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Occiam Bluetooth Headphones

Occiam Bluetooth Headphones
Model: T17
True Wireless Earbuds



What‘s in the box?

What‘s in the box

Note: Please Remove Protective Films of The LED Power Display and Charging Contacts Before Using It.



Product Parameters

  1. Bluetooth Version: BT5.0,EDR
  2. Supports: HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP
  3. Charging Interface: Point-Contact
  4. Charging Port: Type-C
  5. Battery Capacity: (Li-ion battery inside) Earbud: 50mAh Charging case: 600mAh
  6. Battery Life: Twin Earbuds will last 8 hours on single fully charge(Actual battery life changes with the song types and volume requirements)
  7. Standby Time: Up to 100 hours
  8. Charging Time: 1-1.5 Hrs for earbuds / 2Hrs for charging case
  9. Transmission Range: 33 feet (with no obstacle)
  10. Earbud Weight/Size: 0.28 oz/PC; 2.1’1.41.0 in
  11. Charging Case Weight/Size: 2.19 oz/PC; 3.6’2.41.3 in

How to pair the two headphones with my phone?

(Prior to first use – Please be sure both the Earbuds and the Charging Case are fully charged.)

Step 1 – Take both headphones out of the charging case, the twin Earbuds will power on and pair with each other automatically. [If the earbuds are not connected to your device over 3 minutes, the earbuds will power off automatically. Turn on the headphones manually by pressing down the MFB about 3 seconds at the prompt “Power on and one beep sound.]



“R” earbuds alternate flash red-blue light and .12 earbuds flash blue light means TWS pairing done.

Step 2 – Activate Bluetooth setting on your phone, search and choose “T17” to connect. [There should be voice prompt “connected” if you wear the earbuds.]

Earbuds indicator light off means already connect with mobile.

Earbuds indicator light off means already connect with mobile


  1. If there is any issue with pairing both earbuds to your phone. please put the earbuds back into the charging case and repeat the above steps.
  2. These earbuds not only can be used together, but also can be used individually. If you want to use single mode, just take one earbud out of the case and connect to your phone, it will be OK. Or when you are using with Dual mode, turn off one earbud manually or put one earbud back into the charging case, you will be able to hang on to the other one by single mode.

How To Wear The Earbuds Correctly?

Take out “R” earbud to wear on right Ear.

R earbud wear

Take ear hooks are adjustable, you can bend it to fit your ears together if in need?

How to Place Headphones

How to Place Headphones




Note: When use Single Mode, no matter which earbud you use, for music, you can ONLY do the function of skip to next track by Quick Double-Click on MFB, you have to adjust volume or back to previous song by your phone. Play/Pause is the same operation as Twin Mode.


Earbuds Charging

Earbuds start to charge only when you put the earbuds into the charging slot with right way.(You can charge the charging case and earbuds at the same time, or you can charge charging case first then to charge the earbuds.

Earbuds Charging

  1. When being charged, Earbuds’ LED light will illuminate red.
  2. When fully charged, the charging case will automatically stop charging and the earbuds’ LED Red light will go off.

Charging Case Charging

There is a Type-C usb charging cable in the package, please use it to charge the case directly. During Charging, the digital display will flashing and display battery in real time. After full charge, the number is displayed as 100.

Charging Case Charging

Charging Warning

  1. After using a period of time, the earbuds don’t charge or even can’t turn on because of oxidized magnet connector. You can handle this problem by using alcohol rag to clean the magnet connector on earbuds and charging case.
  2. Earbuds can automatically turn off immediately, meanwhile start charging when you put back into charging case. Also will automatically turn on and pairing when pick it up.

Storage and Maintanance

  1. If the earbuds have been unused for more than 3 months, we recommend that you charge them.
  2. Please use chargers that are FCC(Federal Communications Commission) approved.
  3. Do not disassemble Earbuds.
  4. Adult supervision is required for children age 6 and under.
  5. Do not expose the earbuds in high or low temperature, do not use the earbuds in a thunderstorm storm. Avoid falling or violent impact of the device. Keep the device away from fire, do not put the device in water.
  6. Do not use oil or any volatile liquid to clean this product.


Q: Why these earbuds can not pair with my mobile phones?
A: 1. Please make sure the earbuds are full charged and power on.
2. Please make sure the Bluetooth of your phone is turn on. 3.1f above 2 points have no problem, please put earbuds into the case again and close the case, hold on for 1 min, then open the charging case and reconnect earbuds with your phone.

Q: Why does the music cut in or cut out?
A: First, please do not let the distance between these earbuds and your phone more than 33 feet(without obstacle). If the distance less than 33 feet, please take steps as follow:

1. Put earbuds back into case and close the case, forget .117″ on your phone

2. After 105 later, open the case and reconnect these earbuds with your phone Cr

Q: Why does the earbuds can not be charged and not disconnected with my phone even earbuds are put into case and I have closed the case?
A: Please make sure the charging case are not in low battery, if the charging case are In low battery, earbuds can not be charged and not disconnected even though they are in case. So, please use the type-c cable to charge the case to*.

Q: Are these earbuds sweat proof and waterproof?
A: These earbuds are IPX5, it is sweat proof and slightly waterproof. As for electronic product, we do not suggest soak the earbuds in the water.

** For more details Product FAQS Please contact customer services**

Read More About This Manual & Download PDF:

Occiam Bluetooth Headphones User Manual – Optimized PDF

Occiam Bluetooth Headphones User Manual – Original PDF

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  1. The earbubs connected to my iPhone and when I make a call I can hear the other person but they can’t hear me.

  2. Recently they fell off my table and the cover slightly broke, but was working fine. It now will not charge the case. There is nothing wrong with the earbuds but the case does not charge any tips to try and get this working?

  3. I purchased my first pair Occiam earbuds, it is very comfortable, the sound nice and clear, they stay fit and secure on my ears, so I worry free of losing them like others. In addition,
    it came with give away prize which I won another white pair on 1st prize. Last but not least, Occiam stays behind on their product. You get the best of price. I would highly recommend this product.

  4. When on a phone call, I can be talking then within a minute dead silence. Then I have to continue to talk on the handset. I brought these headphones to listen to music and talking the phone (I have issues with my hands swelling and can not hold my handset up to my ear too long with my hand) kind of disappointed that I may have return these headphones didn’t even have them a week yet.

  5. I purchased these ear buds but they won’t pair with my Samsung A7 tablet? Haven’t tried them with anything else. What gives? Thought Bluetooth was compatible with all bluetooth hosts?

  6. I am not able to control volume from buds when in either single or double use mode.. If this is the case I will return as I need to control volume from earbuds

    1. I’m having the same problem, Joe. I actually got these to use on my laptop in Teams meetings and the like. I can turn the volume down to zero on my machine but these earbuds are still blasting my eardrums.

  7. I received my bluetooth on March 26, 2021. I noticed that the charging numbers were decreasing although it was plugged into an outlet. Now, the bluetooth is not charging at all!! So disappointed as I love the look and feel of this product.

  8. The volume controls won’t work when paired with my S20 FE. I have to control the volume with my phone.

  9. Right ear bud no longer works. Charging indicator in the case shows the left bud charging but the right bud does appear. These were purchased in March 2021. I am not able to find a way to contact customer support.

      1. I use mine often for work phone calls using only the right one throughout the work day.

        When I go to the gym or try to use both the left says “power on” “pairing” but sound only come through the right one then the left says “power off”

  10. T17 Right ear bud no longer works. Charging indicator in the case shows the left bud charging but the right bud does appear. These were purchased in March 2021. I am not able to find a way to contact customer support.

  11. Yesterday they worked fine, today the right earbud will turn on but it won’t connect. It’s still capable of flashing both red and blue but when it’s on it only blinks blue slowly. I’ve rebooted the phone and both earbuds and I’ve charged the case 100% as well as each earbud. The left one works fine. Is there another kind of hard reset or trick to correct this problem?

  12. They connect with IPhone 8+ but you cannot hear anything from the other person
    They can hear you but you cannot hear them

  13. When making phone calls people can hear me but I can not hear them, and I don’t know why. Can any one help??

  14. When I make a call with the earphones connected to the iPhone, I can hear the other party’s voice, but not the other party’s voice.


  15. Hello, I love these earbuds and they have worked great until now. Left earbud will not charge. Contacts have been cleaned 5x. When I put the earbud in the charger, it turns the charger on and the charger shows 100 % but the earbud LED never comes on solid red, it comes on blinking blue and blinking red for a few seconds and then goes off. The charge level LED scale never activates on the bad earbud. The other earbud charges normally. Any ideas please? Purchased 2/4/21 from Amazon. Thanks, Frank

  16. I can’t get my earbuds pack to charge? I have tried cleaning the prongs with rubbing alcohol. What can I do? I haven’t had them very long. I really like them but they are going to run out of charge eventually.

  17. I am having this issue also they connect to my phone but can no longer hear any talking, I need to put the person on speaker on my phone to hear.
    But I see that ear phones are still showing paired and the volume is up but can not hear the person on the other end talking . All charged and paired but can’t hear the voice.
    I can hear the sound affects from my phone but not voices on the other end of my call.

  18. I have a note 10 plus 5g and purchased the T-17 earbuds they will connect with my phone but I can still hear the phone ringing externally my purpose of purchasing these is that some places I cannot have phone still ringing aloud while having earbuds to connect with.

  19. My customers can not hear me when I am talking. How do I increase the microphone volume?

  20. Can Occiam Bluetooth headphones be used on a computer?

  21. Do both ear buds need to be in the charging case for them to charge? I was under the impression that I could use (for example) the left one while the right one was charging. Then when the left one dies, I could use the right one and let the left one charge. But that does not seem to work – it appears that I need both of them in the case for the right one to charge – even if the left is fully charged. Is this correct? Thank you.

  22. I really love these earbuds. My favorite of all I have tried and would recommend to anyone… Only thing that I have is, the charging port isn’t charging itself so now my ear buds are running low and I have no way to charge them. The charging hub stays in my back pack, which is usually in my car and I charge it at night when I am working so there isn’t any environmental exposure or damage.

    Other then that, LOVE them.

  23. I use mine often for work phone calls using only the right one throughout the work day.

    When I go to the gym or try to use both the left says “power on” “pairing” but sound only come through the right one then the left says “power off”

  24. I bought a pair 6 months ago and they worked great. Now neither the left nor the right will play any sound. I can see it’s connected to my device but no sound comes out.

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