For video tutorials, visit our offi cial YouTube Channel cial

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  1. The day I got this I was able to track my horse. I haven’t been able to since. Where can I find a step by step way to get started again?

  2. Hello how thick can the smartphone be, mine is 14 mm. (Outdoor)Does it fit in the holder?

    Hallo wie dick darf das Smartphone sein, meins ist 14 mm. (Outdoor) Passt es in die Halterung?

  3. Which headset can be used with long range?

    Hvilket headset kan bruges med lang rækkevidde?

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