niko 552-72201 Zigbee Connected Dimmer 2 Wire


Connected dimmer, 2-wire, Zigbee

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Radio specifications

Operating frequency …………………………………………2.4 GHz
Maximum radio frequency power ………………….10 dBm



Niko Home Control for traditional wiring ecosystem

niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-03Zigbee® Certified products

  1. 552-00001: Wireless smart hub − recommended to install this device first
  2. 552-72101: Connected single switch, Zigbee®
  3. 552-72102: Connected double switch, Zigbee®
  4. 170-33505: Connected switching socket outlet, Zigbee®
  5. 552-72301: Connected motor control, Zigbee®
  6. 552-72201: Connected dimmer, Zigbee®
  7. 552-80699: Smart plug, Zigbee®
  8. 552-80401: Wireless motion detector, Zigbee®
    Easywave products
  9. 410-00001: Wireless switch with 2 buttons, Easywave
  10. 410-00002: Wireless switch with 4 buttons, Easywave
    On your smartphone
  11. Niko Home app

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Scan the QR code for more information on how the products work and to explore examples of Niko Home Control o traditional wiring setups.

Minimum setup

niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-4niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-5Not included, to be bought separately

  • Faceplates and finishing sets available in other series and colours
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Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-06Scan the QR code to consult the website with frequently asked questions on Niko Home Control for traditional wiring.

Technical information and troubleshooting:niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-07Scan the QR code to consult the technical manual for the connected dimmer, Zigbee®.

Basic installation steps – Images − (written instructions on p. 3 to p. 6)


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Scan the QR code for more detailed installation instructions, including wiring examples and programming instructions for the Niko Home app.

Before you get started

Difficulty level installation:niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-10Difficulty level programming:niko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-11Estimated duration: 30 to 60 minutes
Tools needed: screwdriver, cable stripper, multimeter, wire connectors and extra wiringniko-552-72201-Zigbee-Connected-Dimmer-2-Wire-12

This product must be secured with a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) of max. 16 A in the electrical cabinet. This product must be installed in accordance with the national regulations.

  • All mechanical push-button extensions wired to the same terminal, will show the same behavior. The maximum total wire length for all extension buttons connected to the Zigbee® dimmer is 50 m.

Hardware installation


Wireless smart hub




Start using your installation


Dismantling instructions


Reset procedure


Basic installation steps – Written instructions − (images on p. 2)

(Instructions for images on p. 2)

More information

This product can be installed in different ways. Scan the QR code on page 2 to open the online manual with more detailed installation instructions, including wiring examples and programming instructions for the app.

Before you get started

You have a modern (3- or 5- wire) electrical installation (set up after 1985). You have a wireless smart hub (552-00001) and a home network with internet connection. You have a dimmable lamp. You have the following tools: screwdrivers, cable stripper, multimeter, wire connectors and extra wiring.
Before you get up and running, it is recommended to check the website page on the Niko Home Control for traditional wiring ecosystem. You can access this page by scanning the QR code on page 1.

Difficulty level
Technical background knowledge is required to install hardware: you are able to interpret the AREI regulations and you have a good understanding of the electrical wiring in your home.

Estimated duration
Between 30 and 60 minutes.

Wiring scheme
This product must be secured with a miniature circuit breaker (MCB) of maximum 16 A in the electrical cabinet. This product must be installed in accordance with the national regulations.
The Zigbee® connected dimmer can be combined with mechanical push buttons. All mechanical push buttons wired to the same extension terminal, will show the same behaviour (either control the lights that are directly wired to the buttons or act as programmed in the Niko Home app). It is not possible to configure the behaviour of linked mechanical push buttons separately.

Hardware installation
  1. Map out the existing wiring (using a multimeter) and label the wires for later reference.
  2. Switch off the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) for the circuit you are about to work on and use a multimeter to ensure that no wires are live.
  3. Connect the wiring following the wiring scheme on page 2. Scan the QR code located above to view more detailed wiring examples.
  4. Mount the dimmer in the wall-mounting box. To install the dimmer in a box in a timber wall, remove the claws and use screws to fix it instead.
  5. Switch the miniature circuit breaker (MCB) back on. Test your installation to ensure that the connected dimmer operates the lighting as intended.
    Wireless smart hub
  6. If you did not yet do so, install and register the wireless smart hub (552-00001). Follow the instructions in the accompanying manual.
    Niko Home app
  7. Download and install the Niko Home app on your smartphone. Log in and, if prompted, upgrade your Niko Home Control installation.
    Follow the instructions in the app to add the connected dimmer to your installation. When prompted, press the button on the dimmer 3 times consecutively.
  8. When prompted by the app, repeat this process for all mechanical push buttons wired to the extension terminal of your connected device.
    Finish hardware installation
  9. The connected dimmer includes 8 dimmer profiles. By default, profile 5 is set. If flickering occurs, select a profile that better matches the type of lamp that the dimmer controls.
    Tip: Scan the QR code on page 2 to open the online manual with more detailed information on the different profiles. You can also contact the manufacturer of the lamp connected to the dimmer for more information.
    • Press the SELECT PROFILE button once. The currently configured profile is indicated by the number of green LED flashes that occur (from 1 to 8). These flashes are repeated 3 times.
    • To rotate through all dimmer profiles, press the SELECT PROFILE button again while the green LED flashes are still ongoing. Repeat this until you reach the profile number of your choice.
      Tip: If flickering persists with all profiles, the dimmer might not receive sufficient current from the lamp. Add one or more LED compensators (310-05001) and repeat the dimmer profile selection to solve the issue.
  10. Set the minimum dimming level to make use of the optimal dimming range of the lamp connected to the dimmer.
    • Dim the lamp to the current minimum level by pressing and holding the dimming button in the middle of the base.
    • If the lamp is too bright, is flashing or is off, press the MIN DIM LEVEL button on the left of the dimmer’s base multiple times, until the desired minimum light level is reached.
    • Shortly press the dimming button twice. This switches the dimmer off and back on and saves the new settings.
      Tip: If the lamp does not switch on, configure a dimming profile (step 9) with boost function (profile 3, 7 or 8). This ensures that the lamp switches on, even at a low dimming level.
  11. Mount a finishing set (to be bought separately) on the base of the dimmer.
  12. Add a faceplate (to be bought separately).
  13. Secure the faceplate by clicking it onto the base of the dimmer.
    Start using your installation
  14. Start using your Niko Home Control installation. Use the app to program your devices to give them another function or have them start a routine. Check the online manual and ecosystem to get inspired.

Dismantling instructions

  • Use a small screwdriver to lift the bottom of the faceplate.
  • Remove the faceplate and finishing set.

Reset procedure

  • Press and hold the PROGRAM button for 2 seconds. The blue LED turns on.
  • Press and hold the PROGRAM button for about 10 seconds. The blue LED will count along by flashing 10 times. The blue LED turns on for 4 seconds and then turns off. The device is now disconnected from the smart hub.
  • Locate the device in the Niko Home app. Select the pencil icon to start editing and subsequently choose Remove control.

LED behaviour

  • LED off: The lamp is switched off, the feedback LED is disabled, or the connected dimmer is not powered or malfunctioning.
  • White LED continuously on: The lamp is switched on and is working normally.
  • Red LED flashing: The connection to the smart hub is temporarily interrupted.
  • Red LED continuously on: A protection mechanism is activated. Follow the troubleshooting instructions in the technical manual (scan the QR code on page 1).
  • Blue LED flashing: The dimmer is establishing a connection to the Zigbee® network.
  • Blue LED continuously on for 4 seconds: The dimmer is successfully connected to the Zigbee® network.
Support & contact

nv Niko sa
Industriepark West 40 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium
+32 3 778 90 80
[email protected]

Niko prepares its manuals with the greatest care and strives to make them as complete, correct and up-to-date as possible. Nevertheless, some deficiencies may subsist. Niko cannot be held responsible for this, other than within the legal limits. Please inform us of any deficiencies in the manuals by contacting Niko customer services at [email protected].

Warnings regarding installation

The installation of products that will permanently be part of the electrical installation and which include dangerous voltages, should be carried out by a qualified installer and in accordance with the applicable regulations. This user manual must be presented to the user. It should be included in the electrical installation file and
it should be passed on to any new owners. Additional copies are available on the Niko website or via Niko customer services.

CE marking
This product complies with all of the relevant European guidelines and regulations. For radio equipment Niko llc declares that the radio equipment in this manual conforms with the 2014/53/EU directive. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at under the product reference, if applicable.

This product and/or the batteries provided cannot be disposed of in non-recyclable waste. Take your discarded product to a recognized collection point. Just like producers and importers, you too play an important role in the promotion of sorting, recycling and reuse of discarded electrical and electronic equipment. To finance the rubbish collection and waste treatment, the government levies recycling charges in certain cases (included in the price of this product).

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niko 552-72201 Zigbee Connected Dimmer 2 Wire [pdf] User Manual
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