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In the ever-evolving landscape of wireless audio technology, FOSA continues to lead the way with innovation. Their latest creation, the FOSA ankvc8utoge Neckband Earbuds Bluetooth, exemplifies their dedication to delivering exceptional audio experiences. In this article, we’ll delve into the unique features and capabilities that make these earbuds a remarkable addition to the world of wireless audio.

Unveiling the FOSA ankvc8utoge Neckband Earbuds:

FOSA’s ankvc8utoge Neckband Earbuds are designed to cater to the preferences of music enthusiasts, professionals on the go, and individuals who seek both style and substance in their audio gear. Let’s explore the standout attributes that distinguish these earbuds.

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Why Opt for FOSA ankvc8utoge Neckband Earbuds?

  • Comfort and Elegance: The neckband design not only ensures a secure fit but also adds a touch of sophistication to your appearance. These earbuds are an ideal choice for workouts, commutes, or leisurely relaxation.
  • Wire-Free Convenience: Bid farewell to tangled wires and embrace the convenience of wireless audio. The Bluetooth connectivity simplifies the pairing process with your devices.
  • Extended Playback: With remarkable battery life, you can immerse yourself in music for hours on end. Whether you’re on the move or engaged in work, these earbuds won’t let you down.
  • Exquisite Audio Quality: FOSA’s commitment to superior sound quality shines through in the audio these earbuds produce. Revel in your music, podcasts, and calls with unparalleled clarity.


  • Merker: GRUVE
  • Varenummer: nkvc8utoge
  • Produkttype: Neckband Monitor Headphone
  • Materiale: ABS

Headphone Receiver:

  • Frequency Band Mode: 2.4G
  • Batterilevetid: 9H
  • Transmisjon Avstand: > 10 m/32.8 fot

Dongle Transmitter:

  • Frequency Band Mode: 2.4G
  • Batterilevetid: 10H
  • Transmisjon Avstand: > 10 m/32.8 fot
  • Built-in Polymer Lithium Battery: 110mAh (Receiver), 220mAh (Transmitter)


FOSA ankvc8utoge Neckband Earbuds Bluetooth-fig-2

  • 1 x sender
  • 1 x Headphone Receiver
  • 1 x Manual
  • 1 x Laderkabel


  • Long Shelf Life of the Battery
    The wireless neckband monitoring headphone has a battery life of 9 hours, making it no longer limited by battery life and making it appropriate for use on stage, in a music studio, and other similar environments.
  • flere funksjoner
    Multi-function Bluetooth headset that may be used for live broadcasting, karaoke, or connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth. This headset also has the ability to be put into a sound card device.
  • Signal That Is Stable
    The corded method can be cumbersome, but the neckband BT monitoring headset has a reliable wireless signal transmission, which is the appropriate solution to this problem.
  • The phrase ultra low latency
    The sound card allows you to enjoy high-quality singing as well as the sound of your band, and the neckband monitor headphone has an extremely low latency of 20 milliseconds or less.
  • Wearing it Won’t Bother You
    The neckband design of the wireless monitoring earbud makes it comfortable to use for extended periods of time without causing any strain. Superior grade of ABS plastic, offering increased durability.
  • Neckband Design:
    The design of the neckband guarantees both comfort and a secure fit, making these earbuds exceptionally suitable for various activities, including workouts and daily commutes.
  • Bluetooth-tilkobling
    Bluetooth technology delivers a wireless and trouble-free listening experience, simplifying the process of pairing with your devices.
  • Utvidet batterilevetid
    Revel in uninterrupted music enjoyment with up to 9 hours of playback, and the additional transmitter provides up to 10 hours of usage.
  • Exceptional Audio
    These earbuds offer top-tier audio quality, characterized by clear highs, deep bass, and a well-balanced midrange, enhancing your music and call experiences.
  • Neckband Controls
    The intuitively placed controls on the neckband enable you to manage music playback, adjust volume, and handle calls without the need to reach for your connected device.

OBS: Produkter som er utstyrt med elektriske plugger er egnet for bruk i USA. Fordi strømuttak og voltagNivåene varierer fra land til land, det er mulig du trenger en adapter eller omformer for å bruke denne enheten på destinasjonen. Før du foretar et kjøp, bør du sørge for at alt er kompatibelt.


  • sammenkobling: Activate the earbuds and put them in pairing mode. Enable Bluetooth on your device and select the earbuds from the list of available devices for pairing.
  • Control Familiarization: Get acquainted with the controls on the earbuds. Typically, these controls allow you to play/pause music, adjust volume, skip tracks, and handle calls via buttons on the neckband.
  • Ladeprosedyrer: Employ the supplied charging cable to charge the earbuds. Connect the cable to a USB charger or computer, and monitor the charging status using the LED indicator.


  • Regelmessig rengjøring: Consistently wipe down your FOSA ankvc8utoge Neckband Earbuds Bluetooth with a soft, moist cloth to eliminate dirt and perspiration. Pay attention to the ear tips and the neckband.
  • Ear Tip Replacement: Replace the ear tips if they display signs of wear or become uncomfortable. Keep the ear tips clean to prevent the accumulation of earwax.
  • Check Charging Port: Inspect the charging port for any debris or dust that might hinder the charging process. Employ a small brush or compressed air if needed.
  • Riktig oppbevaring: When not in use, store the earbuds either in their protective case or in a clean, dry location to safeguard them from damage and keep them ready for use.
  • Vedlikehold av batteri: Charge the earbuds before they completely run out of battery. Disconnect them from the charger once fully charged to prevent overcharging.


  • Vann Resistance: If your model provides water resistance, make sure to confirm its specifications. For non-water-resistant earbuds, take precautions to shield them from moisture.
  • Volumnivåer: Listening at high volumes for prolonged periods poses a risk to your hearing. Employ a moderate volume level to safeguard your ears.
  • Ear Tip Sizing: Ensure that the ear tips fit securely in your ears for optimal sound quality and comfort. Experiment with different sizes if necessary.
  • Forholdsregler for lading: To prevent harm to the earbuds, use only the supplied charger or a reputable USB charger. Avoid overcharging, which can impact battery life.
  • Temperaturhensyn: Shield the earbuds from extreme temperatures, as such conditions may affect battery performance and overall durability.


  • Connection Challenges: If you encounter issues with connectivity, ensure that the earbuds are in pairing mode. Clear the list of paired devices on your smartphone and then re-pair the earbuds.
  • Low Volume or Audio Imbalance: Check the audio settings on your connected device. Clean the ear tips thoroughly and confirm they are securely attached to the earbuds.


What are Neckband Earbuds with Bluetooth?

Neckband earbuds are wireless headphones that have a flexible band that rests on the neck, connecting two earbuds with Bluetooth technology for music playback and phone calls.

How do I pair Neckband Earbuds with my device?

Generally, put the earbuds in pairing mode, then go to your device's Bluetooth settings and select the earbuds from the available devices list.

What devices can I connect Neckband Earbuds to via Bluetooth?

You can connect them to smartphones, tablets, computers, and other devices with Bluetooth capability.

Can I use Neckband Earbuds for workouts or sports?

Yes, you can use sweat-resistant or sport-specific models for workouts and sports.

How do I control music playback and volume on Neckband Earbuds?

Most neckband earbuds have physical buttons or touch controls for functions like play/pause, volume adjustment, and skipping tracks.

Do Neckband Earbuds have a microphone for phone calls?

Yes, they typically have an integrated microphone for hands-free phone calls.

Do Neckband Earbuds come with different ear tip sizes for a comfortable fit?

Most models include multiple ear tip sizes to ensure a secure and comfortable fit.

Are Neckband Earbuds magnetic for easy storage when not in use?

Some neckband earbuds have magnetic earbuds that can snap together for convenient storage.

How do I check the battery level of Neckband Earbuds on my device?

On most smartphones and tablets, you can see the battery level of connected Bluetooth devices in the device's settings.

How do I clean and maintain Neckband Earbuds?

Bruk en myk, damp cloth to clean the earbuds and neckband. Avoid submerging them in water.

Can I use Neckband Earbuds for making video calls?

Yes, you can use them for making video calls on devices with Bluetooth capabilities.

Do Neckband Earbuds support passive noise isolation?

Many neckband earbuds come with ear tips that provide passive noise isolation by blocking out external sounds.

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