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OLIGHT RN 3500 Bike Light-

RN 3500
Bike Light

Thank you for purchasing this Olight Product. Please read this manual carefully before use and keep it for future reference!


OLIGHT RN 3500 Bike Light-IN THE BO


OLIGHT -icon1 OLIGHT -icon4 100 300 700 1400 /
OLIGHT -icon5 75:00 20:00 08:00 04:30 15:30
OLIGHT -icon2 OLIGHT -icon4 200 600 1000 1800 /
OLIGHT -icon5 19:48 08:30 04:30 02:30 09:30
OLIGHT -icon3 OLIGHT -icon4 350 900 1800 3500 0-1800
OLIGHT -icon5 17:00 06:30 03:12 01:42 06:302

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(L)2.36*(W)1.71*(H)1.63in 110g / 3.88oz
(L)60*(W)43.5*(H)41.5mm (Excluding battery pack)
  • All performance measurements in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL1-2009 Standard. The tests are performed using the provided battery pack and are measured indoors under a room temperature of 25 degrees celsius with windless conditions. The runtime may vary depending on the external temperature and ventilation conditions, these biases may affect the results of testing.

Note: The maximum output brightness will decrease as the battery voltage decreases.


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OLIGHT RN 3500 Bike Light-fig2

When the device is powered on, the power button light will indicate the battery level.

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Warning iconDANGER

  • DO NOT shine the light directly into human eyes. This may cause temporary blindness or permanent damage to the eyes.
  • DO NOT cover the light head when the RN 3500 is on, or place the light head on the ground.


  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • The light uses a lithium-ion battery pack. Certain restrictions may apply to this product when traveling especially when traveling by air. Always check with your carrier for specific restrictions prior to traveling with this product.


  • Store the light at room temperature in a dry place. Avoid moisture, or extremely hot or cold.
  • Store the light in the charged condition. Avoid “deep discharge”. Battery life will decrease if the light is stored in a fully discharged condition.
  • Over time, the run time of the battery will diminish. Expect about 500 full charges, depending on care. After a full life, the battery will continue to charge but with a lower run time.
  • When the run time is unsatisfactory, please recycle. Do not open the case of the light or incinerate.


Click to turn on and long press to turn off, click to change the brightness level and flash modes, and double click to switch modes. The mode memory function will save the last selected mode and brightness.

Within 30 days of purchase: Return to the original seller for repair or replacement.
Within 2 years of purchase: Return to Olight for repair or replacement.
This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, modifications, misuse, disintegrations, negligence, accidents, improper maintenance, or repair by anyone other than an authorized retailer or Olight itself.

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OLIGHT RN 3500 Bike Light [pdf] User Manual
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