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safety precautions


  1. Do not attempt to service the air purifier in any way other than to replace or clean the air filter.
  2. This product operates at 120V 60Hz only.
  3. Always unplug the power cord from the electrical outlet when the air purifier is not in use or when changing the filter.
  4. Never run the air purifier unless it is fully assembled.
  5. Do not alter the plug in any way.
  6. Always turn off the air purifier before unplugging the air purifier from outlet.
  7. Do not place the cord near a heated surface.
  8. Never operate the air purifier if the plug or cord is damaged or appears damaged. Only qualified service personnel should ever replace or attempt to replace a damaged power cord or plug.
  9. Never use the power cord to pick up, carry, drag, pull, or lift the air purifier. Do not pull the cord against or around sharp corners and edges.
  10. Always remove the plug from its power outlet by holding onto the plug itself and pulling gently.
  11. Use care when operating the air purifier by keeping all foreign objects, fingers, body parts, hair, loose clothing, jewelry, etc., away from openings.
  12. Do not drop items into the air purifier.
  13. Never touch the air purifier or its plug when your hands are wet.
  14. If moving the air purifier, lift by the carrying handle.
  15. Do not use outdoors.
  16. Do not operate without the filters installed.
  17. Only use in an upright position. Do not place anything on top of the air purifier.
  18. Use only as described in this manual.
  19. Use only Oransi replacement filters.
  20. Place air purifier on a flat floor.
  21. This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plug is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electrician. Do not attempt to by-pass this safety feature.
  22.  WARNING : To Reduce The Risk Of Fire Or Electric Shock, Do Not Use This Fan With Any Solid-State Speed Control Device.

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Before Operating
Ensure the air filter inside the machine has been removed from it’s plastic wrap.

Powering On / Off
Press power icon to turn the unit On. Press and hold to turn Off.

Fan SpeedOransi MD01 mod HEPA Air Purifier-fig3

To set fan speed, slide your fingertip along the arc and stop at desired setting. Sliding left lowers fan speed. Sliding right increases fan speed. This has an energy efficient EC motor so it will take a few seconds for the fan to reach the fan speed setting.

filter overviewOransi MD01 mod HEPA Air Purifier-fig4

Filter Replacement Indicator

Icon at bottom of the interface displays life of the air filter in four usage segments. At 4,500 hours, indicator shows red and filter should be replaced.
Filter Overview
The filter is a true HEPA filter (99.97% at 0.3 microns) with a layer of activated carbon. This filters out fine particulates and light odors. Replace filter every 6-9 months of continuous use.


easy filter replacementOransi MD01 mod HEPA Air Purifier-fig5

The machine needs to be powered off before replacing the filter.

  1. Start
    Unplug air purifier. Carefully place the air purifier upside down on non-scratch surface such as carpet, base facing up.
  2. Unlock
    Move slide switch to the right to unlock.
  3. Loosen
    Turn the metal base of the air purifier counterclockwise to loosen.
  4. Access
    Lift off the base of the air purifier.
  5. Remove
    Pull handle of air filter to remove and discard.Oransi MD01 mod HEPA Air Purifier-fig6
  6.  Install
    Insert new HEPA filter with rubber seal facing in and handle facing out. Twist the handle slightly to make sure filter is fully seated in the housing.
  7. Reassemble
    Place air purifier base back on the housing. Line up arrow on housing with the arrow of the base (near the “Close”). Turn the base of the air purifier clockwise to tighten until the arrow on the base is lined up with the line near “Open”.
  8. Lock
    Move slide switch left to lock.
  9. Reset
    Press and hold Filter Reset button beneath the flashing light for a few seconds. Light will turn off when filter counter is reset.

Oransi purifiers are designed to be trouble free. However, if your air purifier won’t turn on, repeat the Filter Replacement steps to make sure the filter is properly installed and that the base is completely closed and locked. Your air purifier has a safety feature that turns power off if the filter and cover are not properly in place.
using your Oransi
Always operate your air purifier indoors on a level surface. Locate your air purifier wherever you spend most of your time. Typically, a bedroom or living space. Set the fan speed to a level that is comfortable for you. Low settings are less audible. In most cases you can run your air purifier on a very low fan. For a larger living area, consider a higher fan speed when you’re absent and then turn the setting lower when you return to spend time in the room. Air enters your Oransi at the bottom and exits the top, so you can place the unit anywhere in a room. However, be careful that curtains do not block air intake or exit.

10-year warranty

The Mod Air Purifier carries a 10-year limited warranty from the original purchase date. Oransi will replace your air purifier if it is found to be defective as a result faulty material or workmanship while in normal use. Oransi’s sole obligation under this warranty is to replace, or at Oransi’s discretion, to repair, free of charge, all defective parts. Proof of purchase may be required by the Oransi warranty service representative. All parts or units that are replaced become the property of Oransi. Warranty is not valid if damage is caused by the user.
Warranty is valid only if: 

  1. The air purifier is operated in accordance with instructions provided in this Oransi User Manual.
  2. The air purifier is connected to a proper power supply (per voltage label on machine).
  3. The unit shows no evidence of tampering, mishandling, neglect, accidental damage, modification, and/or repair by anyone other than authorized Oransi service personnel.
  4. Replacement filters are purchased directly from Oransi or an authorized dealer.

Documents / Resources

Oransi MD01 mod HEPA Air Purifier [pdf] User Manual
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