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niko 25451 Swiss Garde 360 Presence Master Instruction Manual

niko 25451 Swiss Garde 360 Presence Master

Product description

  • The device detects the movements and the presence of persons using a passive infrared sensor (PIR). It reacts most sensitively to movements that are tangential to the monitored area (1a).
  • Movements directly towards the detector have a reduced sensitivity of approx. -50% (1b).
  • The switching duration is extended as long as movements (entire area 1d) or the presence of persons (presence area 1e) are detected.
  • The detector is used to increase the detection range of a Master detector.


The detector is suitable for indoor use for lighting control. Outdoor applications require the use of an IP55 housing (accessory). Adhere to the following instructions during installation:

  • Install only on stable ceilings.
  • Mask moving objects in the monitored area by covering the lens.
  • Do not place any lamps below or less than 1 m next to the detector (2a).
  • Do not install in direct cold (2b) or hot air flows (2c).

Safety notes

Ensure that the electrical lines are de-energized before installation. Installation is only permitted by electricians in compliance with local legislation.


H max. Ø 16 m
2,5 m 12 m
3,0 m 14 m
3,5 m 16 m
4,0 m 16 m
5,0 m 16 m
6,0 m 16 m

The detector is intended for ceiling installation at a height of 2 to 6 m. The diameter Ø of the monitored area depends on the installed height (1c). Install the detector as follows:

  • Remove the front cover.
  • Wire the detector according to item 5.
  • Fasten the detector in the flush-mounting box.
  • Configure device according to item 7.
  • Mount the front cover.


The electric circuit must be protected with a circuit breaker.

Current conduction line L
Neutral conductor N
Secondary detector S

A maximum of 10 secondary detectors can be connected to the S terminal. Keep wires short (max. 100 m).

Connection of loads
The secondary detector can be used only in combination with a Master detector. The load is switched via the Master detector.

The detector is ready for operation approximately 1 minute after connection to the electricity mains. Parameter changes must be made during operation: Range: SENS is used to set the range of the PIR sensor (4a).

The following statuses are indicated by the LED.

Status LED indication Duration
Start-up approx. 1 min, short flashes
Movement detection 1x long flash

The secondary detector only issues a 1-second pulse every 5 seconds when set to permanent detection. The LED only shows a permanent movement every 5 seconds.


The 16 m presence detectors are compatible with the 30 m lens (accessory). If the range is insufficient, the lens can be replaced.

The switching output does not switch:

  • Check the lamp/fuse protection
  • Check the Master

The switching output switches too frequently:

  • Reduce the range
  • Cover the lens

Technical data

Supply voltage 230 V / 50 Hz
Secondary Connection Wiring to Master detector
Detection area 360°
Detection range max. 14 m at 3 m height
Protection type IP20
Temperature range -20 to +40 °C
Dimensions (L x W x H) round cover

Dimensions (L x W x H) rectangular cover

Ø 105×35 mm (Edition RA) 88x88x35 mm
Connection terminal Ø 1.5 mm

Warnings regarding installation

The installation of products that will permanently be part of the electrical installation and which include dangerous voltages should be carried out by a qualified installer and in accordance with the applicable regulations. This user manual must be presented to the user. It should be included in the electrical installation file and it should be passed on to any new owners. Additional copies are available on the Niko website or via Niko customer services.


This product and/or the batteries provided cannot be disposited in non-recyclable waste. take your discarded product to a recognized collection point. Just like producers and importers, you too play an important role in the promotion of sorting, recycling and reuse of discarded electrical and electronic equipment. To finance the rubbish collection and waste treatment, the government levies recycling charges in certain cases (included in the price of this product).

CE marking

This product complies with all of the relevant European guidelines and regulations. For radio equipment, Niko LLC declares that the radio equipment in this manual conforms with the 2014/53/EU directive. The full text of the EU declaration of conformity is available at under the product reference, if applicable.

Support & contact

nv Niko sa Industriepark West 40 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgium

  • +32 3 778 90 80

Niko prepares its manuals with the greatest care and strives to make them as complete, correct and up-to-date as possible. Nevertheless, some deficiencies may subsist. Niko cannot be held responsible for this, other than within the legal limits. Please inform us of any deficiencies in the manuals by contacting Niko customer services at


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niko 25451 Swiss Garde 360 Presence Master [pdf] Instruction Manual
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