Operation manual

1.Please download operate apps ” iCsee “ for camera as the below instruction.

A. Andriod Phone. Go to your google playstore to search ” iCsee “ to download
B. Apple Phone, Go to your app store to search ” iCsee “ to download.
C. Or scan the OR code directly to download the apps

QR Code iCSee

2.Please power on the camera. Then you will hear “System starting up.waiting to be configured”

Device Network Configuration

1.User Login (Figure 1)

A. Sign Up to Login
B. Use “local login” for quick login(Not Suggested! This login will not get any alert or push message)

iCSeeDevice Network Configuration Figure 1
(Figure 1)

A. Click “sign up” and input the corresponding information.
B. Click the”Local Login”

2. Click ” + “ to add the camera (Figure 2)
3 .Click ” Set up my device to Wi-Fi “ (Figure 3)

Set up my device to Wi-Fi Figure 2            Set up my device to Wi-Fi Figure 3

(Figure 2)                              (Figure 3)

4. Go with “Next Step” to setup your WIFI (Figure 4)
5. Filled with your wifi name and password. Then ” confirm “ (Figure 5)

Set up my device to Wi-Fi Next Step Figure 4        Set up my device to Wi-Fi confirm Figure 5

(Figure 4)                             (Figure 5)

6. Go with Device Searching to connecting with camera (Figure 6)

Attentation: Please make sure the camera is close to the phone to be connected

7. During the connection,then the camera will say“Connecting, please waiting”(Figure 7)

Go with Device Searching to connecting with camera Figure 6Connecting please waiting Figure 7

(Figure 6)                                (Figure 7)

8. After hearing “Connected succussfully” Then set password for your camera (Figure 8)

9. Setup the Name for your camera (Figure 9)

Connected succussfully Figure 8          Setup the Name for your camera Figure 9

(Figure 8)                                 (Figure 9)

10. Then you could view your camera on your phone View / operate your camera (Figure 10)

A. Alarm/Message Alert Setup (Figure 11)

  1. Please go the setting(See figure)
  2. Go to the “Alarm setting”

operate your camera Figure 10    Message Alert Setup Figure 11

(Figure 10)                       (Figure 11)

A. Share: You could invited people to add the camera And share the video
B. Type it to view the video right now

B. Alarm setting (Figure 12)

  1. Open Alarm
  2. Choose:Alarm Action way. Photo and video taken, or Deving beep
  3. Alarm Push.You will get a alert Push.
  4. You could choose Message Ignore or Not.
Alarm setting A Figure 12
(Figure 12)

C. Message:If Alarm Push have been setup as the above. Then alert message will be sent when any motion dected, You could see all push message here with details (Figure 13)

You could see all push message here with details Figure 13
(Figure 13)

11. Type it to view the video right now (Figure 14)

Type it to view the video right now Figure 14
(Figure 14)

A. You could press it to talk with the one
B. Playback and Snapshort are only worked When the TF card insert into the doorbell

Attention:You couldn’t hear the audio when you talk After talk you could hear the audio as usual

1. Factory Reset: After press the reset button, then you will hear ” Rest factory waiting, please don’t power off “

Camera Reset button
Reset button

2. “Offline” Mean

(A) Check Power: Low/No power for the doorbell
(B) Check WIFI: Bad WIFI connection
(C) Camera have been reset

If Power and WIFI is good, And it still go with offline, Then reset the doorbell to connect again

How to insert TF card

1. Please unscrew the speaker cover of the camera. See the below picture.

unscrew the speaker cover of the camera

2. Turn off the cover, then you will find the SD card slot If it is covered by cable, please take away the cable to insert the SD card.

Turn off the cover, then you will find the SD card slot
NewPal After Sales Support
Email: [email protected]

iCsee Camera Manual – Download [optimized]
iCsee Camera Manual – Download

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  1. After a blackout, in my device it only indicates offline, and when reconnecting the camera voice is no longer heard.How do I reactivate it?

    Despues de una apagon, en mi dispositivo solo indica fuera de linea, y alvolver a conectar ya la voz de la camara ya no se escucha.
    como la reactivo de nuevo??

    1. Very easy.
      In ICsee software:
      1 – Log off
      2 – Log in again with login and password.

      Muito fácil.
      No software ICsee:
      1 – Encerrar sessão
      2 – Iniciar sessão de novo com login e password.

  2. how to improve the video quality of my icsee camera from my phone. I have been connected for 6 months and everything was going well, only one day I opened the video from my mobile and the image looks white very little is distinguished. the audio sounds perfect

    como mejorar la calidad de video de mi cámara icsee desde mi teléfono. tengo 6 meses conectada y todo marchaba bien, solo un día abrí el video desde mi movil y se ve blanca la imagen muy poco se distingue. el audio se escucha perfecto

  3. My camera does not recognize the Wifi. I already reset it. Don’t take …

    Mi cámara no reconoce el Wifi. Ya la resetie. No coje..

  4. I bought my camera and it won’t let me install it in my application. only up to the image in figure 6. it didn’t happen from there. help

    compre mi camara y no me deja instalar en mi aplicacion. solo hasta la imagen de la figura 6. ya de ahi no paso. ayuda

    1. How do I unblock my icsee user?
      I am looking for a blocked user

      Como desbloque mi usuario icsee?
      Me caparece usuario bloqueado

  5. When I am abroad or far from home I cannot connect to the camera … What can I do about this to have control from France, for example?

    Als ik in het buitenland ben of ver van huis krijg ik geen verbinding met de camera…
    Wat kan ik hier aan doen om bv vanuit France toch controle te hebben?

  6. Icsee does not allow me to enter my camera, it asks me for the device password and I do not know what it is

    Icsee no me permite ingresar a mí cámara me pide clave del dispositivo y no sé cuál es

    1. I want to cancel the configuration of my camera by entering a new password, what do I do?
      quero anular a configuração de minha câmera colocando nova senha, o q faço?

  7. My camera worked without a problem and from one day to another I won’t be able to load on my iPad models MC770CI / A, no longer Activate IC SEE port. What I can do? Thanks

    Mi camara funcionaba sin problema y de un dia para Otro no pie do cargar en mi iPad models MC770CI/A ya no Puerto activate IC SEE. ¿Que puedo hacer? Gracias

  8. My camera went offline and I don’t know how to switch to online

    Minha câmera ficou off line é não sei como faço para mudar para online

  9. My camera tells me a blocked user. I have to reset the device or is there another way?

    mi camara me dice usuario bloqueado. tengo que resetear el dispositivo o hay otra manera?

    1. Hello Veronica, you managed to solve your problem, the same thing happened to me, I don’t know what I can do
      Hola Verónica, consulta lograste solucionar tu problema, a mi me paso lo mismo, no se que puedo hacer

  10. When I want to configure the night vision, I turn on lighting and the application and the phone are blocked

    Cuando quiero configurar la visión nocturna, doy lighting y se bloquea la aplicación y el telefono

  11. I am trying to install icsee on my new cell phone but I Ask for a password and I don’t know Where to get it.

    Estoy tratando de instalar icsee en mi nuevo celular pero me
    Pide una Clave y No Se De
    Donde Sacarla.

  12. My camera is only turning in one direction then spends it time either looking right or at the floor. Very disappointed with this product. How do I rectify this problem

    1. Do not connect to WiFi wrong password again and again very difficult to install the voice speaking is unintelligible
      Maak geen verbinding met WiFi verkeerd wachtwoord keer op keer zeer moeilijk te installeren de stem die spreekt is onverstaanbaar

  13. Good afternoon, I am interested in knowing how many cameras I can install in the same icsee program, there are 5 minimum I want.
    thanks greetings

    Buenas tardes me interesa saber cuántas cámaras puedo instalar en un mismo programa icsee son 5 mínimo las que quiero.
    gracias saludos

  14. I had a first FLUERON brand camera. I wanted to pair a second ICee camera (same design, same “carbon copy” software. The first one re-works, but the ICee no longer connects to Wi-Fi? …
    The notices are not explicit, and very poorly translated! …

    J’avais une première caméra de marque FLUERON. J’ai voulu coupler une deuxième caméra ICee (même conception, même logiciel “copie conforme”. La première re-fonctionne, mais la ICee ne se connecte plus au Wi-Fi ?…
    Les notices ne sont pas explicites, et très mal traduites !…

  15. I have a new hybrid router from Telekom. The mesh network only runs over 5 gigahertz.
    Can I throw the cameras away now?

    Ich habe einen neuen Hybrid Router der Telekom. Das Mesh-Netzwerk läuft nur über 5 Gigahertz.
    Kann ich die Kameras jetzt wegwerfen?

  16. I can not see the camera from my phone. It shows me that it is offline. I have not updated the cloud, I only have the sd card. What am I doing?

    Δεν μπορώ να δω την κάμερα από το τηλέφωνο μου. Μου δείχνει ότι είναι offline. Δεν έχω ανανεώσει το cloud έχω μόνο την κάρτα sd. Τι κάνω?

  17. my camera keeps repeating “system starting up, wait to be configured, please dont power off”. it’s been like this the entire day
    How do i fix this pls?

  18. Hello! Please tell me – after changing the Wi-Fi password, the Chinese camera cannot connect. There are no buttons for resetting to factory settings. What to do?
    Здравствуйте! Подскажите, пожалуйста – после смены пароля от Wi-Fi китайская камера не может подключиться. Кнопки для сброса до заводских насроек нет. Что делать?

  19. I succeeded but I no longer remember how to configure the program to record only the message and the alarm video and not 24 hours on 24 recording. can anyone help me?
    cero riuscito ma non mi ricordo piu come configurare il programma per registrare solo il messaggio e il video di allarme e non 24ore su 24 di registrazione . qualcono mi puo aiutare ?

  20. Good morning, my camera does not record on SD card it gives an error (Your network connection is extra time, try again Error code:-10005 5128) if anyone can help thank you
    Bom dia, minha camera nao grava em cartao SD ela da erro (Sua conexao de rede é tempo extra, tente novamente Error code:-10005 5128) se alguem puder ajudar agradeço

  21. I am trying to add a camera but signing up won’t accept a username. I have tried lots of different combinations but comes up invalid username. Please help!

  22. Hello, I have a problem, my camera is dislodged from the stop point, I configure it, what can I do?
    hola tengo un problema mi camara se descofigura del punto detencion que le configuro que puedo hacer

  23. How to find out the IP address of the camera, how do you do it? because I will combine it in Dhahua DVR
    thank you

    untuk bisa mengetahui IP address cameranya bagaimana ya min caranya? sebab akan saya gabungkan di DVR Dhahua
    Terima kasih

  24. I received the error code 10000 y, a veces, sin conexión

    Me sale error cod 10000 ya veces fuera de lín
    no me deja ver imgen y sale offline

    Recibo el código de error 10000 y, a veces, sin conexión

    Me sale error cod 10000 ya veces fuera de lín
    no me deja ver imgen y sale offline

  25. How do I monitor my home When I’m out of my city and I don’t have a Wi-Fi connection but only a mobile connection?
    Come faccio a monitorare la mia casa Quando sono fuori dalla mia città e non ho una connessione Wi-Fi ma solo una connessione mobile?

  26. My camera is just looking right down, how can I set default for my Icsee camera so it looks att the direction that is proper.

  27. Hello, I cannot have video recordings on my SD (via the icsee app)? yet all settings are good but no video is recorded even with motion detection?
    Bonjour, je ne parviens pas à avoir des enregistrements vidéos sur ma SD (via app icsee) ? pourtant tous les réglages sont bons mais aucune vidéo ne s’enregistre même avec la détection de mouvements ?

  28. I can’t even create an account, keeps giving me invalid username no matter what I try?
    Ik kan niet eens een account aanmaken, geeft me steeds ongeldige username wat ik ook maar probeer?

  29. Good evening, I would like to know, please, how to change the time in the icsee application, I have several cameras and in two of them the time is late, thank you
    Buenas noches, me gustaría saber, por favor, como cambiar la hora en la aplicación icsee, tengo varias cámaras y en dos de ellas la hora va atrasada, gracias

  30. I have three cameras like this and it’s always the same problem, my camera is off and logs out of the App, dps is too much, but sooo bad to be able to connect the camera again to the App…
    Here I leave my indignation … do not buy this camera!

    Tenho três câmeras dessa e sempre é o mesmo problema, minha câmera fica em off e desloga do App, dps é muito , mas muiiiito ruim conseguir conectar a câmera de novo no App..
    Deixo aqui minha indignação.. não comprem essa câmera !

  31. I’m traveling to Portugal, I live in Brazil, and I can’t access the cameras on the APP. What can I do to visualize, have access to cameras from abroad?
    Estou em viajem para Portugal, moro no Brasil, e não consigo acessar as câmeras no APP. O que posso fazer para visualisar, ter acesso as câmeras do exterior?

    1. I have the same problem, I’m in London and I can’t access my cameras in Brazil, how can I solve it?
      Estou com o mesmo problema, estou em Londres e não consigo acessar as minhas cameras no Brasil, como resolver?

  32. The camera says offline, does not allow entry, I have to turn it off and turn it on again for it to work, an action that is daily
    La cámara dice fuera de línea, no permite el ingreso, tengo que apagarla y volverla a prender para que funcione, acción que es a diario

  33. Hello everyone as part of the recording is exported. The 5 minute frame. I don’t see any share buttons etc. etc. could you advise me how to do it? Thanks
    Salve a tutti come si esporta parte della registrazione . Il frame da 5 minuti. Non vedo nessun tasto condividi ecc ecc. mi sapreste consigliare come fare? Grazie

  34. I just got the wifi camera and installed the ICSEE app.
    While doing that, I couldn’t find a way to have an alarm email that will be sent to me when the motion detecting is activated.
    Also, I haven’t found the Motion alarm under setting.
    Please advise

  35. I cannot view my camera from any other location except home. Why can I not see camera unless I am connected to the same internet source???

  36. after deletion camera does not boot from the message booting.
    Infra red lights turn on. But the camera is only off line

    depois de apagao camera nao inicializa nao da mensagem inicialiando.
    Luzes de infra vermelho liga.Porem a camera so fica off line

  37. Good time of the day. Maybe someone will not be here to me will be able to prompt.
    I have such a problem. I forgot my password to enter the camera and the reset button does not work, what should I do?

    Доброе время суток. Может кто не будь здесь мне смогут подсказать.
    У меня такого проблема. Я забыл пароль для вход в камеру а кнопка сброса не работает что делать?

  38. Good time of the day. Maybe someone will not be here to me will be able to prompt.
    I have such a problem. I forgot my password to enter the camera and the reset button does not work, what should I do?

    Доброе время суток. Может кто не будь здесь мне смогут подсказать.
    У меня такого проблема. Я забыл пароль для вход в камеру а кнопка сброса не работает что делать?

  39. how to configure the camera over the network cable?
    because the wifi is not looking good!
    and I just plugged in the cable and it gave nothing!
    and there is nowhere to show how to connect the camera by cable!
    how to make?

    como configurar a camera pelo cabo de rede?
    poque o wifi não ta ficando legal!
    e eu so pluguei o cabo e nao deu nada!
    e nao tem lugar nenhum que mostra como conectar a camera por cabo!
    como fazer?

  40. I’m a beginner at this, how do I get the camera to start recording ???
    Soy principiante en esto, como hago que la camara empieze a grabar???

  41. I want to register, adding the email as indicated, but the code does not arrive.
    I already tried several times.
    What I can do?

    Me queiro registrar, agregando el correo elctronico como lo indica, pero no me llega el codigo.
    Ya lo intente varias veces.
    Que puedo hacer?

  42. Suddenly I don’t get any push messages anymore, even though everything is turned on.
    Ik krijg ineens geen push berichten meer, terwijl alles aan staat.

  43. Best,

    My camera does take pictures when there is movement but no video images, why is this?

    Thank you very much for letting me know.

    Best regards.

    Mijn camera neemt wel fotos bij beweging maar geen videobeelden hoe komt dit.

    Alvast bedankt om mij dit te laten weten.


  44. I get a failure
    Abnormal vido data, stop playing
    He won’t let me see them. We recorded videos and we already have. Reset done
    Me sale una falle
    Abnormal vido data, stop playing
    No me deja ver los. Videos grabamos y ya hemos. Realizado reset

  45. I have one of these and it was invaded and moved. I would like to know how it happened for me to reinforce security.
    Tenho uma dessas e foi invadida e movimentada. Gostaria de saber como aconteceu pra eu reforçar a segurança.

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