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Please read the user manual carefully before using, and keep the purchase receipt as a proof of purchase for any warranty claim.

Certificate of Conformity

Item and specifications:————————————–
Date of manufacture:—————————————

Warranty Card
Item: Name: Date of purchase:———————————————-
Serial number: Customer: Tel:————————————-
Distributor: Address:———————————–


  1. Alter or disassemble the unit.
  2. Wear/tear on the out surface.
  3.  Misused or abused for anything other than normal consumer use as authorized in Pecron’s current product literature.
  4.  Breakdown or damage caused by natural hazard beyond control (earthquake, fire, tsunami and etc.)
  5. Warranty does not cover the packaging or accessories.
  6.  Paid service can be provided when warranty expired.


  1. Do not store the generator near heat sources.
  2.  Do not immerse in water. Keep away from liquids.
  3.  Do not store, charge or use the unit in an area.
  4. Keep the air vents at least 20cm away from any objects to prevent improper air flow.
  5. Always place the unit on a flat surface to avoid a fall off.

FUNCTION INTRODUCTIONpecron-T6000S-Portable-Power-Statio

  1. USB/USB-C Ports
  2. PV Input
  3. AC 220V/50Hz Outlets
  4. LCD Smart Display
  5. Cigar Port
  6. AC Input
  7. ON/OFF Switch
  8. DC 48V Outlet
  9. DC Switch
  10. DC 24V Outlet
  11. RS485 Port
  12. AC Switch



  1. AC Charger  1
  2. DC 24V(16MF-3A) Adapter 1
  3. DC 48V(25MF-4A) Adapter 1
  4. MC4 Solar Adapter 1
  5. user Manual 1
  6. DC1229 Car Charger 1

SPECIFICATIONS3pecron-T6000S-Portable-Power-Station-User-Manual-fig-3OUTPUT SPECSpecron-T6000S-Portable-Power-Station-User-Manual-fig-4


  1. Why The LCD/Output Ports Are Unresponsive By Pressing Any Switches?
    Interior battery self-protection activated, please recharge the unit
  2. What To Do When There Is An Inaccurate Battery Level/System Crash?
    Interference or battery loss, press and hold the AC button for 20 seconds to reset
  3.  Why The Unit Does Not Charge?
    Over-heat protection activated, unplug the unit and it’s connected devices, wait till the battery cool dovwn
  4.  How To Store The Generator?
    Keep the unit in a cool and dry place, and please charge it every b months it you leave the unit unused for a long period of time.
  5.  How To Clean The Generator?
    Do not use chemicals or detergent to clean the unit, use a slightly damp towel to clean device and a dry with a soft cloth
  6.  Why There Is No Output From 48V/24V DC Outlet?
    The fuse has been blown, please replace the fuse(glass fuse 6 30Omm, 10amp) immediately

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