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nuaire S2E-SPCON2 Remote Speed Control For Use With S2E Extract Fans Instruction Manual

nuaire S2E-SPCON2 Remote Speed Control For Use With S2E Extract Fans


  • The provision of the electrical supply and the connection of the unit to the electrical supply must be carried out by a qualified electrician.
  • Isolate from power supply before removing any covers. During installation / maintenance ensure all covers are fitted before switching on the mains supply.
  • This appliance should not be used by children or persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the safe use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. Children shall not play with the appliance. Cleaning and user maintenance shall not be carried out by children.

This unit must be completely electrically isolated before any panels are removed. Check mains supply and control connections.
Read and understand the installation and maintenance manual before installing, operating or maintaining this product. This product is an ancillary device for use with the S2E in-line extract fan range. The S2E Installation Manual, 671964, is applicable to this product and should be referred to in addition to the information provided herein.

Important Information

This manual contains important information on the safe and appropriate assembly, commissioning, operation, maintenance, disassembly and simple troubleshooting of the product.
While the product has been manufactured according to the accepted rules of current technology, there is still a danger of personal injury or damage to equipment if the following general safety instructions and the warnings contained in these instructions are not complied with.

  • Read these instructions completely and thoroughly before working with the product.
  • Keep these instructions in a location where they are accessible to all users at all times.
  • Always include the operating instructions when you pass the product on to third parties.
Personal Protective Equipment

The following minimum Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is recommended when interacting with Nuaire product:

  • Protective Steel Toed Shoes – when handling heavy objects.
  • Full Finger Gloves (Marigold PU800 or equivalent) – when handling sheet metal components.
  • Semi Fingerless Gloves (Marigold PU3000 3DO or equivalent) – when conducting light work on the unit requiring tactile dexterity.
  • Safety Glasses – when conducting any cleaning/cutting operation.
  • VDE Compliant Screwdriver – when adjusting speed control.
    Nuaire would always recommend a site specific risk assessment by a competent person to determine if any additional PPE is required.



The S2E-SPCON2 provides a remote wall mounted variable speed control between trickle and boost speeds.


The unit must be installed indoors on a suitable surface in a dry environment away from direct sources of frost, heat and water droplets or moisture generation.
Installation must be completed by competent persons, in accordance with good industry practice and should conform to all governing and statutory bodies i.e. IEE, CIBSE, etc.
Ensure the unit is isolated from power supply

  • Remove control knob by loosening the grub screw using a size 1.5mm Allen key.
  • Make connection to the terminals (Figure 1).
  • Ensure cable is securely fixed in position using cable clamp provided (Figure 1).
  • Fit the unit to a suitable wall (fixing supplied by others), replace front cover and control knob.
Connecting To S2E Unit

Remove the PCB from the unit following Section 4.3 in the S2E instructions.

  • Feed cable through cable gland and make the connections to the terminals (Figure 1).
  • Tighten the cable gland and replace PCB/lid.
Recommended Cable (Supplied By Others)

The use of 7-2-4A cable is recommended (unscreened 4 core 0.22mm² cable, available from Farnell 3372793 or RS 202-4862), all stripped wires should be terminated with an insulated bootlace ferrule. Recommended torque setting for terminal blocks is 0.5Nm.


This product has no maintainable parts.


The 2 year warranty starts from the day of delivery and includes parts and labour for the first year. The remaining period covers replacement parts only.
This warranty is void if the equipment is modified without authorisation, is incorrectly applied, misused, disassembled, or not installed, commissioned and maintained in accordance with the details contained in this manual and general good practice.
The product warranty applies to the UK mainland and in accordance with Clause 14 of our Conditions of Sale. Customers purchasing from outside of the UK should contact Nuaire International Sales office for further details.


Where possible Nuaire use components which can be largely recycled when the product reaches its end-of-life:

  • Controls, cabling and other electrical components can be segregated into WEEE recycling streams.
  • Plastic packaging material and other plastic components can be segregated into mixed plastic and widely recycled.
  • Cardboard packaging and other paper components can be largely recycled or fully processed in energy from waste centres.
  • Remaining Items can be further segregated and processed in accordance with the zero waste hierarchy. Please call After Sales Support for further information on items not listed above.
    Ensure that Nuaire product is made safe from any electrical / water / refrigerant supplies before dismantling commences. This work should only be undertaken by a qualified person in accordance with local authority regulations and guidelines, taking into account all site based risks.


For technical assistance or further product information, please contact the After Sales Department.
If ordering spares please quote the serial number of the unit together with the part number, if the part number is not known please give a full description of the part required. The serial number will be found on the identification plate attached to the unit casing.
Technical or commercial considerations may, from time to time, make it necessary to alter the design, performance and dimensions of equipment and the right is reserved to make such changes without prior notice.
Telephone 02920 858 400

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