PHILIPS S5466 Wet and Dry Electric Shaver

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Important safety information

Only use the product for its intended purpose. Read this important information carefully before you use the product and its batteries and accessories, and save it for future reference. Misuse can lead to hazards or serious injuries. Accessories supplied may vary for different products

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  • Keep the supply unit dry (Fig. 1).
  • This shaver is waterproof (Fig. 2). It is suitable for use in the bath or shower and for cleaning under the tap. For safety reasons, the shaver can therefore only be used without cord.
  • Do not modify the supply unit.
  • This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be made by children without supervision.
  • Unplug the appliance before cleaning it with water.
  • Do not use a damaged appliance. Replace damaged parts with new Philips parts.
  • Do not use the supply unit in or near wall sockets that contain an electric air freshener to prevent irreparable damage to the supply unit.
  • Because of hygiene, only one person should use the appliance.
  • Only use cold or lukewarm water to clean the appliance.
  • Never use compressed air, scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids to clean the appliance.
  • Water may drip from the socket at the bottom of the shaver when you rinse it. This is normal and not dangerous because all electronics are enclosed in a sealed power unit inside the shaver.
  • Only use original Philips accessories or consumables. Only use detachable supply unit HQ8505.
  • Charge, use and store the product at a temperature between 10 °C and 35 °C.
  • Keep product and batteries away from fire and do not expose them to direct sunlight or high temperatures.
  • If the product becomes abnormally hot or smelly, changes color or if charging takes longer than usual, stop using and charging the product and contact Philips.
  • Do not place products and their batteries in microwave ovens or on induction cookers.
  • Do not open, modify, pierce, damage or dismantle the product or battery to prevent batteries from heating up or releasing toxic or hazardous substances. Do not short-circuit, overcharge or reverse charge batteries.
  • If batteries are damaged or leaking, avoid contact with the skin or eyes. If this occurs, immediately rinse well with water and seek medical care.

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Electromagnetic fields (EMF)

This Philips appliance complies with all applicable standards and regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields.


For all product support such as frequently asked questions, please visit

RecyclingPHILIPS-S5466-Wet-and-Dry-Electric-Shaver-fig- (7)PHILIPS-S5466-Wet-and-Dry-Electric-Shaver-fig- (8)

  • This symbol means that electrical products and batteries shall not be disposed of with normal household waste (Fig. 3).
  • Follow your country’s rules for the separate collection of electrical products and batteries.

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Removal of built-in rechargeable battery

The built-in rechargeable battery must only be removed by a qualified professional when the appliance is discarded. Before removing the battery, make sure that the appliance is disconnected from the wall socket and that the battery is completely empty.

  • Take any necessary safety precautions when you handle tools to open the appliance and when you dispose of the rechargeable battery.
  • When you handle batteries, make sure that your hands, the product and the batteries are dry.
  • To avoid accidental short-circuiting of batteries after removal, do not let battery terminals come into contact with metal objects (e.g. coins, hairpins, rings).
  • Do not wrap batteries in aluminum foil. Tape battery terminals or put batteries in a plastic bag before you discard them.
  1. Check if there are screws in the back or front of the appliance. If so, remove them.
  2. Remove the back and/or front panel of the appliance with a screwdriver.
    If necessary, also remove additional screws and/or parts until you see the printed circuit board with the rechargeable battery.
  3. Remove the rechargeable battery.

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