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perfora Electronic Truthbrush User Guide

perform -Electronic -Toothbrush

Thank you so much for trusting us with your oral health. We’re excited to help you elevate this aspect of your healthcare! Perfora was conceptualised to fill in a big void in oral health care. Before we were founders, we were consumers. Our personal oral health struggles led us to question what we were using on ourselves, every single day. We realised there wasn’t a single product in the market that was toxin free and made well. Why was our oral care being taken for granted? Turns out, as consumers, we have a very limited and skewed understanding of what good oral hygiene is, and how critical it is to our overall health. We are inundated by brands talking about legacy, the trust they enjoy, and the army of dental experts behind them, but we are rarely informed about how these products are made! We realised this needed an effective and holistic solution. And so began our journey with Perfora. We consulted dentists and formulation experts to understand the right oral care regime. We spent months on testing and perfecting our solutions to bring forth a functional, science backed and future proof oral care regime. Perfora has an active and vocal conscience. As a proud member of the 1% For The Planet community, 1% of our revenue is directed to preserving the environment. We are a young team with a vision to build a practical, promising and precisely designed solution for you and your family. If there is a glitch in overall Perfora experience, please do not hesitate to email us directly at

We promise to address your concerns personally. Jatan & Tushar

Usage Information

You may experience numbness on first usage. Please don’t worry as this is normal. You should ideally adapt to the sonic vibrations in 1 week and it is recommended to start with the sensitive mode. However in case of prolonged discomfort please discontinue use and consult a dentist before further use. This product was designed for effectively cleaning your gums and teeth, not for any other purposes. Do not drop the product. Do not attempt to repair or alter the product without authorization. This product can only be used with Perfora brush heads. If you see persistent bleeding after using the toothbrush for more than a week, please consult your dentist. Children should use this product under supervision to ensure proper usage. Please keep this product away from high temperature and direct sunlight.

The Brush Anatomy

Brush Head Replacement

Battery Replacement


Weak Vibrations

Low Battery

Replace Battery

Timer Not Working

1. Low Battery 1. Replace Battery
2. Other Issues 2. Contact Us

Brushing Instructions

  • Wet the bristles with water and add a pea sized portion of toothpaste on the bristles.
  • To avoid splashing the toothpaste place the bristles against the teeth at angled towards the gum line before you press the power button.
  • Press the button once for CLEAN mode. (26,000 strokes / min)
  • Press the button twice for MASSAGE mode. (16,000 strokes / min)
  • Once the brush starts to vibrate gently, move the brush head across the teeth in an up & down circular motion.

Remember to brush the front, back and chewing surface of the teeth.

  • The Truth Brush will pulse every 30 second to remind you to switch from one quadrant to the next, inside your mouth!
  • Voila! You just had a world class brushing experience!

Everyday Oral Care Regime

All products have successfully passed strict quality assurance processes and are certified by FDA, CE and are RoHS compliant. Chipper Consumer Pvt. Ltd. warrants the products to be free from defects under normal use and service for the original purchaser. The warranty period starts from the date printed on a valid invoice for a period of one year. Any unauthorized disassembly or repair will void the warranty. The products can be returned within 30 days of purchase.

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Documents / Resources

perfora Electronic Truthbrush [pdf] User Guide
Electronic Truthbrush



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