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Thank you for choosing our Bluetooth audio adapter. This device allows you to transmit the sound of an audio source wirelessly in Transmitter(TX) mode and play it back using Bluetooth headphones or speakers. In receiver mode (RX), you can receive a Bluetooth audio signal and play it back on an audio amplifier, wired headphones or similar. In Bypass mode, you can loop an audio signal through or convert it to digital/analogue. Power is supplied via an USB A connector or USB power supply (not included).

Kuchuluka kwa yobereka:

  • Bluetooth AudioTransmitter & Receiver
  • SPDIF optical digital audio cable, Toslink connector
  • Analogue audio cable, 3.5 mm jack plug
  • USB power cable with USB-A and USB micro plug
  • Adapter cable RCA cinch plug to 3.5 mm jack socket

Preliminary remark

To connect wirelessly 2 devices with Bluetooth audio function, you must start a pairing procedure. This can be done manually at the touch of a button or via app/menu functions on your device. Please refer to the instructions of you devices. The connection information will be saved. The next time you switch on the device, the pairing will then take place automatically. Pairing is not possible if your device is still connected to a third Bluetooth device. Therefore switch off Bluetooth on your smartphone when pairing devices like headphones with the ABT00102.
There are different audio codecs with different characteristics. The ABT00102 supports the codecs SBC, aptX, aptX Low Latency and aptX HD. SBC standard Bluetooth codec is supported by all Bluetooth audio devices. The better aptX codecs will only be used if your device also supports them. The best codec is automatically used. For time-critical applications such as audio transmission during movies, games or music making, you can disable aptX HD. Then aptX Low Latency will be used as the best codec if supported.
To deactivate aptX HD press and hold the Bluetooth key for 7 seconds. The TX LED will then flash twice. To reactivate, press again for 7 seconds and the TX LED will flash once.
If the ABT00102 is not paired with any device, the TX or RX LED (depending on mode) will flash every 3 seconds. When paired with one device, LED A lights up. When paired with 2 devices (multipoint), LEDs A and B light up. If there are problems during pairing, reset the memory by pressing and holding the + key for 7 seconds in TX mode. (RX and TX then flash twice simultaneously)


FeinTech ABT00102 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter and Receiver - Front

  1. Bluetooth multifunction key:
    • Double press to activate the Bluetooth pairing mode
    • Press once to pause playback in RX mode
    • Press and hold for 7 seconds to enable/disable aptX HD support
  2. Key for switching between the AUX analogue and OPTICAL digital connections
  3. Volume down (press briefly) / title back (press for 1 second) during music playback
  4. Volume up (press briefly) / track forward (press for 1 second) during music playback
  5. Display of the selected mode (select with slide switch 9):
    • TX Transmitter mode, the unit transmits audio, e.g. to headphones
    • RX Receiver mode, the device receives audio, e.g. from a smartphone
    • Bypass mode, the audio signal is passed through and converted if necessary
  6. Display of the selected input/output AUX analogue or OPTICAL digital
  7. Indication of successful coupling with device A and with multipoint device B
  8. Displays the audio codec in use:
    • LL: aptX Low Latency, optimal for the sound during a video or game
    • HD: aptX HD, especially high audio quality for music
    • aptX: improved latency and audio quality over standard codec
    • without display: SBC, standard Bluetooth codec, normal quality
  9. Slide switch for selecting the operating mode as transmitter, receiver or bypass
  10. Bluetooth transmit and receive antennas
    Zindikirani: In TX and Bypass mode, keys 3 and 4 have no function

FeinTech ABT00102 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter and Receiver - Back

  1. USB-micro connector for power supply 5V DC
  2. Analogue audio output 3.5 mm jack
  3. Digital audio output S/PDIF Toslink
  4. Digital audio input S/PDIF Toslink
  5. Analogue audio input 3.5 mm jack

Pairing/coupling mode

In order for 2 Bluetooth devices to pair with each other, you must first pair them and activate pairing manually. The connections are saved. The next time you switch on the device, pairing will then take place automatically.

Using the TX transmitter mode

Slide the switch 9 to TX. Then press the Bluetooth button twice to enter pairing mode. The TX LED will then flash steadily and rapidly. Switch the Bluetooth function of your device (Bluetooth headphones, speakers or receiver, etc.) to pairing mode. On most devices, a LED will then flash alternately red/blue or blue only. After about 5­30 seconds the ABT00102 is connected to your device. The TX and A LEDs then light up constantly. If your audio device supports more than the standard codec, one of the Codec LEDs (LL, HD, aptX) will also light up. Then connect the ABT00102 to an audio source, e.g. TV, radio, game console, using a 3.5 mm audio cable or Toslink cable. Use key 2 to select the desired input TX AUX analogue or OPTICAL digital.

Ndemanga: The ABT00102 always tries to establish the connection in the highest quality codec aptX HD first. Disable aptX HD to prefer a connection in aptX low latency for audio transmission during gaming, video or TV.
If you are connecting to the digital output of your TV set (or TV receiver), set the audio format in the menu to PCM stereo (not Bitstream, not Dolby Digital). Multichannel and bitstream audio signals can neither be decoded by the ABT00102 nor transmitted via Bluetooth.

Multipoint connection with 2 headphones

First, pair up the first headphones as described in 3.1. Then double-press the Bluetooth key. The TX LED flashes rapidly to indicate pairing mode. Now switch a second Bluetooth device (e.g. headphones) to pairing mode. After 5­30 seconds it will be paired. The TX, A and B LEDs now light up constantly. You can now listen to music with 2 headphones at the same time, for example.
Zindikirani: Some Bluetooth devices do not support multipoint. Only SBC codec is available for multipoint connections. During the first seconds after pairing device B, you will have dropouts on audio device A.

Using the receiver mode (RX)

Slide the mode switch 9 to RX. Then press the Bluetooth button twice to enter pairing mode. The RX LED will then flash steadily and rapidly. Set your Bluetooth audio source (mobile phone, notebook, PC, etc.) to pairing mode. For Android smartphones, you will find the function in the Bluetooth settings ,,Pair new device”. On your iOS device, select Settings > Bluetooth and enable Bluetooth. After the FeinTech ABT00102 is found, tap the device name to pair. The RX and A LEDs will be lit steadily. If your audio source supports more than the standard codec, one of the Codec LEDs (LL, HD, aptX) will also light. Then connect your audio device (HiFi amplifier, car radio, etc.) via the analogue 3.5 mm RX AUX connector or digitally via Toslink OPTICAL. Then select the desired output AUX or OPTICAL. If a password is requested, enter ,,0000″, ,,1234″, ,,8888″ or ,,1111″.

Multipoint with 2 phones

First, pair up the first unit as described in 3.3. Then press the Bluetooth key twice. The RX LED flashes rapidly again to indicate pairing mode. Now activate Bluetooth on a second smartphone and search for new devices. Once the FeinTech ABT00102 is detected, tap on this name. Now 2 sources are paired and the LEDs RX, A and B light up constantly.
Zindikirani: Only music playback from one device at a time is possible. Music from the second device is only played back when one device is paused.

Bypass mode for direct connection of devices

Set the slide switch to the middle position Bypass for direct connection between inputs and outputs. Select the desired input and output AUX or OPTICAL by pressing key 2:

  • When the AUX LED is permanently lit, the audio signal is routed from AUX input to AUX output.
  • When the OPT LED is lit continuously, the audio signal is routed from OPTICAL input to OPTICAL output.
  • When the AUX LED blinks once and then AUX and OPT are lit, the audio signal is converted to digital and routed from AUX input to OPTICAL output.
  • When the OPT LED blinks once and then AUX and OPT are lit, the audio signal is converted to analogue and routed from OPTICAL input to AUX output.

In bypass mode, digital audio signals can be converted to analogue or vice versa. For example, if your TV only has an optical digital audio output, you can use the ABT00102 to convert the sound and output it through a standard stereo system. Please note that only PCM stereo is supported. Each television offers settings in the menu for this purpose. Please set the audio format on the TV to stereo or PCM, not Dolby Digital or bitstream.

Bluetooth 5.0 Chipset: CSR 8675
Anathandiza ovomerezafiles: A2DP, AVRCP
Anathandiza Codecs:
• RX-Mode:
• TX-Mode:
aptX-HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, SBC
aptX-HD, aptX Low Latency, aptX, SBC
Mphamvu yotulutsa RF: max. 5.90 dBm at GFSK-Modulation (3.89 mW)
Digital to analog conversion: 16 bit / max. 48 kHz / SNR > 92 dB
Analog to digital conversion: 16 bit / max. 96 kHz / SNR > 96 dB
Channel separation /Crosstalk: -89 db
Mphamvu: max. 1,5 W / 300 mA / 5 V DC
Kutentha kotentha: -10 ° C mpaka + 55 ° C
Makulidwe: X × 134 74 27 mamilimita
Bluetooth Class II: Receiving range maximum 15 m
Transmission range maximum 50 m (outdoors)
Mafupipafupi a Bluetooth: 2402-2480 MHz

Qualcomm aptX & CSR8675 are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG

Malangizo a Chitetezo

Use the device only in environments where Bluetooth wireless technology is permitted. Do not use the device if it has been damaged or exposed to liquids. Do not expose the device to extreme temperatures, fire or humidity. Keep the device, packaging and accessories away from children and pets to prevent accidents and suffocation.

FeinTech ABT00102 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter and Receiver - CE Manufacturer‘s declaration

Herewith Spreewald Kommunikationstechnik GmbH declares that the radio system type ABT00102 complies with the directive 2014/53/EU and further declares that this product is in conformity with the rules of the EU directives (including all applicable amendments) 2011/65/EU „RoHS2“
and 2001/95/EC „General Product Safety Directive“.
Mawu onse a EU Declaration of Conformity akupezeka pa adilesi iyi ya intaneti https://feintech.eu/ce

Chizindikiro cha DustbinElectronic products contain valuable raw materials and must not be disposed of with normal household waste.
At the end of its service life, please bring the device to your local recycling facility.

FeinTech is a registered Trademark of Spreewald Kommunikationstechnik GmbH,
Radensdorfer Hauptstr. 45 a • 15907 Lübben (Spreewald) • Germany • [imelo ndiotetezedwa]

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ABT00102, Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter and Receiver, ABT00102 Bluetooth 5.0 Audio Transmitter and Receiver

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