Read the entire manual before using this product!

LED Wireless Magnetic Rectangular Towing Light Kit for Vehicle Under 80″ in width
This product is intended for temporary use to provide tail lamp function as well as stop and turn indication when towing a vehicle less than 80″ wide. A special note about battery
Denne lamp can be charged with car cigarette lighter. When first time using this light, please charge it for 4-6 hours, the battery can be used about 24 hours after fully charged.

Using the wireless towing light

It is important that you read the entire manual to become familiar with the product
BEFORE you assemble and use this product. Before operating this product be sure that you have all parts described in the Parts List, if you do not have experience doing th is type of electrical work, the j ob should be done by an automotive service technician .


  1. Clean the mounting surface and light’s magnetic base then stick the lamp on the rear of vehicle.
  2. Check that the magnetic light bases are clear of any debris that may scratch the mounting surface, the entire magnet must be touching a steel surface for optimal holding performance. Place the lamp to allow following vehicles optimal visibility at all times.
  3. Connect the wireless remote transmitter with the vehicle’s 4-way plug .
  4. Turn on the switch located on the top of the lights (DRIVER-left light and PASSENGER-right light), each light will show 18 LEDs on, now the lamp can be controlled by the wireless remote transmitter.
  5. Verify the operation of tail light, stop light and both left turn and right turn signals . Do not drive your vehicle unless all lights function!
  6.  Switch off the lights after using and return the lights, wireless remote transmitter and car cigarette lighter to the original package. If packaging is unavailable, place the lights inside a bag when not in use and keep the magnets clear of debris. If lights are stores for a long time, please observe the battery indicator on the top of lights and make sure the lights are fully charged before the next using.

Viktige hensyn

  1. The LED Wireless Magnetic Rectangular Towing Light Kit is designed to be used with standard 12 volt vehicle systems.
  2. Make sure that your brake, turn signal and running lights are operated correctly before driving. Do not attempt to use the towing light kit if the towing vehicle has faulty wiring, or if some, or all of the towing vehicle’s lights are not functional.
  3. Always keep the car cigarette lighter charger in the car, if the lamp lack of enough power, you can charge it timely.

Transmitter & Vehicle Plug Wiring Scheme

White: Ground(smaller hole than others)
Red: Left Brake/ Left Turn Signal
Green: Right Brake/ Right Turn Signal
Brown: Inapplicable (The running light controlled by switch)


The warnings, cautions and instructions discussed in this instruction manual cannot cover all possible conditions and situations that may occur.
Operatøren må forstå at sunn fornuft og forsiktighet er faktorer som ikke kan bygges inn i dette produktet, men må leveres av operatøren.


Additional Function of Pairing Operation Steps

  1. The transmitter is connected to the 12V power supply, the female terminal is connected to the negative pole, the male terminal is connected lo the positive pole.
  2. Turn on the power switch of the main light to make the light on.
  3. Press the pairing switch silver button at the back of the light house, if the small light flashes once time that means the pairing is successful. Note that if any side of the light (left/ right one) is broken, users can buy another same side light to match and wireless control again (no need to change a new transmitter).



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