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The goal of Comfier is to enhance the quality of life by developing novel massage devices. We focus on electric massagers, which include design, creation, and production to offer a rejuvenating massage experience whenever and wherever. Our mission is to offer healthy items to every home in order to promote health and well-being. Use Comfier goods to improve your daily life.


  • Merker: COMFIER
  • Modell: 3603U
  • Bruke til: Nakke
  • Strømkilde: Kablet elektrisk
  • Materiale: plysj
  • Farge: Grå
  • Produkt Dimensjoner: 24.4 x 9.84 x 14.17 tommer; 9.85 pund




Comfortable Mat for Full Body Massage with Heat

Your entire body will feel comfortable and rested thanks to the Comfier 10 Motors Vibrating Massage Mat with Shiatsu Massage Pillow, which includes a number of massage modes and heat pads to reduce tension and exhaustion. There are five massage modes, three levels of intensity, and four specific massage zones: the shoulders, upper back, lower back, and legs. You can even combine some of these areas to best fit your needs.

This massage pad with heat features four full-back heating pads that provide soothing warmth to further ease muscular tension and tightness and improve blood circulation.

The Massage Mattress pad is adaptable and foldable, allowing you to enjoy a soothing massage on your bed, sofa, couch, recliner, or chair. The heated massage mat is the ideal present for your loved ones on Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or their birthday.

Vibration massage and Shiatsu neck massage

  • Deep tissue kneading massage with 3D neck shiatsu rollers that can rotate anticlockwise and in the opposite direction.
  • 10 vibration massage nodes for a pleasant full-body vibration massage
  • 5 massage zones (shoulders, back, lumbar, thigh, and leg) are available.
  • Five different massage programs combine vibration and heat in different ways.
  • Low, Medium, and High vibration massage speeds are all adjustable.

Calm-down heat function

  • Shiatsu balls with the option of a neck heating
  • 4 heating pads with targets for the entire back, hips, thighs, and legs.
  • heating protection mechanism
  • timer with automatic 20-minute shutoff. (Heating time is 3–5 minutes; maximum temperature is 124 oF)
  • The mat’s back features a 30-minute countdown.

Neck and back massager with shiatsu

  • A hand-grip shiatsu massage pillow may effectively relieve your muscle tension and ease the strain on your neck and shoulders.
  • Shiatsu nodes that rotate effectively massage all of your body’s muscle points and joints. It is made to be used in a variety of ways and may massage the back, legs, and feet.
  • There is a 15-minute timer on the massage pillow.




  • Unpack the massage mat: Remove the mat from its packaging and unfold it completely. Ensure that the mat is placed on a flat and stable surface, such as a bed or a carpeted floor.
  • Koble til strømledningen: Plug in the power cord into the designated port on the massage mat. The other end of the cord should be connected to a power outlet.
  • Turn on the mat: Look for the power button or switch, usually located on the control panel or remote control. Press the power button to turn on the mat.
  • Choose a massage mode: The Comfier 3603U Massage Mat usually offers different massage modes, such as shiatsu, rolling, vibration, or heat therapy. Select your desired mode by pressing the corresponding button on the control panel or remote control.
  • Adjust the intensity: Most massage mats have adjustable intensity levels. You can usually choose between low, medium, or high intensity. Use the intensity buttons on the control panel or remote control to adjust the level to your preference.
  • Target specific areas: If you want to focus on a particular area of your body, some mats allow you to target specific zones. Use the buttons or controls to select the desired area, such as the upper back, lower back, or legs.
  • Enjoy the massage: Lie down on the massage mat, making sure your body is properly positioned to receive the massage. Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the soothing sensations of the massage mat. You can also use a pillow or cushion for added comfort.
  • Tilpass innstillinger: Depending on the model, the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat may offer additional customization options, such as timer settings or specific massage techniques. Consult the user manual to explore and adjust these settings according to your preferences.
  • Turn off and store: Once you’re done with your massage session, press the power button to turn off the mat. Unplug the power cord from the outlet and store the mat in a safe and dry place.



  • 1x massage mat
  • 1x UL home adapter
  • 1x brukerhåndbok
  • 1x pakningsboks


  • Merknader
     Shiatsu massage with the heat on the neck and a heating pad that vibrates from the shoulder to the leg. If you want a fully deep-kneading shiatsu neck and back massager, DON’T BUY it.
  • Neck massager for shiatsu
    The Comfier Massage Mat includes a movable shiatsu neck massage pillow that may be used individually to massage any portion of your body, including your neck, shoulder, back, lumbar region, leg, etc. Tense and tight muscles will be soothed by a shiatsu massager with heated rotational balls. A softer massage is provided by the connected flap.
  • Movement Massage
    For total body relaxation, the massage mattress pad with 10 vibration motors gives a pleasant massage to the tissues and muscles from the shoulder, upper/lower back, the leg. With 5 massage modes, 3 levels of intensity, and 4 specific massage zones to suit your individual needs.
  • Choice of Heat Therapy
    Comfortable massage mat with heat delivers soothing warmth to further relax muscles and improve blood circulation. It features four heating pads for the complete back, thighs, and legs. The heating pad’s auto-shutoff feature and overheat prevention system may assure safe use, and the heat can be felt without massaging.
  • Premium plush, silky fabric
    Offers cozy and soothing body contact. To experience the utmost relaxation at home or at the office, use the Comfier massage chair pad on a couch, sofa, recliner, floor, or bed. Ideal Christmas or birthday present for mothers, fathers, men, or women. If for any reason this heated shiatsu massage mat does not match your expectations, you have 30 days to return it for a full refund.


What is the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat Full Body?

The Comfier 3603U Massage Mat Full Body is a portable massage mat that provides a full-body massage experience. It typically features multiple massage modes, such as shiatsu, rolling, vibration, and heat therapy.

What areas of the body does the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat target?

The Comfier 3603U Massage Mat is designed to target the entire body. It usually covers areas such as the neck, shoulders, back, waist, and legs.

How does the heat therapy function work?

The Comfier 3603U Massage Mat often includes heat therapy to provide additional relaxation and comfort. The heat function warms up the massage nodes or the surface of the mat, promoting muscle relaxation and soothing tense areas.

Kan jeg justere intensiteten på massasjen?

Yes, many massage mats, including the Comfier 3603U, offer adjustable intensity levels. You can usually choose between low, medium, or high intensity to customize the massage experience according to your preferences.

Is the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat suitable for everyone?

While the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat is designed to be suitable for most individuals, it is important to consider your personal comfort and any specific health conditions you may have. If you have any underlying health concerns or are pregnant, it is advisable to consult with a healthcare professional before using the massage mat.

How long should I use the massage mat for?

The recommended duration for using the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat varies depending on personal preference and the manufacturer’s guidelines. It is generally suggested to start with shorter sessions, around 15-20 minutes, and gradually increase the time if desired.

Can I use the massage mat while sleeping?

It is not recommended to use the Comfier 3603U Massage Mat while sleeping. The mat is designed for use in a conscious and supervised manner to ensure proper positioning and safety.

How do I clean the massage mat?

To clean the massage mat, first, make sure it is unplugged from the power source. Most mats have a removable cover that can be hand-washed or machine-washed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The main body of the mat can be wiped down with a damp klut.

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