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newair Portable Evaporative Cooler and Fan REFURBISHED Owner’s Manual

newair Portable Evaporative Cooler and Fan REFURBISHED


PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 11.10″D x 16.10″W x 35.00″H
COVERAGE AREA: 250 square feet
TANK SIZE 1.76 Gallons
WARRANTY: 1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty


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These instructions are not meant to cover every possible condition and situation that may occur. Please read all instructions before using this evaporative cooler. Failure to carefully read all instructions may result in possible electric shock or fire hazard, and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Use this evaporative cooler only as instructed in this owner’s manual. Other uses may cause electric shock, injury or fire.
  • Close supervision is required if this cooler is used near children or pets.
  • To protect against electric shock, do not immerse this cooler or its plug and cord in water.
  • If the cooler is being transported or will not be in use, disconnect it from the power supply by pulling on the evaporative cooler’s power cord.
  • Avoid contact with any of the evaporative cooler’s moving parts.
  • Place the evaporative cooler on a level surface.
  • This evaporative cooler is intended to fit into a matching receptacle. Under no circumstances should the plug be altered in any way. An improper connection can result in
    electric shock.
  • If possible, avoid using extension cords with this evaporative cooler. If an extension cord is absolutely necessary, do not use more than one extension cord to operate more than one cooler.
  • Do not insert objects or allow fingers to enter into the cooler’s grills, as this may cause electric shock or bodily injury. Do not block or tamper with the evaporative cooler while it is in operation.
  • Do not run the power cord under mats or carpeting, and do not cover the power cord with runners. Arrange the power cord away from room traffic and where it can be tripped over.
  • Do not operate this evaporative cooler in the presence of flammable substances or explosives.
  • Do not place the cooler near an open flame or cooking/heating appliances.
  • If the evaporative cooler will not be in use, empty the tank of any remaining water.
  • Always fill the evaporative cooler’s tank with fresh water. Using air fresheners, scented oils or cleaners is not recommended and can cause damage to the unit’s internal parts.
  • Drain the evaporative cooler’s tank and clean it at least once a week to prevent calcium deposits and/or mold growth.
  • When using this evaporative cooler in “Cool” mode, make sure the water tank is full or at least above the minimum water level.
  • Operating the air cooler in “Cool” mode without sufficient water in the tank can cause damage to the water pump and will void the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • To reduce the risk of fire or electric shock, do not use this fan with any solid-state speed control device.
  • This appliance has a polarized plug (one blade is wider than the other). To reduce the risk of electric shock, this plus is intended to fit in a polarized outlet only one way. If the plug does not fit fully in the outlet, reverse the plug. If it still does not fit, contact a qualified electric. Do not attempt to defeat this safety feature.
  • If the cooler’s plug or power cord is damaged, do not attempt to repair the components yourself. Please contact NewAir’s customer service hotline at 1- 866-737-6390 or have the unit examined by an authorized service provider.

Safety Warnings and Precautions

  • WARNING: Chemical Burn Hazard. Keep batteries away from children.
  • This product contains a lithium button/coin cell battery. If a new or used lithium button/coin cell battery is swallowed or enters the body, it can cause severe internal burns and can lead to death in as little as 2 hours. Always completely secure the battery compartment. If the battery compartment does not close securely, stop using the product, remove the batteries, and keep it away from children. If you think batteries might have been swallowed or placed inside any part of the body, seek immediate medical attention.


  1. Fan head
  2. Display panel
  3. Water level indicator
  4. Caster
  5. Control panel
  6. Remote control storage slot
  7. Carrying handles
  8. Cooling pad knob
  9. Cooling pad slot
  10. Dustproof air filter
  11. Water tank
  12. Power cord bracket
  13. Power cord
  14. Water tank knob
  15. Ice pack
  16. Remote control


Carefully remove all packaging materials and retain for future storage/use. Make sure there is no residual foam left in any of the components. No tools will be required to assembly this evaporative cooler.


  1. Remove the water tank by turning the water tank knob counterclockwise 900.
  2. Before using the evaporative cooler for the first time, we recommend cleaning the tank with a warm water and light detergent solution.
  3. Fill the tank with clean water. Pay attention to the water level indicator located on the front of the cooler to avoid overfilling the evaporative cooler. The approximate tank size of the EC111W is 1.5 gallons (5.5 liters).
  4. Replace the tank back onto the back of the unit. Turn the water tank knob clockwise 900. This locks the water tank back into place.

The EC111W evaporative cooler includes an optional ice pack for added cooling.

  1. Place the ice pack in the freezer until frozen. Do not open the ice pack or ingest its contents.
  2. Put the ice pack into one of the water tank’s chambers.
  3. The ice pack is not necessary for operation, but will help enhance the cooling effect in higher temperatures.
  4. The ice pack will last approximately four hours before melting.

The EC111W is equipped with a remote control. A CR2032 3V coin-type replacement battery is included for your convenience.

  • The cells shall be disposed of properly, including keeping them away from children; and
  • Even used cells may cause injury.
  • To use the remote control, aim it at the unit and select one of the functions on the remote control. The effective distance is approximately 24”.
    • ON/SPEED = Power ON and adjusts speed.
    • OFF = Power OFF
    • TIMER = Timer function of up to 7.5 hours
    • SWING = Swinging air louvers
    • COOLER/HUMIDIFIER = Controls cooling/humidification function
    • MODE = Adjust the airflow mode


After the tank is filled with water, connect the evaporative cooler to a power outlet. The unit will beep twice, indicating that the power source is connected. The cooler will be in standby mode at this time.


  1. Press the ON/SPEED button to turn on the evaporative cooler.
  2. To adjust the fan speed, press the ON/SPEED button again until your desired speed has been reached. The current fan speed will be indicated on the display panel. To turn the unit off and revert back to standby mode, press the OFF button.


After the desired fan speed has been selected, press the COOLER/HUMIDIFIER button to activate the cooling/humidifying function. This powers the water pump and will cool and add moisture to the air at the same time. The blue cooling icon will also be visible on the display panel.

Please note that if the initial fan speed is set to 3, the unit will revert back to the second speed setting for five minutes. After five minutes, the unit will automatically switch to the third fan speed. This is to allow the cooling pad to be thoroughly absorbed with water, which results in optimized cooling. The cooler will not revert back to other speeds if the initial fan speed was set to either 1 or 2.

The EC111W has two different automatic airflow modes. Setting the airflow mode is optional.
To set the airflow mode, press the MODE button.

  • Natural Mode – Indicated by the palm tree icon on the display panel, this setting will adjust the airflow speed between 1, 2 and 3.
  • Sleep Mode – Indicated by the moon icon on the display panel, this setting will cycle through the fan speed settings, and gradually lower the speed at different intervals, depending on the selected fan speed.


  1. This evaporative cooler is equipped with a 7.5 hour programmable timer. To set the timer, press the TIMER button. Each press of this button will add 0.5 hours to the set time.
  2. The set time will be indicated in the middle of the display panel.


To activate the oscillation feature, press the SWING button. The fan head will automatically oscillate counterclockwise, which directs cool air into a cyclone for a more focused cooling effect.


  1. If the water level in the tank drops below the minimum level, the unit will produce an audible alert that will last for ten seconds. After ten seconds, the evaporative cooler will automatically turn off.
  2. If the water tank is removed while the unit is on, it will automatically turn off.


Regular cleaning and maintenance is an essential step in maintaining the longevity of your evaporative cooler and ensuring that it operates free of defects. Maintain your evaporative cooler by following these steps:


  1. Always unplug the evaporative cooler from the power supply before servicing or cleaning.
  2. Use a soft cloth and a mild soap and warm water solution to clean the unit’s exterior. Do not use harsh cleaners, gasoline, paint thinner, benzene, etc., as these substances can damage the evaporative cooler.
  3. Thoroughly dry all of the cooler’s parts with a soft cloth before reconnecting the unit to the power supply.
  4. Empty the water tank after the evaporative cooler has been in use. Regular, scheduled cleaning of the water tank before each use is also recommended.
  5. If the evaporative cooler will not be in use for an extended period of time, place the unit back in its original carton and keep it stored in a clean, dry place.
  6. The evaporative cooler’s filter, tank and cooling pad will need to be removed prior to cleaning. Once all of the different components have been cleaned, place them back into the unit in this order: water tank, cooling pad and dust filter.

To prevent clogging of the dust filter, we recommend cleaning the filter at least once a month.

  1. To clean the dust filter, remove it from the back of the unit by pushing down on the two tabs located above the filter and pull it out. Gently scrub it with a soft brush
    and rinse with water. Allow it to thoroughly air dry before placing it back in the unit.
  2. To clean the cooling pad, first remove the dust filter to expose the pad. Turn the knob on the pad clockwise and pull it out from the back of the unit. Rinse it with clean water and allow it to thoroughly air dry before placing it back in the unit.


  1. Unplug the evaporative cooler from the power supply and empty the water tank after the evaporative cooler has been in use. Regular, scheduled cleaning of the water tank before each use is also recommended.
  2. To clean the water tank, rinse it in a warm water and light detergent solution or a water and vinegar solution. Rinse it with clean water and dry it thoroughly before placing it back into the cooler.


Problem Possible Causes Solution
The unit produces no air. The unit is not plugged in. Check to make sure the plug is plugged into an outlet.

The unit should beep twice once the power supply is


The water tank is not locked into the unit. Make sure the water tank is locked into the back of the


The unit does not cool. There is insufficient water in the tank. Check the water level in the tank and make sure there is

enough water.

The cooler/humidifier button was not


Press the COOLER/ HUMIDIFER button.
The pump is defective. Contact customer service if

there is an issue with the

water pump.

The unit does not cool on high speed. The cooling pad is not sufficiently saturated with water. If speed 3 is selected when in cooling mode, the unit will automatically revert to speed 2 for 5 minutes to allow the pad to be fully soaked. The cooler will automatically turn to speed

3 when the pad is soaked.

Water is coming out of the vents. The cooling pad may be clogged with debris. Clean the cooling pad by rinsing it in water and allowing it to thoroughly dry. You can also clean it with a water and vinegar solution. If the problem persists,

contact customer service.

Problem Possible Causes Solution
The full tank indicator turns on when there is still enough water in

the tank.

There is an issue with the water pump’s sensor. Clean the water pump by wiping it down with a damp cloth or try rinsing it with a water and vinegar solution.
The water tank is leaking. There is mineral buildup on the cooling pads. Mix together a water and vinegar solution and pour it in the tank. Turn the cooler on and let the solution run through the pads to break

up any buildup that may be clogging the cooling pad.

The water tank is damaged. Contact customer service if there is an issue with the

water tank.

There is an odor coming out of the evaporative cooler. The unit is brand new and has never been used before. If the evaporative cooler has never been used before, the unit may emit a slight odor upon initial use. This odor

                will dissipate within a week.

There is algae buildup in the tank or on the cooling pad. If the evaporative cooler is not new, there may be algae buildup in the tank or on the cooling pad. Clean the tank out with a vinegar/water solution and/or call customer service for a new

replacement pad.

Documents / Resources

newair Portable Evaporative Cooler and Fan REFURBISHED [pdf] Owner's Manual
NEC500BK00-REM, NEC500BK00-BLE, NEC500WH00-REM, NEC500WH00-BLE, EC111B-REM, EC111B-BLE, EC111W-REM, EC111W-BLE, Portable Evaporative Cooler and Fan REFURBISHED, Portable Fan REFURBISHED, Evaporative Cooler and Fan REFURBISHED, Fan REFURBISHED, Cooler Fan REFURBISHED, Fan Cooler



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