Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones  User Manual
Model No: NU517
Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones


Thank you for purchasing Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones. This guide is provided to help you get started Quickly with your true wireless earphones: please read it carefully and save it for your future reference.


Read the instruction manual carefully and completely before using t he product.


  • Protect your hearing from high volume levels.
    Permanent hearing damage may occur when earphones are used at high volume for prolonged periods of time.
  • Don’t charge t hem with high voltage adapters.
  • Don’t allow children or infirm to p lay w it h your
    earphones without adult supervision.
  • Don’t use the product in an environment that requires special attention (e.g . in traffic).
  • Don’t use ear phones near water. Clean using dry or slight moist cloth.
  • Store earphones at room temperature.
  • Don’t use in extreme dry environments as it leads to static discharge during usage.
  • Don’t expose your earphones to temperature above 40 degrees. Keep out o f direct sunlight.
  • Don’t attempt to repair the product yourself, It will void product warranty.
  • Don’t drop puncture or expose your earphones to excessive trauma.
  • Always press all buttons carefully. Don’t mishandle your earphones.
  • Don’t place near object generating strong magnetic field .
  • Use only the supplied charging cable. Unplug the device when not in use or during lightning storm.
  • Don’t ex pose earphones to excessive heat or fire.


Nu Republic does not accept liability for damage arising from improper use or misuse of t his product and it’s attached accessories.



Answer The Call- Click on the L/R ear
Hang Up The Call- Click on the L/R ear
Last Song- Triple-Click t he right ear
Next Song- Triple-Click the left ear
Play Song – Click on t he L/ R ear
Pause Song- Click on the L/R ear
+ Volume- Double Click on the left ear
– Volume- Double Click on t he right ear
Siri- Long Press L/R ear for 1.5, Seconds
On/ Off- Long Press l/R ear for 5 Seconds


  • Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones
  • 2 Sets of Eargels in 3 sizes
  • Micro-USB Charging Cable
  • Charging/ Storage Case
  • User Manual


Earphones Overview

A: Button Controls
B: Charging Port
C: Silicone Earphones Cap
D: Sound Hole

Earphones Overview

A: Left Ear
B: Right Ear
C: Charging Point
D: Micro-USB Charging


Tum on the two earphones. (with a power-on prompt), and after about 5 seconds, the two earphones will automatically pair (with a pairing prompt).After the pairing is successful, the red and blue lights alternately flash for the main ear, and the off light is the secondary ear, Then turn on the Bluetooth device of the mobile phone search for the pairing name and click Connect to use the pairing mode (After the connection is successful and in the working state, neither headset light up).


  1. Put the headset into the charging box. At this time the indicator light of the headset is always red, the indicator light of the charging box is blue.
  2. Press and hold the key of the two earphones at the same time for ablut 3 seconds, At this time the red light is on to turn off the earphones;
  3. When the earphones is disconnected from the phone for more than 5 minutes, the earphones will automatically turn off


  1. After the earphones are successfully paired with the mobile phone for the first time, you can use any single ear or both ears when you use it again. The earphone will automatically switch between the primary and t n e secondary ear without re-pairing.
  2. After t he Left and right earphones are In t he TWS pairing mode, double-click any pair of earphones to pair, and double-click the earphones to make it the main earphone. After the pairing is successful red and t he blue lights will start alternately flashing.
  3.  After pairing the left and right earphones with TWS, double- click any of the earphones again to clear the TWS pairing. If the left and right earphones cannot be paired, please clear the pair of left and right earphones first and then re-do the TWS pairing operation.


  1. Take out the single· earphones or both earphones from the charging case, and the earphone will automatically connect back to the last time  the phone is connected .
  2.  If t he earphones are powered off or not in the charging case, put the earphones back into the charging case to activate them and then take out again; or press. and hold the earphones mu  malfunction key to turn the·m on, the earphones will automatically connect back with the mobile phone.


  1. To charge the earphones: Put the earphones into the charging case separately the red light of the earphones and the blue light of the charging case always be turned on indicating that the charging is in progress, and the indicator light will be turned off after the charging is completed.
  2. To charge the charging case: Insert the Micro-US B charging cable to charge the charging case. During the charging process the red indicator light flashes-J and the red light will remain on aft:er the charging is completed.


Bluetooth Version: 5.0
Bluetooth Protocol: HSPt HFP, A2DP’, AVRCP
Working Distance: 10m / 33Ft
Music Working time: 3,.4 hours
Standby Time: 120 hours~
Charging Time: 2 hours*
Earbuds Battery Capacity: 40mAh
Charging Case Battery Capacity: 350mAh
Playing System: iOs and Android
Support Function: Hands-free Calling, Siri Voice Control, Google Voice Assistant
Frequency: 20Hz-20~lZ
Charging Case Weight: 50g
Charging Case Charging Port: Type-C
Input Specification: SV 500mA
Charging Time for Earphones: 4 Times
Charging Case Product Size:  48mmX48mmX 30mm


  1. Support Al intelligent voice function support voice assistant function of iOS and android system.
  2. In-ear design, comfortable and not easy to fall down.
  3. One touch button design. more convenient than other buttons on TWS earphones.
  4. Equipped with charging case.
  5. When mobile phone has an incoming call, the earphones are automatically turned on and answered when it is picked up from charging case.
  6. Support iOS system and Android system power display.
  7. Hi-fi sound effect with built-in 10mm neodymium drivers.
  8. Pair automatically after taking out from charging case.

If you do not charge the earphones for a long time, the battery life will be greatly shortened. It is recommended that you charge the earphones at least once a month.


It provides ear-tips in small/medium/large three sizes, made from premium grade rubber.
Select an ear-tip that provides the best fit and sound isolation It should be easy to insert flt comfortably, and easy to remove.


For proper treatment to avoid harmful effect on human health and environment please cont act your local municipality your waste disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items.

Nu Republic warrants that t he product at the time of its original purchase is free of defects in material and workmanship.
This warranty is subject to the fol lowing terms

  • The warranty is given only to original purchaser oft he product ( “.. custom”)
  • The warranty will be applicable for 6 months from date of original purchase or 18 months from date of import as mentioned in the import sticker on the box whichever is earlier. The customer has to present the proof of payment/ invoice for claiming any warranty.
  • For entire warranty period, Nu Republic or its authorized re preventative will at their discretion repair or replace the product .
  • The details of the service locations can be taken from ou service helpline. It is responsibility of the Customer to bring the product to Nu Republic Service Location at r is/her own risk and expenses.

For any product repaired or replaced during warranty period, the repaired or replaced product shall continue being within period of the original product.
The warranty will not be applicable under the following circumstances:

  1. The product code/ serial number water indicator or warranty seal has been removed. erased defaced altered or is illegible.
  2. Deterioration of t he product due to normal wear and tear.
  3. Use other than in accordance with the user manual trough handling ingression of / exposure to any kind of liquid (water, sweat, beverages, oils etc.) exposure to moisture dampness or exposure to extreme environmental conditions.
  4. The warranty ,viii also not cover any physical damage to surface of the product including but not limited to scratches on the body parts.
  5. As defects caused by the fact that the battery has been short circuited or by the fact that the seals of the casing or any evidence of  tampering or the product is used for equipment other that for which it is certified.

For any claim under the warranty is subject ‘to notification to Nu Republic. For the alleged defect within a reasonable time of its occurrence and in no event not later t an expiry of warranty period.
Nu Republic authorized partner will not be responsible for any kinds of losses direct or indirect.
Nu Republics obligation under this warranty shall be limited to repair or providing replacement of parts only the maximum claim entertained by Nu
Republic will be subject to maximum retail price o the product or purchase pr ice (as per invoice) which ever one is lower.

Note: Check out our website for existing offers & extended warranty.

In. an event o f any unforeseen circumstances, there is unavailability of certain so are parts, prevailing depreciation rules will be binding on the purchaser to accept as a commercial solution in lieu of repairs
Helpline Number: +91-8826257630
Working Hours: Monday to Friday 70:00 AM- 5 :30 PM (except national and pub I ic holidays)
Email: [email protected]


Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones User Manual – Optimized PDF
Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones User Manual – Original PDF
Rush X3 True Wireless Earphones User Manual – OCR PDF

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