PHILIPS Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced User Manual
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Evolving to a new way of doing business

The business of treating patients for obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) is more complex than ever. The need to minimize personal contact and increase connectivity has led to the
heightened importance of home delivery. There is a clear need for simplified, low-touch solutions that help you get patients started on sleep therapy quickly, safely and comfortably while continuing to grow your business. Philips Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced provides a streamlined user experience for enhanced operational efficiencies in setup times and training, patient initiation and patient management.

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Philips Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced Success. By design.

Simplified. Intuitive. Connected. icon

Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced is designed to help you and your patients succeed…together.
PHILIPS DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced User Manual

iconPatient setup and training

Efficient setup: Flexibility in the setup process allows you to choose what is best for your business.

  1. Out-of-the-box, no-touch setup1
    • Accept data-driven defaults
    • Personalize remotely with Care Orchestrator
  2. Streamlined, low-touch, first-ever guided setup on the device

Simplified training: The CPAP features intuitive navigation of comfort features and settings, along with easy handling of the device. Precision mask fitting: Philips Respironics Mask Selector uses no-touch scanning technology for the right mask fit from the start.2

iconRTs set up Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced 28.7% faster than Dream Station on first try.3


Three easy-to-access comfort settings: Patients can make live adjustments of Ramp Plus, humidification and heated tube temperature while therapy is running.

  • Ramp Plus allows patients to set a comfortable starting pressure for falling asleep, which may also help reduce callbacks and adjustments to minimum
    pressure prescriptions.

Micro-flexible 12mm heated tube: Philips smallest-diameter tubing is designed to be comfortable while taking up less space than traditional tubing.
Smart auto and advanced algorithms: Proprietary algorithms automatically adjust pressure to provide personalized therapy and treat AHIs at lower pressures.4

iconOngoing compliance

Enhanced connectivity: Integrated cell modem with simplified Bluetooth pairing enables remote setup and easy access to data for both your care team and your patients.

  • On-demand prescription changes
  • Remote troubleshooting through Performance Check

Philips Care Orchestrator: Drive collaboration among your team with patient insights delivered straight to smartphones, tablets or PCs.

  • Adherence Profiler enables you to get notifications if a patient is at risk of noncompliance in a 90-day period.

iconDream Mapper app keeps patients engaged with easy access to coaching to drive ongoing complian ce.

Patients struggling with adherence to sleep therapy have a 283% higher success rate .5

Introducing Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced

Device components

Ordering information

Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced part numbers

 Part Number

  Description (Package Label)

  DSX520H11C   Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced + Humidifier   with cell/BT
  DSX520T11C   Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced +   Humidifier/Heated Tube with cell/BT

Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced

   Part Number

  Description (Package Label)

  1146072   DS2 Humidifier Water Tank No Lid, RP
  1146073   DS2 Humidifier Lid only, RP
  1142832   DS2 Water Tank with Lid
  1142836   DS2 Inlet/Outlet Seal, RP
  1142687   DS2 Reusable Pollen Filter, RP – 1 pack
  1142828   DS2 Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter, RP – 1 pack
  1142829   DS2 Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter, RP – 2 pack
  1142831   DS2 Disposable Ultra-Fine Filter, RP – 6 pack
  1144877   3150 BLE Wrist Ox
  1147077   Soft Reusable Finger Sensor, WristOx, SM
  1147178   Soft Reusable Finger Sensor, WristOx, M
  1147179   Soft Reusable Finger Sensor, WristOx, L
  1147180   PC USB Interface Cable, WristOx 3150 BLE
  1142834   DS2 Carrying Case
  1145156   DS2 Roll Stand

Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP and
Dream Station 2 Auto CPAP Advanced

  Part Number   Description (Package Label)
  HT15   15 mm Heated Tube
  PR15   15 mm Standard Tube – Dream Station
  PR12   12 mm Micro-Flexible Tube – Dream Station
  HT12   12 mm Micro-Flexible Heated Tube
  1032907   22 mm Performance Tube
  1147466   12 mm Tube Device Adapter with OIS – Dream Station
  1128074   12 mm Mask Adapter
  1145085   Philips RI SD Card – 1 pack
  1063859   Philips RI SD Cards – 10 pack
  1120747   Shielded DC Cord System – Dream Station
  1144267   Philips 80W CPAP Power Supply
  1038928   Power Cord with C7 End USA/CAN 5 FT
  532209   DC Battery Adapter Cable
  1124009   PAP Lithium Ion Battery Kit
  1121736   Lithium Ion Battery, PAP Device Cable
  1126947   Lithium Ion Battery Case
  342077   Bacteria Filter
  302418   Pressure Valve
  1038928   Power Cord with C7 End USA/CAN 5 FT
  312710 O2 Enrichment Attachment


  1. Assumes acceptance of smart, default settings. Alternatively, you can set up prescriptions entirely via CO with no device touch.
  2. Data analysis after 90 days of use.
    2019 Philips sponsored patient preference trial (n=310). Patient scanned using the Mask Selector (n=153) vs. Traditional fitting methods (n=157).
  3. Philips randomized usability trial. Ease-of-Set Up and Time-to-Set Up of Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) Devices; evaluating the user interface with 27 respiratory
    therapists that typically set up Philips DreamStation and ResMed AirSense 10 CPAP devices. 2020.
  4. Hertegonne KB, Rombaut B, Houtmeyers P, Van Maele G, Pevernagie
    DA. Titration efficacy of two auto-adjustable continuous positive airway pressure devices using different flow limitation-based algorithms. Respiration. 2008;75(1):48-54. doi:
    10.1159/000103515. Epub 2007 Jun 1. PMID: 17541262. Nolan GM, Ryan S, O’Connor TM, McNicholas WT. Comparison of three auto-adjusting positive pressure devices in patients
    with sleep apnoea. Eur Respir J. 2006 Jul;28(1):159-64. doi: 10.1183/09031936.06.00127205. Epub 2006 Mar 29. PMID: 16571610. Nieves Navarro Soriano, Mikel Azpiazu Blocona,
    Javier Carrillo Hernández-Rubio, Raquel Cobos Campos, Ainhoa Alvarez Ruiz de Larrinaga, Bereniç Murià Diaz David Diez Fuente, Carlos Javier Egea Santaolalla. The Effective
    Pressure of the CPAP Titration Depends on the APAP Device Used. Poster at SEPAR Convention (Spain). May 2018. Javier Carrillo Hernandez-Rubio, Mikel Azpiazu Blocona,
    David Diez Fuente, Nieves Berlen Navarro Soriano, Laura Cancelo Diaz, Lourdes Guerra Martin, Raquel Cobos Campos, Carlos Javier Egea Santaolalla. Validity of the CPAP
    Automatic Titration in our Sleep Unit. Poster at SEPAR Convention (Spain). May 2018. 5. 46% of DreamMapper patients went on to achieve adequate adherence within 90 days
    versus 12% for the Standard Care group, a relative increase of 283.33%. In a retrospective review conducted by Philips Respironics of the EncoreAnywhere database (white paper)
    of struggling patients (n=24,176).


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