OPCOM Grow Wall3C Hydroponics Grow Wall 3C Instruction Manual

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Thank you for purchasing OPCOM Farm Grow Wall 3C, the indoor hydroponics growing system. It is designed for easy to use and efficient growth by one-touch AUTO mode. It held up to 144 plants capacity. Please read the quick guide carefully before setting it up. For detailed user guide video, please visit Grow Wall 3C page at http://www.opcomfarm.com


A. Assembly

A1. Remove all the parts from box and check all the accessories

FIG 1 Assembly.JPG

FIG 2 Assemble GrowWall3.JPG

FIG 3 Assemble GrowWall3.JPG

FIG 4 Assemble GrowWall3.JPG

Most plants can be grown using the AUTO mode.

Set up the Wake-up(automatically turns on everyday) and Sleeping(automatically turns off everyday) modes through lighting time setting.
A. When Power On, press hold POWER button until 2 beep sound (About 5 second) to reset power on timeline.
B. When Power Off, press hold POWER button until 2 beep sound (About 5 second) to reset power off timeline.

Fan follow LED on / off.
Restore factory settings after power failure.

5. LED light planting mode Control

FIG 5 LED light planting mode Control.JPG

  1. Select the mode of the LED grow light (you may switch between modes through the button on the left side of the LED lamp holder).
  2. The light comes with four modes: G(in green), S(in orange), L(in orange), and Off(colorless)(see figure 1).  FIG 6 LED light planting mode Control.JPG
  3. Please note that the remote control could only adjust the duration of lighting (On/ Hi /Low /Off), as shown in chart 1. To switch between the mode of the LED grow light, please access the buttons on the light tubes manually.
  4. Height of the LED grow light: Adjust the height and the angle of lighting manually through the rocker arm(see figure 2).
  5. This hydroponics system comes with fans that improve the air circulation and accelerate the cooling of the LED tubes, which increases the ventilation and avoids plants from overheating. Please make sure to keep a 5-10 cm distance between the light tube and the plants to further prevent plants from overheating. To boost the light intensity in a power-saving way, direct the light at both the plant and the wall simultaneously, which could add 30% more lighting to the plants.

Please read and follow every steps to avoid any malfunction.


B. Seedling

FIG 7 Seedling.JPG

FIG 8 Young Plant Stage.JPG

FIG 9 Young Plant Stage.JPG


D. Optional Accessories

FIG 10 Optional Accessories.JPG


E. Maintenance

E1. Add Water
1. Measure the pH/EC value every 1-2 weeks and add water to maintain the vlaue balance.

E2. Change Water

  1. After a cycle of planting, change the water and clean the unit.
  2. When changing water, clean water gateway on each planting layers, you may also add moss detergent in the water tank to avoid the moss remaining.
  3. On the regular basis of every 1-2 weeks, clean the filtering sponge in the pump.
  4. Regularly clean the filter sponge in each planting layer every 1 week.

E3. EC Meter Use and Calibration

  1. Keep the electrode clean of EC meter and cover the electrode protective cap when not in use.
  2. Turn off the meter when not in use for an extended amount of time.


F. Troubleshooting

FIG 11 Troubleshooting.JPG

For more information, please visit www.opcomfarm.com


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