OHLINS FKA 115 Cartridge Kit


Kit Contents

Description Part No Pcs
Front fork kit FKA 115 1
O-ring 00576-02 2
Sticker set Öhlins    
Owner’s manual 07287-01 1


  • Note! Please note that there can be small differences between your product and the images in these instructions.
  • Note! Please note that during storage and transport, especially at high ambient temperature, some of the oil and grease used for assembly may leak and stain the packaging. This will not cause damage to the product, wipe off the excessive oil or grease with a cloth.
  • Note! Before you install this product, check the kit contents. If anything is missing, please contact an Öhlins dealer.
  • Warning! This kit should only be installed by an authorized Öhlins dealer. The installation procedure requires certain tools.
  • Warning! Before you install this product, read the Öhlins Owner’s manual and this document. This product is an important part of the vehicle and the vehicle stability.
  • Warning! We strongly recommend to let an Öhlins dealer install this product.
  • Warning! If you work with a lifted vehicle, make sure that it is safely supported to prevent it from tipping over.
  • Note! When you work with this product, see the vehicle service manual for vehicle specific procedures and important data.
  • Note! Before you install this product clean the vehicle.
  • Warning! Spring compression creates a potential danger because of the violent force that loaded springs are capable of. Beware of this when you work with the front fork.


Tools needed for the original front fork

  • Refer to the vehicle service manual for tools needed for removing/installing the front fork from the vehicle.
  • Refer to the vehicle service manual for tools needed for removing the cartridge from the front fork.

Tools needed for the Öhlins cartridge kit

Tool Part no Applies Size
Vehicle service manual      
Torque wrench      
Wrench   Shaft extension 19 mm
Hex key   Compression and rebound bleed adjusters 3 mm
Socket   Preload adjuster 14 mm
Ruler   Suspension fluid level  
Öhlins tool 01765-03 Shaft extension  
Wrench   Top cap 46 mm
Öhlins tool 01797-07 Seal head  
Suspension fluid 01309-xx    
Grease 00146-01   100 g


Remove the original front fork
The following procedure applies to both front fork legs.

  1. Put the motorcycle on a workstand so that the front wheel barely touches the ground.
  2. Remove front fender, brake calipers, speed sensor (if present) and front wheel.
  3. Release main spring preload fully (if present).
  4. Note front fork leg position.OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (1)
  5. Loosen upper triple clamp.
  6. Loosen (do not remove) top cap ½ turn.
  7. Loosen lower triple clamp.
  8. Remove front fork legs from triple clamps.

Remove original

  1. Loosen top cap from outer tube.
  2. Slide outer tube down until it stops.
  3. Loosen and remove top cap from shaft according to vehicle service manual.
  4. Remove main spring and surrounding parts from front fork leg.
  5. Drain front fork leg of suspension fluid.
  6. Loosen cartridge according to vehicle service manual.
  7. Remove cartridge from front fork leg.
    Install the Öhlins cartridge kit
    Caution! The cartridge kit is divided into compression and rebound cartridges.
    Install compression cartridge marked “COMP” in left hand side front fork leg. Install rebound cartridge marked “REB” in right hand side front fork leg.
  8. Remove top cap (A), spring support (B), guide sleeve and preload tube (C).OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (2)
  9. Insert cartridge in front fork leg.
  10. Install bottom screw according to instructions in the vehicle service manual.OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (3)
  11. Pour approximately 0.5 litre Öhlins suspension fluid in front fork leg.OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (4)
    Warning! Fluid level must be approximately 50 mm above top of seal head.
  12. Use a hex key to open compression and rebound adjusters fully. Install top cap directly to shaft extension (no main spring or preload tube). Pull up outer tube and tighten it to the top cap with your hand.
    [Hex key 3 mm]
  13. Pull outer tube up and down 10-15 times to pump out all air from the cartridge.OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (5)
  14. Remove top cap from front fork leg.
  15. Make sure that shaft assembly and outer tube are in their bottom positions. Set suspension fluid level according to chapter “Setup Data”.OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (6)
  16. Install shaft extension tool on top of shaft extension.
    Install main spring with the marking up (A), guide sleeve and preload tube (B) and spring support (C) over shaft extension tool. [01765-03 shaft extension tool]
  17. Pull up shaft assembly and grab spring support with a wrench tool. [Wrench 19 mm]OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (7)
  18. Install o-ring on top cap. Apply grease on o-ring and thread.
    [00576-02 o-ring]
    [00146-01 grease]
  19. Make sure that compression and rebound adjusters are fully open before installing top cap. Use a hex key to open compression and rebound adjusters. Remove pull-up tool and install top cap to the shaft extension. Tighten to 20 Nm.OHLINS-FKA-115-Cartridge-Kit- (8)
    [Hex key 3 mm]
    [Socket 14 mm]
  20. Remove wrench from spring support.
  21. Pull up outer tube. Make sure front fork leg is in a fully extended position. Tighten top cap to outer tube. Tighten to 10 Nm.
    [Wrench 46 mm]
  22. Set compression, rebound and main spring adjusters according to chapter “Setup Data”. Use a hex key for compression and rebound adjusters. Use a socket for main spring preload adjuster.
    [Hex key 3 mm]
    [Socket 14 mm]

Install the front fork in the vehicle

  1. Install front fork legs in vehicle at recommended front fork leg position, according to chapter “Setup data”.
  2. Remaining installation, instructions according to vehicle service manual.


Compression 14 clicks
Rebound 14 clicks
Suspension fluid level 120 mm
Suspension fluid volume 500 ml
Front leg position Standard position
Suspension fluid 01309-xx


Make sure you choose the correct main spring for your rider weight, driving style and preferences. Below you find a general recommendation of main spring rate for your weight. Contact an authorized Öhlins service center for advice.

FKA 115 Aprilia Tuareg 660

Rider weight [kg] 50 60 70 80 90 100 110
Spring rate [N/mm] 5 5 5 5.5 5.5 6 6
Preload [turns] 0 1 4 0 3 0 1
Part number (pair) 08438-50 08438-50 08438-50 08438-55 08438-55 08438-60 08438-60

Spring are packed in pairs.

Öhlins products are subject to continuous improvement and development, therefore, although these instructions include the most up-to-date information available at the time of printing, minor updates may occur.
To find the latest information contact an Öhlins distributor. Please contact Öhlins if you have any questions regarding the contents in this document.
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