Ola Esporte

Ola Esporte 2022 Smart Watch i7 PRO MAX New Series 7 Sport Waterproof SmartWatch



  • RAM
  • SIM Card Available
  • Type
    On Wrist
  • Network Mode
  • GPS
  • Multiple Dials
  • Battery Capacity
  • Mechanism
  • Compatibility
    All Compatible
  • ROM
  • Rear Camera
  • Waterproof Grade
    Life Waterproof
  • CPU Model
    Sport Men Women Smart Watch
  • Band Material
    Silica gel
  • Battery Detachable
  • Screen Shape
  • Resolution
  • CPU Manufacturer
  • Screen Material
  • Display Size
    1.44 inch
  • Certification
  • Application Age Group
  • Style
  • Movement Type
  • APP Download Available
  • Case Material
  • Band Detachable
  • Brand
    Ola Esporte


Because the I7 Pro Max is a Life waterproof smartwatch, you may wear it while you wash your hands or when it’s raining. The gadget features a heart rate sensor that records information about our heart rate for a full day. Due to its comprehensive sleep monitor, this model also assists you in controlling your sleep.

Both iOS and Android connectivity Connect with your phone by scanning the QR code found in the user guide to download the app. To link your watch to your mobile device, keep your mobile Bluetooth turned on. To access contacts’ information and enable the background programs to run, an Android phone utilizes all notification permissions. The most recent Series 7 watch has features like Side key Rotation, Split screen Display, Custom Watch faces, Online Watch faces, Password protection, Weather forecast, Heart Rate monitor, Blood pressure monitor, body temperature monitor, Blood oxygen monitor, Bluetooth calling, Health and Fitness, and many more. Both iOS and Android connectivity Connect with your phone by scanning the QR code found in the user guide to download the app. Keep your wits about you.

What.s In the Box?

  • Host
  • User Manual
  • Box
  • Charger

A magic button with a rotary dial

The durable, smooth-operating, main menu scrolling, cellular menu zooming, and high-precision knob switch imported from Japan is one step forward in its operation.

Bluetooth calls everything and returns calls

  • Link to a mobile device Bluetooth
  • Can always make and take calls
  • No call is missed, and communication is prompt and convenient.

Measurement of blood pressure and heart rate

The optical heart rate sensor is used to detect the heart rate and blood pressure accurately using technology that uses visual light bands for measuring. Results can be measured at any time without a connected app; however, connected apps allow you to examine all measurement records and do remote measurements.

Transmit and receive SMS

Maintain the app and watch connected. The watch will vibrate and alert you when there is a message from your smartphone or social media app, helping you remember not to miss any crucial information. Simplified Chinese, Arabic, Thai, and all European countries official languages are all supported by the message push.

Artificial intelligence, wake-up calls, and voice signals

Additionally, an intelligent voice may be triggered in the control center to make and take calls, freeing up your hands. Built-in voice broadcasting feature, which can actualize key number reporting and incoming call number reporting.

Multilingual menu presentation

The first version of the software may be modified in 16 different national languages, and the watch can display 16 different national languages (including Thai and Arabic), as well as menu displays and message pushes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we connect with iPhone?


Can we reject and receive calls?


Does it have speakers?

Yes, it have you can also play your music playlist while driving, gyming, jogging, etc.

Is the waterproof i7 Pro Max smartwatch?

I7 Pro MAX Smart Watch Series 7 Waterproof Original Ip67 product information. Support Making and receiving calls. Reminder for messages and incoming calls (WeChat, SMS, Facebook, INS, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc). Support Heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, sleep monitoring, etc.

What are the characteristics of a smartwatch?

All the major smartwatch capabilities are available, including the ability to send and receive messages from your wrist, check notifications, use Google Fit to track your activities and fitness goals, listen to music, register your location (for devices with GPS), interact with Google Assistant, and more.

What does a smartwatch do?

Smartphones are less adept at gathering location and health information from users than smartwatches are. Other smartwatches are separate gadgets that provide a particular function. For instance, some smartwatches gather information regarding the user’s health, such as tracking the user’s heart rate.

Do smartwatches function without a phone?

A smartwatch can be used without a phone. A few watches, such as the Apple Watch Series 3, Series 4, and Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, may operate independently and offer cellular connectivity for an additional cost.

Can a smartwatch make calls?

You may be able to make and accept calls directly from your wrist depending on your smartwatch! All you have to do is make sure the watch is paired with your phone via Bluetooth or a mobile network. You can even manage calls remotely with an LTE watch model.

How beneficial is the Apple Watch?

Most people are aware that the Apple Watch tracks your goals, logs your workouts, and encourages you to exercise more. The watch automatically logs your exercise, recalls, and prods you to reach your targets and do more to live a longer, healthier life.

Can a smartwatch be used to text?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 offers the best messaging features for Android users at a fair price. The handwriting-to-text feature, text templates, and dictation are all ways for users to reply to texts. Additionally, by just choosing the emoji option, it’s simple to react to messages with an emoji.


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