niceboy Charles i4 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner User Manual

Safety Instructions

Please follow the following safety precautions before using the product:

  • Please read this manual carefully before using the product and use the product according to the instructions in this manual.
  • Any operation inconsistent with this manual may lead to the damage of the product and personal injury.
  1. This product can only be dismantled by authorized technician. Such behavior without permission is not suggested.
  2. Only the power adapter provided by the factory can be used with this product. The use of adapter of other specification may cause damage to the product.
  3. Don’t touch the cord, charging base and power adapter with a wet hand.
  4. Keep the opening and running parts free of curtains, hair, clothes or fingers.
  5. Don’t put the cleaner around burning objects, including cigarette, lighter or anything that is likely to cause fire.
  6. Don’t use the cleaner to pick up combustible material, including gasoline or toner from printer, copier and mixer. Don’t use it with inflammable around.
  7. Please clean the product after charging, and turn off the product switch before cleaning.
  8. Do not over-bend wires or place heavy or sharp objects on the machine.
  9. This product is an indoor household appliance, please Don’t use it outdoors.
  10. The cleaner can’t be used by children of 8 years and below or persons with mental disorder, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning the use of this appliance. Don’t let your children ride on or play with the cleaner.
  11. Do not use this product on wet or watery ground.
  12. Possible problems in product cleaning shall be eliminated as soon as possible. Please clear up any power cord or small object on the floor before using the cleaner in case they hinder the cleaning. Fold over the fringed hem of carpet and prevent curtain or tablecloth from touching the floor
  13.  If the room to be cleaned contains a staircase or any suspended structure, please test first whether the robot will detect it and not fall off the edge. If a physical barrier is needed for protection, make sure the facility does not cause such injury as tripping
  14. When the product is not used for a long time, the machine shall be charged every three months to avoid battery failure due to low power for a long time.
  15. Don’t use it without the dust collector and filters in place.
  16. Make sure the power adapter is connected to the socket or charging base when charging.
  17. Avoid any cold or heat. Operate the robot between -10°C to 50°C.
  18. Before discarding the product, disconnect the cleaner from charging base, turn off power and remove the battery.
  19. Make sure the product is not powered on when removing the battery.
  20. Please remove and discard the battery in accordance with local laws and regulations before discarding the product.
  21. Do not use the product with a damaged power cord or power socket.
  22. Do not use the product when the product cannot work normally due to falling, damage, outdoor use or water ingress.


Please read the following guidelines before using the Cleaner

The power cord and other sundries scattered on the ground may entangle or wrap the product. Be sure to remove them before use.

Please roll up the fringe of the carpet or make the product work on a shortwool carpet.

Please remove the white strips on both sides of the bumper before use, otherwise the machine will not work properly

Guardrails shall be placed at the edge to ensure the safe operation of the product.

Product introduction

Cleaner Part Diagram

  1. Cover
  2. WIFI indicator
  3. Infrared bumper
  4. ON/OFF switch
  5. Automatic recharge
  6. Middle cover
  7. fall sensor
  8.  right sweeping brush
  9. fall sensor
  10. right wheel
  11.  charging electrodes
  12. center wheel
  13. left sweeping brush
  14.  battery cover
  15.  suction opening
  16.  left wheel
  17.  Middle cover
  18.  Dust collector
  19. Dust collector handle
  20.  Infrared signal reciever
  21.  Power connector
  22.  Air outlet

Dust collector and remote controller diagram

  1. First level filter
  2. Dust collector
  3. Fine filter cotton
  4. HEPA filter
  5. Filter element seal ring
  6. ON/OFF
  7. Forward
  8. Turn left
  9. Backward
  10. Fixed-point cleaning
  11. Automatic recharge (Only for models with this function
  12. Turn right
  13. Pause
  14. Auto cleaning
  15. Edge cleaning

Docking station

  1. Power indicator
  2. Power adapter
  3. Power outlet
  4. Charging electrode
  5. Power adapter socket


  • Diameter: 320mm
  • Height: 78mm
  • Net weight: 2kg
  • Voltage: ;7.4V
  • Battery:Lithium battery 4400mAh
  • Power: 15W
  • Dust collector volume: 600ml
  • Water tank capacity: 180ml
  • Charging type: Automatic charging / manual charging
  • Cleaning mode Zig-Zag cleaning, Automatic cleaning, fixed-point cleaning,
  • Edge cleaning
  • Full charge time: 4–5 hours
  • WIFI: 2.4 – 2.5 GHz; 5.15-5.875 GHz; 5.925 GHz-7.125 GHz
  • Working time: About 100minutes
  • Button type: Physical buttons

The battery or accumulator that may be included with the product has a life of six months because it is a consumable item. Improper handling (prolonged charging, short circuit, breakage by another object, etc.) can lead to fires, overheating or battery leakage, for example.

Information on all frequency bands in which the radio equipment operates and intentionally transmits radio waves as well as the maximum radio frequency power transmitted in the frequency band in which the radio equipment is operated is included in the instructions and safety information.

Operation Instructions

Charging method

  1. How to use the charging base Place the charging base on flat ground, then connect the power adapter. The power indicator will be constantly on.

    Place the charging base on flat ground, with the back  against the wall, and remove all obstacles around the charging base of about 1 meter in width and 2 meters in front of the charging base, as shown in the picture.
  2. Two charging methods
    • Directly plug the power adapter into the machine, with the other end connecting with power supply, as shown in picture A.
    • Use the charging base for charging, as shown in picture B.

Turn on machine
Turn on the power switch, the panel button indicator flashes (1 means power ON, 0 means power OFF).


  • Please charge the machine for not less than 12 hours when charging for the first time, and charge it until the red light of the power key breathe. When the battery is fully charged, the green light will be constantly on.
  • For daily use, please store the machine on the charging stand and make sure the charging stand is powered on.
  • When not in use for a long time, please full charge the machine, turn off the power switch and store it in a cool and dry place.
  • When setting the reservation mode, do not use manual charging mode. It is recommended to use automatic charging mode.

Remote controller


Press this key to enter the sleep mode; press Pause key for restarting the machine; If the machine is not operated within 3 minutes, the machine will automatically enter the sleep mode.

Auto cleaning

Press this key to start cleaning automatically; Press Pause key to pause the machine if necessary.

Automatic recharge (Only for models with this feature)

Press this key to automatically find the charging base for charging


Press this key to pause the machine in the running state , and press this key to wake up the machine in the sleeping state.


Forward – press this key to move the machine forward.
Backward – press this key to move the machine back.
Left – press this key to move the machine left.
Right – press this key to move the machine right.

Sweep along wall mode

Press this key to engage cleaning mode. You can only switch to other mode (like auto) by remote control or it will keep working on this mode till power off.

Fixed-point cleaning

Press this key to start the machine’s spiral point cleaning. After the end of fixed-point cleaning mode, it will enter auto mode automatically

Installation of the water tank
  1. Insert the front end of the water tank into the mop, align as shown in the picture, and mpaste the mop on the velcro of the water tank.
  2. Open the inlet on the water tank and slowly inject the water into the water tank.
  3. Place the bottom of the machine upward, align the positioning column of the water tank with the positioning hole of the carriage at the bottom of the machine, and press the water tank tightly.


  • The water tank has no function of closing water seepage, and it will start to seep after water injection. Please remove the water tank before charging.
  • Pay attention when using the water tank, add water or clean up in time, please remove the tank before adding water.
  • Please do not use a water seepage tank on the carpet. When using the water tank to mop the floor, please fold up the edge of the carpet, so as to avoid foreign matters on the rag from polluting the carpet.
  • After cleaning the mop, it is necessary to dry the mop until it does not drip, and then install it on the water tank. At the same time, the mop needs to be flat.

APP Connection

  1. Download the App by scanning the QR code with your cell phone or Search for “Niceboy ION” in the mobile app market and download the app Before using this function make sure your cell phone has been connected to WiFi.
  2. Open “Niceboy ION” App and register a new account or use an existing account.
  3. After the password is set, proceed to the next step “Add Device”
  4. Select and click on “small Home Appliances”
  5. Select and click on “Niceboy ION Charles i4”
  6. Switch on the power button at the side of the machine (1 – ON; 0 – OFF), as shown in the picture.
  7. After the start-up tone is finished,long press the Start/Stop button on the panel for more than 3s till the buzzer beeps and WiFi LED indicator flashes.
  8. Make sure the name of your home WiFi, and enter the WiFi password and click on NEXT (note: only 2.4G WiFi is available), as shown in the picture.
  9. Make sure the WiFi LED indicator is flashing, and check “Confirm indicator rapidly blink”, and click on NEXT for network connection and on Finish after device is added successfully.It may take several or dozens of seconds to connect the device to WiFi network, depending on the signal strength. A control interface will be displayed when the device is bound successfully.

Reset WiFi: In case of connection timeout or before connecting another cell phone, first switch on the device and, within 10 seconds, long press the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds till it beeps, and then re-connect it to WiFi network. After the password is set, proceed to then ext step “Add Device” (3)


Dust collector and filter screen cleaning

Take out the dust collector

Open the dust collector lock and pour the dust and garbage

Remove the filter elements. HEPA can be washed with water, and you can tap it to remove dust before washing.

Wash the dust collector and the first filter element, dry the dust collector and filter elements, and keep them dry to ensure their service life.

Clean the side brush and universal wheel
  • Clean the side brush: Remove the side brush and wipe it with a clean cloth.
  • Clean universal wheel: Clean the universal wheel to remove hair entanglement.
Clean the cliff sensor
  • Clean the cliff sensor to ensure sensor sensitivity
Clean the suction port
  • If there is a large amount of dust in the suction opening, clean it with a cloth.
Clean the sensor window
  • Clean the sensor window

Clean the charging electrode

  • Gently wipe the bottom of the machine and the charging electrode of the charging base with soft cloth.

Trouble shooting

When the unit malfunctions, the red indicator light flashes or stays on continuously and an audible alarm sounds along with voice prompts.

One beep/twice, Red light is always on Wheel is stuck
four beeps/ twice, Red light is Flashing Power Ran out
three beeps/ twice, Red light is Flashing Ground sensor abnormal
two beeps/ twice, Red light is Flashing Side brush abnormal
One beep/twice, Red light is Flashing Front bumper is stuck

Technical tips
If the above method does not solve the problem, please try the following:

  1. Restart the power of the machine.
  2. If the problem cannot be solved by restarting the machine, please send the machine to the after-sales service center for maintenance.

Packing list

Number Description Quantity
1 Main machine(includes battery) 1
2 Charging base 1
3 Remote controller (without battery) 1
4 Power adapter 1
5 User manual 1
6 Side brush 2 pair
7 HEPA filter 2
8 MOP 2
9 Water tank 1


 This symbol located on a product or in the product’s original documentation means that the used electrical or electronic products may not be disposed together with the communal waste. In order to dispose of these products correctly, take them to a designated collection site, where they will be accepted for free. By disposing of a product in this way, you are helping to protect precious natural resources and helping to prevent any potential negative impacts on the environment and human health, which could be the result of incorrect waste disposal.  You may receive more detailed information from your local authority or nearest collection site. According to national regulations, fines may also be given out to anyone who disposes of this type of waste incorrectly. User information for disposing electrical and electronic devices.

(Business and corporate use)
In order to correctly dispose of electrical and electronic devices for business and corporate use, refer to the product’s manufacturer or importer. They will provide you with information regarding all disposal methods and, according to the date stated on the electrical or electronic device on the market, they will tell you who is responsible for financing the disposal of this electrical or electronic device. Information regarding disposal processes in other countries outside the EU. The symbol displayed above is only valid for countries within the European Union. For the correct disposal of electrical and electronic devices, request the relevant information from your local authorities or the device seller.


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