NUARL NEXT1L True Wireless Earbuds

True Wireless Earbuds

Product Diagram

Product Diagram

Before Use

Remove Insulating Sheet

Remove Insulating sheet from back side of earbuds.

Before Use

Battery Charge

[Charging the Charger Case]
Connect the Type C USB connector of the charging cable to the USB port on t he side of t he charger case, and connect the USB(A) connector to the USB charging adapter to start charging the charger case.
The charge indicator (Center) lights up during charging. It turns off when charging is complete.
Battery Charge

[Remaining battery level]
When the earphones are attached or detached, the charging indicator lights up for approximately 2 seconds depending on the remaining battery level in t he charging case.

(Lights up orange during charging)
Battery Charge

Charging Indicator Remaining



If the built-in battery in the charger case is low, the Earbuds will not turn off and will not charge even if the Earbuds is attached to the charging case.
Also, please note that the Earbuds will turn on when the battery in the charging case runs out of power while the Earbuds is installed in the charger case.
To protect the built-in battery, disconnect the charging cable as soon as possible after charging is complete.
If the product will not be used for a long period of time, recharge the battery at least once a month.

[Charging the Earbuds]

Inserting the Earbuds into the charger case will start charging the Earbuds.
While charging the Earbuds, the charging indicator (left and right) will flash orange.
When the Earbuds are fully charged, the charging indicator will turn off.
Battery Charge

[Wireless Charging]
The charger case supports wireless charging. Charging can be done by touching the bottom of the charging case to the center of a Qi or other wireless charging pad.
* Please be careful not to trap foreign objects between the charging case and the wireless charging pad.
* Wireless charging cannot be performed while USB charging is in progress.
* The device may become hot during wireless charging, but this is not a malfunction .
Before Use

Installation of Ear Loops and Ear Tip

Please install and use Ear loops and Ear tip in t he size of your choice.
Before Use

Be sure to install the Ear Tip and Ear Loop before use.
Also, be careful not to block the FB microphone when attaching the ear loop.
Before Use



To use Ear Buds first time, you must pairing Ear Bud with mobile phone or player.
Once your Ear Buds is paired with other devices, they will remain paired and automatically recognize each other

(First time to use]

  1. Turn on Bluetooth function of your mobile phone.
  2. Turn on the power of both earbuds.
  3. Select “NUARL NEXT ll” in discovered device list of the phone.
  4. Click “Pair” in the phone display.

[Re-pairing or Pairing with second mobile phone]

  1. Turn on Bluetooth function of your mobile phone.
  2. When Earbuds is not connected to any other device, the LED indicator will blink alternately in white and orange after 6 seconds.
  3. Select “NUARL NEXT ll” in discovered device list of the phone.
  4. Click “Pair” in the phone display.

Multipoint Connection

This product supports Multipoint connection, which allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously.
To use the Multipoint connection, the second device must be paired with this product in advance.

  • Up to two devices can be connected via a multipoint connection.
  • Music can be played on either device being connected, but music from two devices cannot be played at the same time.
  • If one device is playing music, operating the other device will not switch the music.
    Please stop playback and then operate t he other device.
  • It is recommended to tu rn off high quality audio codecs such as LDAC, etc., as communication is more likely to be interrupted during multipoint connections.
  • When reconnecting, only one device will be reconnected automatically; to connect the other device, connect it manually from the Bluetooth setting on the device side.
  • During a multipoint connection, the operating t ime is reduced due to increased power consumption.


Power ON Long press 2seconds Long press 2seconds
OFF 5Tap without Bluetooth connection
Music Play/ Pause 2 Tap
Next Track Long press 2Second
Previous Track Long press 2Second
Volume Volume Up 1 Tap
Volume Down 1 Tap
Phone Answer Ca. II 1 Tap
Hang Up Long press 2Second
Reject Call Lon g press 2Seconds when receiving
ANC Mode ON/OFF 3 Tap
Ambient Mode ON/OFF 3 Tap
Gaming Mode ON/OFF Long Press 2Sec without Music play
Siri/GA Start Long Press 2Sec without Music play
Reset Delete Pairing Press and hold both L/R until white LED light s up, release and 2Tap
  • Button operation may not work for some App.
  • For Android devices, depending on the type of device, volume operation may  not be linked to the device’s volume setting.

Active Noise Canceling (ANC)

This product equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC).
Each time you press the sub-button, the function switches from ANC to Ambient and then to Off.
This product’ s active noise canceling function uses microphones to capture external noise.
It captures sound and digitally reduces unwant€d noise.
The effectiveness level of active noise cancellation can be changed in the NUARL Connect app.

Ambient Mode

This product is equipped with an Ambient mode that allows you to listen to ambient sounds from the microphone.
The operation settings for Ambient sound function can be changed with the NUARL Connet
When the wind hits the earphones with the Ambient mode enabled, a wind noise can be heard. This is not a product defect.

Gaming Mode

By enabling the gaming mode, you can reduce the audio delay in relation to the video.
However, sound quality and Bluetooth stability may be degraded while in the gaming mode.

NUARL Connect App

The NUARL Connect app (free of charge) allows you to get the most out of this product.
You can customize various features, update the firmware and more.
Download the app by searching for “NUARL Connect” in the Apple App store or Google Play store.

App Store Icon Google App Icon

  • NUARL Connect Main Features
    • Adjust the ANC effect level
    • Adjust the Ambient Sound effect level
    • Equalizer setting
    • Operation Setting
    • Firmware update
    • The function of the app may change with the version up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Suddenly I heard no sound from one earbud.
A) Please turn off earbud and turn on it again.

Q) Bluetooth connection has dropped.
A) Please delete NUARL NEXT IL from Bluetooth device list and pairing with your device again.

Q) The pairing between Land R earbud has dropped.
A) Turn off both earbuds and turn on them again.
A) Please try to “Reset” pairing as “Operation” section.

Q) When I place the earbud in the case, it won’t turn off itself.
When I get the earbud out from the case it ·won’t turn on.
A) While the case’s power is low, the automatic on off function will not be active. Please turn on/off it manually.

Q) The case has run out of charges.
A) The case will discharge itself, please recharge the case regularly.

Q) I want to know about warranty and repa ir in outside of Japan.
A) The warranty is only valid in the country in which the product was purchased.
Please contact purchased store directly for the specific repair of the goods.



Driver Φ l0mm LCP Dynamic”M2 NUARL DRIVER”
Frequency Response 20′”‘–‘40,000Hz
Battery Earbuds: 3.7V/50mAh Li-Po Battery

Charger Case: 3.7v/300mAh Li-Po battery

Continuous Play time (ANC OFF) 7 hours(SBC/ AAC)/5.5hours(LDAC Best effort)
Continuous Play time (ANC ON) 6.0 hours (SBC/ AAC)/5.0hours(LDAC Best effort)
Charging Time 1.5 hours
Bluetooth Specification Version5.3/Class2/Multilayering (4)
Bluetooth Profile A2DP,HFP, HSP, AVRCP
Microphone Talk x 2 (FF ANC/ Ambient), FB ANC x 1
Waterproof Level IPX4
Operation Temperature S'”‘–‘S0°C
Accessories Charge r Case, Charger Cable, Ear Loop, Block Ear+7 Silicon

Ear Tip (S/MS/M/L), Quick Guide

Certification FCC,CE

* Specifications are current at the time of development and subject to change without notice.


Documents / Resources

NUARL NEXT1L True Wireless Earbuds [pdf] User Guide
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