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TK-60 High Impedance Oscilloscope Probes
User ManualPeakTech TK-60 High Impedance Oscilloscope Probes


The TK-60, TK-100, TK-250 and TK-250/100 are passive high-impedance oscilloscope probes designed and calibrated for use on instruments having an input impedance of 1  MΩ shunted by 20 pF. However, it may be compensated for use with instruments having an input capacitance of 10-35 pF. The probe incorporates a three-position slide  switch in the head, which selects attenuation of x1, x10, or a ground reference position (not PeakTech TK-250/100) ®

Safety instructions
This probe has been designed for use on low-energy systems only as defined in category II of EN 61010-031. The probe should only be used with oscilloscopes, which have a  grounded BNC connector. Do not attempt to make measurements where the ground lead or oscilloscope input is raised above ground potential. If differential measurements are required, use a dual channel scope in the differential mode with two probes or use a differential probe.

The oscilloscope probes TK-60, TK-100 and TK-250 are provided with a reference position. The oscilloscope-probe tip is disconnected and the oscilloscope input is grounded.


Before dismantling any part of the probe, make sure it is disconnected from any voltage source. The measurement tip is replaceable. The probe head can be detached from the cable assembly by unplugging the push-fit BNC connector on the probe head. To replace a broken tip, hold the black insulating part of the tip with plier and screw it away from the probe head.
Replace with a new tip taking care to align with the inner contact.

Compensation Adjustment

In order to obtain the correct division ratio with each oscilloscope, the attenuation network needs to be adjusted. To compensate the probe to your oscilloscope, apply a 1 kHz square wave to the probe tip, or connect to the cal socket on the oscilloscope to display a few cycles of the waveform and adjust the trimmer located in the BNC-plug for a flat-topped square wave. PeakTech TK-60 High Impedance Oscilloscope Probes - Figure 1


Position x1
Attenuation ratio 1:01
Bandwidth DC up to 6 MHz
Rise time 58 ns
Input Resistance 1 MΩ (Oscilloscope Input)
Input Capacitance 91 pF + Oscilloscope Capacity (TK-60) 56 pF + Oscilloscope Capacity (TK-100) 56 pF + Oscilloscope Capacity (TK-250)
max. Working voltage 150 Vrms CAT II (1:1)
Position x 10
Attenuation ratio 10:01
Bandwidth DC up to 60 MHz (P TK-60) DC up to 100 MHz (P TK-100) DC up to 250 MHz (P TK-250)
Rise time 5,8 ns (TK-60); 3,5 ns (TK-100); 1,4 ns (TK-250)
Input resistance 10 MΩ (TK-60, TK-100, TK-250)
Input capacitance ca. 18 pF (TK-60), ca. 13 pF (TK-100, TK-250)
Compensation range 10 up to 30 pF
max. Working voltage 300 Vrms CAT II (10:1)
Safety EN 61010-031 Category II
Cable length 1,2 m
Technical Data PeakTech® TK-250/100
Attenuation ratio 100:1
Bandwidth DC to 250 MHz
Rise Time 1,4 ns
Input Resistance 100 MQ by using an oscilloscope with 1 MQinput
Input Capacitance 5.5 pF
Compensation range 10 … 30 pF
max. working value 1500 Wm. CAT II (2000 V DC or AC,,,) (decreasing with increasing frequency)


Channel Identifier Clip PA-105; Sprung Hook PA-106; Ground lead PA-107;
Insulating Tip PA-108; Measuring Tip PA-102 (excl. TK-60); IC Tip PF-902;
Adjusting Tool PF-903; BNC Adaptor PF-901 (only P TK-250 and TK250/100).

Voltage deteriorating curve PeakTech TK-60 High Impedance Oscilloscope Probes - Figure 2

All rights, also for translation, reprinting, and copy of this manual or parts are reserved.
Reproduction of all kinds (photocopy, microfilm, or other) only by written permission of the publisher.
This manual considers the latest technical knowledge. Technical changing, which are in the interest of progress reserved.
We herewith confirm that the units are calibrated by the factory according to the specifications as per the technical specifications.
We recommend calibrating the unit again, after 1 year.

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