NEWSKILL IC27F6-V Icarus Monitor Gaming

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  1. Please read all the instructions carefully before using this product.
  2. BE SURE TO unplug the power cord when cleaning the LCD. Never clean it with liquid detergent or spraying detergent, but wipe it with a wet soft cloth. If it is still not clean, please use special detergent for LCD.
  3. DO NOT use accessories not authorized by the manufacturer, otherwise, they may incur danger.
  4. When disconnecting the power cord of the display or power adapter, always remember to hold the plug instead of pulling the wire to unplug the power cord.
  5. Keep the display away from water sources such as bathtub, washbasin, sink, or washing machine. DO NOT place the display on a wet floor or near a swimming pool, or press the LCD surface with fingers or hard objects.
  6. The grooves and openings on the back and bottom of the shell are for ventilation purposes and also for guaranteeing the reliability of the shell are for ventilation purpose and also for guaranteeing the reliability of the elements and preventing them from overheating in order to prevent the vents from blocking DO NOT place the display on a bed, sofa, carpet or other similar surfaces; DO NOT place the display near to or on heat radiator or heater; DO NOT put the display into the embedded device, unless it is provided with adequate ventilating equipment.
  7. Only the type of power source indicated on the nameplate applies to this display. If you have any questions on the type of power source you use, please consult the dealer of the display or the local administration of the power supply.
  8. For safety, the display or the power adapter is equipped with a three-pin plug power cord. The third pin of this plug is for grounding, and only applicable to socket that is correctly grounded. In case that your socket is not available for the plug, please contact an electrician to replace the socket
  9. Since there is high voltage or other risks when the shell is opened or moved, please DO NOT repair the display by yourself, but request qualified maintenance staff to carry it out.
  10. In one of the following cases, please unplug the display or the power adapter and ask qualified maintenance staff for help:
    a. The power cord or the plug is impaired or worn.
    b. The display falls off or the shell is damaged.
    c. The display is obviously abnormal.
  11. Please place the display in a cool, dry, and well-ventilated place.
  12. Store the display in a temperature range of-10°C-60°C, beyond which the display may be damaged permanently.

Product Description

1.1 General
As a high-performance smart multi-frequency scanning display, it adopts an active-matrix TFT-LED backlight liquid screen and is controlled with MCU digital technology. With the compact and thin appearance and built-in power supply, it is suitable for a narrow workspace.
1.2 Packing list
Please check the following items in the packing case before installation:
• One LCD display(including the base)
• One HDMI cord, one power cord, one AC adaptor
• One User Manual
If any of the above items are missing, please contact the dealer.
Attention: Accessories shall be subject to the real configuration. Please keep all packing materials well for product transport in the future

Installation and Connection

2.1 Display installation Installation instructions

  •  This machine should be installed adjacent to an easily pluggable AC power socket
  • For the sake of safety, we suggest that a suitable wall-mounted bracket or base be used.
  • In order to prevent injury, this machine shall be placed on a stable and level surface or fixed on a firm wall.
  • For wall-mounting, please ask a professional to do so. Improper installation may cause instability of this machine.
  • DO NOT place this machine in places with mechanical vibration.
  • DO NOT place this machine in places where insects are accessible.
  • DO NOT install this machine directly opposite to the air-conditioner, otherwise, its inner panel may bedew and cause failure.
  • DO NOT place this machine in places with strong electromagnetic fields, otherwise, it may be interfered with by the electromagnetic wave and get damaged.

NEWSKILL IC27F6-V Icarus Monitor Gaming - FIG

• Please reserve someplace as indicated in the figure around the display.
• Never cover the vents or insert any object into the shell.
• DO NOT place this machine in a confined space such as a bookcase or embedded closet, unless such space is well ventilated.

NEWSKILL IC27F6-V Icarus Monitor Gaming - FIG 1

2.2 Signal line connection 
Connect the signal line to the output interfaces signal of DP/HDMI signals of the PC, and then connect the other end of the signal line to the corresponding signal input port of the display.
2.3 Audio output
This machine supports earphone and external speaker audio output

Operation of Display

The OSD control buttons are shown in the figure. Models of the same product series are only different in button position and panel pattern, please refer to the practical model.


The Rocker button is a comprehensive button that supports up, down, left, and right directions in one button. You can directly enter the shortcut menu in different directions, short press the middle to enter the main menu, and press and hold for 3 seconds to turn the screen on / off.


3.1 Power indicator light When the display is working normally, the blue indicator light is on; when it is in the energy-saving state, the indicator light blinks with red color; when the signals are sent again in the energy-saving state, the machine will return to normal work; when the machine is in the standby state, the red indicator light is on. As the display is still powered in the standby state, for the sake of safety, the power cord should be unplugged when the display is not used.

3.2 Quickguide to rocker functions Initial state: Enter the function menu:

Initial state:

Rocker Up Signal source input
Rocker Down Menu display
Rocker Left Brightness adjustment shortcut key
Rocker Right Volume adjustment shortcut key

Enter the function menu:

Rocker Up Move up
Rocker Down Move down
Rocker Left Back to previous menu/adjust value-
Rocker Right Enter next menu/adjust value*
Confirm/press and hold for 3s to turn off the machine

3.3 Safety protection

When the video signals of the PC exceed the frequency range of the display, the horizontal and field synchronizing signals will be shut down to protect the display. Then, you have to set the PC output frequency to an acceptable range so as to make the display work normally.

Basic Troubleshooting



Light out / power indicator lights are off Check whether the display and the socket are well connected to power and whether the display is in shutdown mode.
Image blurring over-large, over-small, etc.


Enter the menu “Image Setting” and select “Auto Image Adjust” to automatically adjust the display.
Image over dark Enter the menu “Brightness and Contrast” to adjust the brightness and contrast of the display.
Display overheat Leave at least 5cm of distance for ventilation around the display and do not place articles on the display.
Dark / light spots when powering on This is a normal phenomenon. It is due to the backlight illuminating unevenly at the initial phase of powering on caused by temperature difference. The backlight can illuminate normally after 20 minutes, and the dark/light spots will be corrected.
Image distortion, blinking shaking Check computer settings, select the correct resolution and re-adjust the refresh frequency.
Power off noise It is a normal phenomenon caused by display discharging in the process of powering off.

Technical Specifications of Product

Panel size 27″
Optimal working resolution 1920×[email protected]
Power input DC 12V/4.5A
The product has been filed on the China energy label website Yes
Blue-light filtering Support
Flicker-free Support
Requirements for the working environment
Barometric pressure 86kpa-104kpa
Working temperature and humidity 0°C-40°C 20%-85%
Warehousing temperature and humidity -10°C-60°C 10%-90%
Packing size (W * H * T) and weight
Unpacked size (W * H * T) (with base) 616*464.8*251.8mm
Packing size (W * H *T) 705*167*532mm
Net weight 4.5 kg
Gross weight 7.1 kg

Technical Specifications of Product

Power supply management system

Mode Power consumption
Normal working ≤54w
Standby ≤0.5w

All technical specifications in this manual and external packages are subject to change without further notice. In case that there is a subtle difference between this manual and practical operation, please follow the practical operation.

Instruction of base Installation

1. Assemble the base to the stand with 2 sets of M4 X 16mm screws as pictured. (Figure)
Note: Going through the aforesaid steps adversely can remove the base.
Note: Some of the contents in this manual may differ slightly from the final product, and the latter shall be referred to.

NEWSKILL IC27F6-V Icarus Monitor Gaming - FIG 3


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