nordlux NX2118141003 Rica Round Outdoor Solar LED Wall Light


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IP4X: Protected against solid objects with a diametre of 1.0 mm or more. Hazardous parts are shielded from contact being made using Wires, etc.
IPX4: Raindrops falling from any angle will not affect the function/satety of the lamp.

  • Class III: The lamp is only suitable for 5V.
  • The mounting instruction must not be discarded.


DIsposal or waste equipment by users in private households in the European Union. This symbol indicates that this product including batteries must not be disposed of with your other household waste. Batteries, electrical and electronic equipment contain substances which may cause damage to human health and environment if not recycled correctly. t is your responsibility to hand over to a designated collection point for recycling of waste batteries, electrical and electronic equipment. When handing over for correct recycling you help to prevent these products straining nature and environment unnecessarily and to protect human heath. For more information regarding correct disposal, please contact your local city office, your household waste disposal service or the store where you purchased this product.

We congratulate you on your new outdoor lamp!


The Nordlux Outdoor lamps in copper, brass, tombac and galvanized are guaranteed for up to 15 years. This guarantee applies to extensive corrosion in the form of holes in the metal caused by rust. The guarantee is subject to presentation of a receipt.
There is not guarantee on the components which have been damaged by wear and tear or mistreatment of the lamps

Stainless steel
Remember to take care of your lamp. Just follow the guidelines below. The shiny, uniform and decorative surface of stainless steel makes it
very suitable for outdoor use. It is an alloy consisting of iron, chrome and nickel. During bath pickling, a thin, rustproof oxide layer forms on the surface.
The surface is continually vulnerable to atmospheric conditions, and from other effects of the close environment. This means that the lamp must be regularly ma inta ined if ts surface is to remain shiny and untarnished by rust.
Before setting it up, treat your lamp with acid-free oil, and dry it off with a soft cloth. Repeat this three or four times a year.
Stainless steel lamps are not recommended for use in aggressive environments such as coastal, agricultural or industrial areas.

Gopper, Brass and Tombac fixtures

Our copper, brass and tombac fixtures are made from respectively solid Copper, brass and tombac. I he mechanical machining will leave small scratches in the surface, as well as residues of rinse aid. This rapidly disappears in the patina process. After the first rain showers the copper brass/ tombak surface will appear stained, but the aerated air and moisture will soon make the lamp appear with dark brownish color. Over the years, the material copper will get a beautiful patina-green color and brass/tombac will get a darker and more uniform color. The uniformity of the patina surface, as well as the rate at which the process OCcurs, is dependent on the environment that affect the fixture.

Hot-galvanized lamps

The zinc treatment of the steel lamps is executed manually in plants.
The temperature of the melted zinc is about 460 degrees. When the lamps are dipped in melted zinc a reaction between the metalls occurs, which develops alloys in the surface.
The lamp and the components of the lamp are manualy dipped in the hot zinc. This treatment leaves variations in the coating in the form of partly an uneven surface and partly minor formations of drops.
Thin »zinc curtains« might also ocCur on the surface and they show as a thin film which hangs down from the edge of the lamp. This film can easily be removed or brushed off with a soft brush.


Condensation is a natural phenomenon arising under specific atmospheric conditions. Damp heat and cold air meet, which causes conden- sation of water on the surface.
When water heats up it leads to rising water vapour, which will be able to affect electric components.
Condensation is not included by Nordlux warranty unless it is possible to prove that a technical /production error in the lighting causes entry of water.
In case of condensation please check

  • If the lighting is mounted according to instructions. Washers should seal tightly. Make sure to tension screws and lenses.
  • In garden lightings rising damp from the ground may cause condensation in the metal post. This problem can be defeated by filling sealing material into the metal post.

Aluminum fixtures

Our aluminum light fixtures are made from die-cast and/or extruded aluminum, where the light fixture’s design determines whether both types of materials, or just one of them, are used for different parts of the same light fixture. Aluminum light fixtures in raw aluminum are subsequently coated with a special clear coat, which seals the surface to safeguard against corrosion. Painted aluminum light fixtures are powder-coated and have a uniform and smooth surface. To avoid the light fixture tarnishing, it is recommended to clean and wipe the light fixture after mounting, and repeat this process 3-4 times each year. This is done with a regular cleaning agent. Black light fixtures which are bleached by strong sunlight can also benefit from treatment with silicone spray as needed, to maintain the black color. Mounting light fixtures in coastal, agricultural or industrial areas is not recommended, as these aggressive surroundings may cause the light fixture to corrode, which may entail spalling, bubbles in the surtace and a whitish incrustation on the light fIxture’s surface.

  • It is highly important that drainage holes are kept free of impurities if any.

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nordlux NX2118141003 Rica Round Outdoor Solar LED Wall Light [pdf] Instruction Manual
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