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P PANORAXY BF-A40 Wireless Battery Powered Camera User Guide

P PANORAXY BF-A40 Wireless Battery Powered Camera

Package List

  • Camera
  • Solar Panel
  • Micro· USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • Screw Package
  • Location Sticker

Product Overview

Power port DC 5V±10%
Power on/off Press power button for 3 seconds to turn on/off the camera
Status light
  • Solid red light on: the camera is turning on or malfunctional
  • Blinking red light: awaiting WiFi connection (slowly blinking) connecting the WiFi (quickly blinking)
  • Blinking blue light: currently connecting
  • Solid blue light on: the camera runs correctly
SD card slot Support local SD card storage (Max.128G)
Reset Press and hold on for 5 seconds to reset the camera
Charging ® Solid red indicator on: battery is charging
indicator Solid blue indicator on: charging completed
Battery Built-in rechargeable batteries

How to Set the Camera

  1. App Downloading and Installation
    Downloading ‘Cloud Edge’ APP from App store or on Google play. You could also scan the QR code to download it.
  2. Account Registration and Login
    Open ‘CloudEdge’ APP, choose your country/region, register an account with a valid e-mail address at your first ti me use, then log in.


    Android OS

    Download App( IOS & android)
  3. .Network Configuration
    1. The camera only support 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi, does not support 5Ghz Wi-Fi.Please
      check your router to confirm that the network is under 2.4Ghz frequency.
    2. Make sure that the Wi-Fi password doesn’t include special characters
    3. For a successful connection, please place the camera and phone near to the router, which should speed up the network configuration process ..
  4. Connect Camera to APP
    Important to Know:


    1. Before adding the device, make sure that your camera has enough power.
      You can use SV,1.SA charging adapter to charge it(power adapter is not included)
    2. Long press the ‘Power button’ for 3-Ss to power on/off the device,you will hear a beeping sound after turning it on.
    3. If you have successfully pair the camera with you phone, the ‘Status Light’ will flash blue. If not, it will show red light. Please reset the camera by pressing ‘Reset’ button for 3-Ss.
      • Step 1: Run ‘Cloud Edge’ APP, click ‘Add Device’.
      • Step 2: Select your Wi-Fi, and input the right password, and dick ‘Next’
      • Step 3: Show QR code to the camera at distance of 5-8 inches. A tone will be heard when successfully scanned.
      • Step 4:You can name your camera and add it in a monitor location.
      • Step 5:All done. You have added the camera successfully to your phone.
      • Step 6:Begin to monitor your home.


It’s recommend to fully charge the battery before mounting the camera outdoors.

Charge the battery with a power adapter. (not included)

Charge the battery with the Solar Panel (Not included if you only purchase the camera).

Charging Indicator

  • RED LED: Charing
  • Blue LED: Fully charged

For better rain protection, when charging with a solar panel, please only open the small rubber labeled “POWER” and keep the outside rubber closed well.

Please keep the rubber closed always after installation of the Micro SD card

Way of Charging

The APP will remind you to charge your camera when the battery Is low.
Please use the Micro USB cable to plug into the 5V/1.5A charging adapter to charge the camera. During charging, the camera’s indicator is red, and when the camera is fully charged, the indicator light will turn into solid blue. It will take about 8 hours to fully charge.
You could use the solar panel to charge the camera.
Note: The accurate battery level can be viewed in ‘Setting-Battery Management’

Safety Instructions of Battery usage

The camera is not designed for running 24/7 at full capacity or around-the-clock live streaming. It’s designed to record motion events and to live view remotely only when you need it.

  1. The battery is built-in, so do not re111ove it from the came ra.
  2. Charge the re chargeable battery with a standard and high -qual1ry DC 5V battery
    charger or Panoraxy solar panel. Do not charge the battery with solar panels from any other brands.
  3. Charge the battery when temperatures are between O”C and 45’C and always use the battery when temperatures are batteries – 20°C and 60″C
  4. Keep the USB charging port dry, clean and free of any debris and cover the USB charging port with the rubber plug when Lile battery is fully charged
  5. Do not charge, use or store the battery near any ignition sources, such as tire or heaters
  6. Do not use the battery if it gives off an odor. generates heat, becomes discolored or d deformed, or appears abnormal in any ways. If the battery is being used or charged, remove the battery from the device or the charger immediately, and stop using it.
    Lile battery from Lile device or the charger immediately, a11d stop usii1g it.
  7. Always follow the local waste and recycle laws when you get rid of the usm1 battery.

About Battery
This camera adopts innovative low-power technology and has different power consumption in different scenarios, giving it a more durable standby capability.
When there is no motion detection, the camera will enter sleep mode with the lowest power consumption. When a motion is detected, the camera will be woken up immediately and start recording video.


  1. If the camera is pointed to a busy street, it will be woken up frequently and detect massive movements, as a result, the battery power will be consumed quickly.
  2. The battery consumption and standby time are closely related to the number of detected motions a day. The more detected motions, the faster battery consumption and the shorter battery standby time .
  3. The typical estimated life of a Lithium-ion battery is about two to three years or 300 to 500 charge cycles whichever occurs first. One charge cycle is a period of use from fully charged, to fully discharged.
  4. The recommended operation environment for the camera is 4°F-140°F (20°(-60°(). For lower temperatures, it may slow down the battery performance.


  1. a. Install the bracket and solar panel
    Follow the below chart Drill the holes according to the positioning slicker provided
    Screw the expansion nut into the holes, then connect the bracket to the expansion nut with the screw to complete the installation.
  2. b. Select a good spot for your camera
    Please install the camera in a position where it’s view is not blocked and ensure that it is within the coverage of the Wi-Fi network.
    We recommend installing the camera about 8ft height. You can adjust the height/camera angle according to the real time view on your phone.


Please choose a location for your solar panel that gets the most sunlight throughout the year The solar panel needs only a few hours of direct sunlight to sufficiently power up your camera daily. The amount of energy that the solar panel can produce is affected by weather conditions, seasonal changes, geographic locations, etc.

Important to know

  • Make sure the solar panel is not blocked The energy hc1rvesting efficiency drops
    drastically even when a small portion of the solar panel is blocked
  • Please don’t install the solar panel completely horizentaly. Otherwise your solar
    panel might accumulate dust and other debris easily. It’s advised to install the solar panel angularly to receive the most direct sunlight
  • Wipe the solar panel regularly to remove dust or debris
  • Plec1se chc1rge the batteries in temperature between-20.5°C-4B.S’C(.s”F-12D”F}
    The solar panel don’t charge the camera at temperatures below -20.5°C


Stop Charg ing the Battery-powered Cameras
If your solar panel can’t charge the camera anymore, t ry the fol lowing solutions

  • Unplug and re- insert the charging cable. Please ensure the connection between the solar panel and camera is stable
  • Make sure that your solar panel points toward the sun and is nol shaded by trees buil dings, or other obj12cts.
  • Make sure that your camera is not charged at temperatures below·20.5″C (·5″f )or above 48SC(120″F).
  1. Fix the base lo your mounting location using the included screws
    If the installation surface is soft or unstable, first use a cp6.0 drill bit to drill a hole in the wall ,then insert the anchor nail into the hole , and fix the base with screws
  2. First, install the locking screw cap into the universal Joint and then screw the circular socket nut into the universal joint
  3. Screw the universal joint into the back of the solar panel. Tighten it firmly with the attached nut
  4. Screw the locking screw cap into the base. Make sure that the universal joint is angled upward
  5. When adjusting the solar panel left or right, loosen the locking screw cap, turn the sleeve rod. and tighten the locking screw cap when the panel is in position
  6. Solar pane’s angle can be adjusted up and down up to 90°

    Tip: After the installation is complete, please check that all locking mechanisms are tightly secured


  • Find the area that gets the most direct sunlight throughout the day
  • Angle the solar panel at local latitude+ 5 degree upward
  • Point it south if in the northen hemisphere and north if in the southern hemisphere.

Cable lenglh:3m
Operating voltage:5V DC
Operating temperature:-20.5°C to 48.5°C(-5°F to 120°F)


  1. Tlme Stamp
  2. Mute Button
  3. Resolution Button
  4. Full Screen
  5. Network Speed
  6. Wi -Fi Signal Strength
  7. Take a Screenshot
  8. Microphone
  9. Record a Video
  10. ON/OFF Motion Detection
  11. Find your Video or Screenshot
  12. Setting Button
  13. Return to Homepage
  14. PTZ Control
  15. Light Control
  16. Siren Control
  17. Audio warning and strobe light setting
  18. Full color Mode setting


The camera not support 24/7 recording. Once the PIR sensor detects a movement, the camera will start to record videos. The videos clips will be saved to local Mirco-SD card or Cloud.

  1. Turn on/off motion detection: if you disable motion detection, the camera will not record videos, and you will not receive motion triggered events.
  2. Change detection sensitivity: Sensitivity level from 1-10. It is suggested to set a more high level (6-10) to receive more detailed event at first. If you feel disturbed by the notifications, you could choose to decrease unnecessary notification and reduce false alarms.
  3. Click ‘Alarm Working Mode’:
    Here are 3 functions: Recording time-allow you to record a long video(l0-30s): Alarm Interval-select trigger frequency of motion detection.
  4. Alert Plan: Set a time period to open the motion detection if you need.


  1. Stored By Manual
    Go to live video, manually record the video by clicking ‘Record’ button to start or end, existing the live view will automatically stop recording.
  2. Memory Card
    The camera supports micro SD card(NOT INCLUDED}, upto 128GB.
  3. Cloud Storage Plan

    With a cloud subscription, you can record and save all video clips to the cloud and view them in your Cloud Edge APP. You could choose Monthly VIP, Season VIP, Annual VIP.(A newly registered account has 7 days free trial.)


  1. Video Playback in SD Card
    1. Go to the main interface, click “History-Alert” icon, you will see today’s motion detected events. Tap any of these videos to playback.
    2. Open the ‘Calendar’ to trace back and playback early recorded videos,
  2. Video Playback in Cloud
    Go to the main interface, click “Cloud-Alert” icon, you will see today’s motion detected events. Tap any of these videos to playback .


When you need to view the camera with other family members or friends, you can use this function. Only the administrator whose account is bound with the camera for the first time can share and set the device. Other members can only view the live or playbacks of the device.

NOTE: You can not share account in different registered regions.

  • Step 1: Click ‘Device Share’ on setting page.
  • Step 2: Click ‘Scan QR Code’.
  • Step 3: Scan the QR code for the mobile you want to add and you will receive the confirmation notification after success. The sharing will be completed after you agree.
    If you choose ‘enter account’, you could search the account you would like to add.

Technical Support

Horned client, If you need help please contact Panoraxy before returning your product
You patience is highly appreciated. Most questions can be answered through our support
of the Cloud Egde App: Find Me>>Help>s.My Device>,.You will see FAQ, if still cannot solve the issue>>Send us the Feedback.

You also can get help through We will get back lo you asp


Q1: Camera is Not Powering On

A1: If your camera is not powering on, please try the following solutions
Make sure the power switch is turned on
Charge the battery with a DC SV/2A power adapter When the blue light is on, the battery is fully charged
If these won’t work, contact par7oraxy Support through

Q2: Failed to Scan QR Code on the Phone

A2: If you cannot scan i he QR code on your phone, please try the following solutions
Remove the protective film from the camera lens.
Wipe the camera lens with a dry paper/towel/tissue
Vary the distance between your camera and the mobile phone so that the camera can focus better
Try to scan the QR code under suifficient lighting
If these won’t work, contact Support.

Q3: Failed to Connect to WiFi During Initial Setup Process

A3: If the camera fails to connect to WiFi, please try the following solutions:
Ensure that you have entered the correct WiFi password .
Ensure that you have choose 2.4ghz WiFi Signa l
Put the camera closer to your router to ensure a strong WiFi signal
Change the encryption method of the WiFi network to WPA2-PSK/WPA-PSK (safer encryption) on your router interface.
Change your WiFi SSID or password and make sure that SSID is within 31 characters and passvvord is within 64 characters.

Q4: Will the camera show red lights when night vision is activated?

M: The built-in infrared lamp beads make the camera only show some dim red lights when night vision is activated, but the image quality is still clear under no light environment.

Q5: I have selected 2. 4GHz Wi-Fi and input the Wi-Fi password correctly, why

As: does the camera still not connect to Wi-Fi?
1. Please make sure the network you used in your camera and the phone are the same one.
2. Please make sure your router opens the DHCP, you can log in the router setting and find the DHCP to check if it is closed or opened. If it is closed, then it will not distribute the IP address to this IP camera and it will fail.
3. Please make sure the network you used is 2. 4GHz, not 5GHz. Meanwhile, please set the Wi-Fi authentication method to wpa2-psk or other lower level of security method. A password is required.
4. This camera does not accept the special characters &*%##@A(including network name and password).
5. If your Wi-Fi has an admin password and guest password, please use the ad min password to connect the camera.
6. Please access the camera’s setting to confirm its Wi Fi signal, please make sure the Wi-Fi signal is strong.
7. If your camera cant connect we[( but your network is good, please take out your SD card and try again, it may be that the SD card is incompatible.
8. If the device connected to Wi-Fi is excessive it will cause the IP address conflict and fail to connect to Wi-Fi,
9. Please keep the camera at least 1 meter away from any wireless devices or metal in order to avoid wireless interference, including Wi-Fi routers and phones.
10. If you want to change Wi-Fi to connect the camera, please reset the camera by clicking ‘Reset’ button(network configuration) until you hear a short sound of music, the indicator light will flash in red, then reconnect the camera to the app. If camera successfully connected, the indicator light will show blue.

Q6: How far should the camera be placed from the router?

A6: After testing, the Wi -Fi connection distance can normally reach up to 150 meters in the open area. However, the actual situation depends on the strength of Wi-Fi and its surrounding environment (thick walls, electromagnetic devices, large metal objects will all cause interference to the Wi-Fi signals). If the camera connection signal is weak or unstable, please place the camera as close to the router as possible.

Q7:What is the maximum length of recording time?

A7: You can choose the recording time in the app. The camera can record for a fixed time 10-30s.

QS: Why can’t I receive push notifications to my phone?

AB: Firstly, please make sure that ‘Receive Alert Notifications ‘is turned on in your APP. Secondly, check your phone settings, and allow the APP to send push notifications to your phone. Thirdly, please make sure the app is running the background to receive notifications(Android system).

Q9: Why I can’t hear any sounds from my camera?

A9: The camera will record sound automatically, please turn on the sound icon if you want to hear sound sat live viewing. If you want to get a two-way audio function, please remember to turn on two-way talk from camera setting.

Q10: Does my phone have to connect to the same Wi-Fi as cameras? Or do I need to connect to Wi-Fi to view the camera?

A10: No, it doesn’t. As long as the camera is well connected with your home Wi-Fi, you can use WLAN or Cellular data.

Q11: How can I differentiate the 2.4GHz and 5GHz Wi-Fi?

A11: You could check the user manual of the router and try to contact the network operator for help. Or If you use dual band router. You could try to confirm it yourself.
Step 1: Find the router website on your computer/laptop. Or if you have connected your Wi -Fi on your phone, click your Wi-Fi for router information.

Step 2: Sign in your router account, Rename your Wi-Fi with 2.4G and 5G respectively for easy distinction.(Do not use SG preferred,2.4Ghz & 5Ghz will mix together if you open it, You don’t know whether you have connected to 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi or SGhz Wi-Fi)

Step 3: Choose 2.4G Wi-Fi and then connect it on your phone. Then begin to connect your camera.

FCC Compliance

FCC Compliance Statement
This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules Operation is subject to the following two

  1. this device may not ca u:>e harmful interference, and
  2. this device mu:>t accept any interference received. including interference that may cause undesired operation

Changes or ions not expressly approved by the party responsible for compliance could void the users au1hority to operate the equipment

NOTE: This equipment has been tested and found to comply with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in residential installation

This equipment generates. uses and can radiate radio frequency energy an d. if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause ha rmful interference to radio communications. However, there is no guaramee that imerference will not occur in a p:irticul ar inst:illation. If this equipment does c:iuse hc1rmful interference to rc1dio or television reception. which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user 1s
encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures.

  • Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.
  • Increase the separation betv1een the equipment and receiver
  • Connect the equipment into an out let on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected
  • Consult the dealer or an experienced ra dioffV technician fo r help

FCC RF warning statement
The device has beer1 evaluated to meet general RF exposure requirement. The device car1 be used in portable exposure condition without restriction

We are here for you always
If you have any questions, please contact

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