Instruction manual

Adaptation platform and requirements

  1. Android 4.4 and above.
  2. iOS 8.0 and above.
  3. Support Bluetooth 4.2 and above.

Product details

Introduction of the function

  1. Watch face: Time,remaining power, steps and heart rate are shown on the watch face.(Once smart watch connected to the device, time will be synchronized with device time. The time can be set on the smart watch.)
  2. Heart rate function interface: Click into measure your current heart rate on the heart rate interface, the result will be shown afterward. More details and data are recorded and synced in the APP.
  3. Blood pressure function interface: Click into measure your current blood pressure on the blood pressure interface, the result will be shown afterward.
  4. Running mode: Click to enter, record steps, distance and calories
  5. Stopwatch: Click to enter the stopwatch function, you can start/pause/end operation, right slide to exit.
  6. Sleep Interface: The bracelet records and displays the total time of your sleep, as well as the time of your deep sleep and light sleep. More detailed data analysis can be viewed in the app simultaneously.
  7. Power off: Click to enter to turn off the watch.
  8. Music control: after connecting with device, smart bracelet is able to control the music player. Press and hold to enter the music con trol panel, to play/pause, previous song, and next song.
  9. Message interface: Turn on notification on APP, notification will be shown on smart bracelet wherever APP notification, incoming, messages are received.
  10. Brightness adjustment: Click to adjust the screen brightness.
  11. Find the phone and find the bracelet: When the bracelet is connected to the app, click to find the phone.
  12. Setting: including Bluetooth, time,dial mute/vibrate, bright screen mode, device information and reset.
  13. Other features: charging reminder, sedentary reminder, call reminder, alarm reminder, remote Photography, connection reminder.
  14. Bluetooth voice call.


Multifunctional interface

  1. BT Switching
  2. Quiet mode
  3. Lift the wrist and light the screen
  4. Flash light
  5. Power saving
  6. 24-hour system switching


APP connection method

(Wearfit2.0 allows the use of mobile app features)

  1. Scan the QR code above to download or search “Wearfit2.0” in Google Play or APP store.
  2. Press the side button 3 seconds to turn it on, open and enter the “Wearfit2.0” app, search for the device according to the APP connection wizard, select the device model, and complete the connection pairing.

Wearfit2.0 introduction

  1. “Home” interface can view step count, heart rate, sleep and exercise data.
  2. “Discovery” interface can check out circle of friends and some health-related information.
  3. “Me” interface can be set for personal privacy and device.Basic parameters
Screen size 1.54 inch
Bluetooth Bluetooth4.2
Waterproof level IP65
Type of battery Lithium polymer battery
Battery capacity 200mAh
Charging time 2 Hours
bracelet size 38mm*44.3mm*12mm
Charging Magnetic charging , Voltage 5V
Touch screen Full touch
Package Smart watch+Magnetic charger+Instruction manual


  1. If there is a product quality problem or the use of products is not clear, please contact our store by direct mail, we will deal with it quickly.
  2. The measurement results of this product are for reference only, not for any medical purpose and basis. Please follow the doctor’s instructions and do not rely on the measurement results for self diagnosis and treatment.
  3. The waterproof grade is IP65, which can be used for daily life waterproof. But the watch cannot be used for diving and put under water for long time. In addition, this product does not prevent hot water, because steam will affect the watch.
  4. Our company reserves the right to modify the contents of this manual without notification. Some functions are different in the various software versions, which is normal.
  5. Mind that do not use a power adapter whose output voltage more than 5V 1A to charge, otherwise the circuit may be burned out and the battery will not be charged.


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NOWLEY Instruction Manual
21-2037 Smart Watch
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