pecron E1500 Pro Portable Power Station



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  1. LCD Display
  2. DC 32V-95V Charging Port
  3. DC 12V-18V Charging Port
  4. Fuse
  5. AC 100V 120V Input
  6. AC 100V 120V Output
  7. Wireless Charger
  8. DC 12V/USB/ Wireless Switch
  9. AC 100V-120V Switch
  10. DC12VXT60 Output
  11. DC12V Auxiliary Output
  12. DC12V(525)Output
  13. USB-A/USB-C Ports


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  • DC: press and hold to turn on / off DC/USB /Wireless Charger
  • AC: press and hold to turn on / off AC (Please turn off the AC function if there is no AC load on the unit)


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Temperature Alarm Icon
E1500 PRO can power your devices at temperatures ranging from 20-45C. lf your working temperature is more than 45C, the temperature alarm will flash,the unit may stop working.

AC Overload Alarm Icon
E1500 PRO can power most devices with power consumption less than 2000 watts. If your device is more than 2000W, The AC overload alarm will flash, The power supply will stop working.


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UPS Function

The E1500 PRO supports UPS function. It can provide the loads(such as computers, data centers, and telecommunication equipment) near-instantaneous(within 8-20ms) protection from unexpected power interruptions of the main power supply.
Note: Not applicable to specific applications that need transfer time under 8ms, such as servers and workstations. This UPS function only support protection for loads under 1600W, we recommend that you only connect one device ata time to avoid overload and thus result in protection failure.

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  1. DC5521 Charging Port: PV/DC 12V-18V, 100W maximum; VOC(open circuit voltage) of solar panel must be than 25V;
  2. GX16MF-5 Charging Port: PV(operating voltage) range 32V-95V, 800W maximum; Voc(open circuit voltage) of solar panel/array must be than 95V, otherwise, it will damage the unit! Do not wire more than two 36V(AKA 24V) solar panels in series, or more than four 18V(AKA 12V) solar panels in series. (18V/36V stands for Vmp, the operating voltage, of the solar panel)
  3. If you have any questions, Please feel free to contact us:

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pecron-E1500-Pro-Portable-Power-Station- (13)pecron-E1500-Pro-Portable-Power-Station- (14)pecron-E1500-Pro-Portable-Power-Station- (15)pecron-E1500-Pro-Portable-Power-Station- (16)DO NOT wire four solar panels in series!

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  • Q1: What kind of battery is used in E1500 PRO? How long it can last?
    A: E1500 PRO utilizes high-quality UL-certified automotive battery cel, it can retain 80% efficiency at 1000 complete charge cycles.
  • Q2: What devices can E1500 PRO power?
    A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge or power devices that operate at less than 2000w. DC output port can only charge or power that operate at less than 12V-30A.
  • Q3: Can the E1500 PRO be used as UPS?
    A: E1500 PRO supports UPS function with an automatic switchover time of 8-12ms.
  • Q4: How to calculate the E1 500 PRO running time?
    A: Running Time=Total Capacity(1450Wh) *0.85 (Depth of Discharge)/Loading Power(Watts)
  • Q5: Can I use the E1500 PRO indoors and charge the E1500 PRO indoors?
    A: Yes, the E1 500 PRO is safe to use indoors.
  • Q6: Does E1500 Pro have built-in MPPT charge controller?
    A: Yes, there are two independent built-in MPPT charge controllers; “5521 port supports 12-18V(Max 100W) PV input, and “GX16MF” port supports 32-95V(Max 800W) PV input.
  • Q7: What kind of maintenance does E1500 PRO require?
    A: Charging E1500 PRO in time when the battery running low; And please charge it at least once for every six months even if it is not being used.
  • Q8: How to store the E1 500 PRO?
    A: Do not store, charge or use E1500 PRO near heat sources, or in an area exposed to flammable or corrosive gas; Do not immerse in water. Keep away from liquids and store it in a cool and dry place.


Please read the user manual thoroughly before using this product, and keep this manual in a safe place for future reference. Failure to follow the instructions for proper setup, use, and care for the device can increase the risk of seriOus personal injury, death, or property damage. Once you use this device, you are deemed to have understood, recognized, and accepted all terms and contents of this document. The user shall be responsible for his own actions and all consequences arising from failure to use the device in accordance with the “User Manual” or as authorized in Pecron’s current product literature. In compliance with laws and regulations, Pecron reserves all rights for a final explanation, and to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice. In the event that any revisions are made, the revised terms and conditions shall be posted on our website immediately, please visit our website to inform yourself of any changes.


  1. Do not place the device near heat source, such as a fire or a heating furnace.
  2. Do not immerse in any liquid, or expose the unít to rain or wet conditions.
  3. Do not use the battery in a strong static electricity or electromagnetic environment.
  4. Do not disassemble or puncture the product with sharp objects in any way.
  5. Short circuits can be caused by: vermin or pests chewing through wires; water or other fluids coming into contact with electrical wiring.
  6. Do not use accessories or parts other than those provided by Pecron. Please visit our website or reach our support team for a complete list of accessories and parts.
  7. When using this product, please strictly follow the ambient temperature for use in the user manual. If the temperature is too high, the battery can potentially result in self-combustion and will burst into flames, which can cause widespread damage. If the temperature is too low, the performance of the battery will be seriously degraded, and it may even fail to meet the normal use requirements.
  8. Do not stack heavy objects on this product.
  9. Do not block the air vents during use, or leave the device in a non-ventilated or dusty space.
  10. Please avoid impacts, fall off, and violent vibration. Please turn off the device immediately and stop using it in the event of major exterior impact. Please fasten the unit firmly during transportation to avoid vibration and impact.
  11. In the event of immersing thee device into the water accidently, please place the unit in a safe open area and keep away from the unit until it is completely dry. The dried unit should not be reused and should be disposed of properly according to the local regulation. If the device catches fire, use the fire extinguishing equipment in the following recommended order: water or mist, sand, fire blanket, dry chemical, carbon dioxide fire extinguisher.
  12. Please wipe it with a dry cloth to clean the surface of the device.
  13. Please place this device with care to prevent the product from being damaged due to fall off. If the product is damaged due to fall off, please turn off the unit immediately and place it in an open area, keep away from combustibles and crowds, and dispose of in accordance with local laws and regulations.
  14. Please store this device in a place out of reach of children and pets.


  1. When conditions permit, please be sure to completely discharge the battery of this product, and then put the product in the designated battery recycling box. This product contains batteries. Batteries are dangerous chemicals and are strictly prohibited from being disposed of in ordinary trash. For details, please follow local laws and regulations on battery recycling and disposal.
  2. If the battery cannot be completely discharged due to the failure of the product itself, please do not dispose of the battery directly in the battery recycling box, and contact a professional battery recycling company for further disposal.
  3. The battery will not be able to start after being over-discharged, please dispose of it according to the principle of disposal.

Pecron’s warranty does not apply to Misused, abused, modified,damaged by accident, or used for anything other than normal consumer use as authorized in Pecron’ s current product literature.


Documents / Resources

pecron E1500 Pro Portable Power Station [pdf] User Manual
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pecron E1500 Pro Portable Power Station [pdf] User Manual
E1500 Pro Portable Power Station, E1500 Pro, E1500, Portable Power Station, E1500 Pro Power Station, E1500 Power Station, Power Station

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