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newair NPR048GA00 Portable 48 Quart Car Fridge and Freezer Owner’s Manual

newair NPR048GA00 Portable 48 Quart Car Fridge and Freezer

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RATED VOLTAGE: DC 12V/ 24V, AC100-240V, Solar (12 ~ 50V)
TEMPERATURE RANGE: -20°C ~ 20°C (-4°F ~ 68°F)
UNIT SIZE (W X D X H): 28 in. x 18 in. x 20 in.


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Date of Purchase: ___________________________________________
Serial Number: ____________________________________________
Model Number: ____________________________________________


WARNING! Failure to obey these warnings could result in malfunction of your device and possible Injury for yourself and other users.

  • Do not operate the car fridge and freezer if it is visibly damaged.
  • Do not block the gaps of the car fridge and freezer with things like pin, wire, etc.
  • Do not expose the car fridge and freezer to rain or soak it in water.
  • Do not place the car fridge and freezer near naked flames or other heat sources (heaters, direct sunlight, gas ovens etc.)
  • Do not store explosive substances like spray cans with flammable propellants in the car fridge and freezer.
  • Before starting the car fridge and freezer, ensure that the power supply line and the plug are dry.
  • Check if the voltage specification on the type plate matches that of the energy supply.
  • Once unpacked and before turning on, the car fridge and freezer must be placed on a level surface for more than 6 hours.
  • Make sure that the car fridge and freezer stays horizontally when it is running. The tilt angle must be less than 5o for long time running and be less than 45o for short time running.
  • The refrigerator must be well ventilated for heat dissipation and make sure to keep some space around it (Back Space≥200mm, Side Space≥100mm.)
  • The car fridge and freezer may only be repaired by qualified personnel. Improper repairs can lead to safety hazards. I f the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer, customer service or a similarly qualified person in order to prevent safety hazards.


  • The car fridge and freezer can be used by children aged 8 or over, as well as by persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities or a lack of experience and/or knowledge, providing they are supervised or have been taught how to use the car fridge and freezer safely and are aware of the resulting risks.
  • Children must be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the car fridge and freezer.
  • The installation of DC power in the boat must be handled by qualified electricians.
  • Never pull the plug out of the socket by the cable.
  • Disconnect the car fridge and freezer or switch it off when you turn off the engine. Otherwise, you may discharge the battery.


  • Food may only be stored in its original packaging or in suitable containers.
  • Set suitable temperature for the food or medicine stored in the car fridge and freezer.
  • Do not tum the car fridge and freezer upside down for drainage, remove the cover and drain from the hole at the bottom of the car fridge and freezer.


  • Control panel with LCD digital display for temperature setting.
  • Removeable wire storage baskets
  • Interior drain plug
  • Off-road wheels
  • Expandable handle
  • Detachable battery compartment
  • Cutting board and cup holders
  • Bottle opener
  • Door Seal
  • Power socket
  • Reversible doors with lid latch
  • Power supply: Connect to 12V/24V DC power, 100~240V AC power (with an adapter) or use backup Lithium battery.
  • Display Screen Initialization: Connect to the power supply, the buzzer will make a long beep, and the display will light up for 2 seconds then enter the normal operating mode.
  • Power On/Off: Press to switch ON and hold for three seconds to switch OFF.
  • Temperature Setting: Press “+” or “-”, it will enter the temperature setting mode of the left chamber, press “+” to increase temperature, press “-” to decrease temperature. Switch to the right chamber by pressing·
  • Temperature Unit Setting: Switch off the fridge, press for three seconds, it will display E1, then switch to E5 by pressing . Under E5 mode, press “+” or “-” to select Celsius or Fahrenheit. (*Factory setting is Celsius.)
  • Battery Protection Mode: Press for three seconds until screen flashes, then press again to select three battery protection modes H(High), M(Medium) and L(Low) (*Factory setting is H.)

Due to the different output voltages between vehicles, H should be set when the product is connected to car power, and M or L should be set when it is connected to a portable battery or other back-up battery.

The battery gear should be set from H to M or from M to L if there is a voltage protection code F1 shown on the panel. The battery gear should be set to H if the product keeps working after turning off the car engine, or the product may drain the battery.




DC 12V DC 24V
L 9.0V 10.9V 21.3V 22.7V
M 10.1V 11.4V 22.3V 23.7V
H 11.1V 12.4V 24.3V 25.7V

* Reference numbers may change depending on the scenario and external factors.
* USB output: +5V DC/1A, suitable for small devices like mobile phones, tablets, etc.

Reset: switch off the fridge, keep pressing until E1 displays, then press “+”  and “-” at the same time until displays as below:Instructions for solar charging: When using solar panel to charge the refrigerator, place the refrigerator in a cool place to avoid overheating that would cause malfunction of the refrigerator. The battery icon on the display will show the charging status when it is charging.

The charging input power should be higher than the working power of the refrigerator (about 40-45W), or press the power button to make the refrigerator enter the standby state, otherwise the battery will not be able to charge. It is recommended to use a 100W solar panel.

Solar panel (SOLAR) charge connection:
Insert the solar charge cable into the refrigerator’s “SOLAR” terminal.
Max Solar Input Voltage: 50V
Max Solar Input Current: 10A

(Not included in the package)

Instructions for in-vehicle use:
Engine start: select H, M or L mode (refer to the “Operating Instructions” section), and use car port power to operate the refrigerator.
Instructions for preserving your car battery: When using the car battery to charge, most cars will stop power supply after the engine is turned off, while some cars will continue to supply power. At this time, the battery protection should be adjusted to H, otherwise the car battery may be exhausted, resulting in insufficient power to start the car.



  • Unplug the car fridge and freezer first to avoid electric shock.
  • Use a wet cloth to clean the car fridge and freezer and dry it.
  • Remove the cover and drain from the hole at the bottom of the car fridge and freezer.
  • Do not soak the car fridge or freezer in water and do not wash it directly.
  • Do not use abrasive cleaning agents as these can damage the car fridge or freezer.

If the car fridge and freezer will not be used for a long time, please follow these steps:

  • Turn off the power and remove the plug.
  • Remove all the items stored inside.
  • Remove the cover and drain any water from the interior, wiping off excess water with a soft rag.
  • Leave the lid slightly open to prevent odors from forming.
  • Put the car fridge and freezer in a cool and dry place.

Humidity can form frost in the interior of the cooling device or on the evaporator. This reduces the cooling capacity. To avoid this, defrost the car fridge and freezer:

  • Switch off the car fridge and freezer.
  • Take out the contents of the car fridge and freezer.
  • Remove the cover and drain from the hole.
  • Keep the lid open.
  • Wipe off the defrosted water.

Never use hard or sharp tools to remove ice or to loosen objects which have frozen in place.

Place the packaging material in the appropriate recycling waste bins wherever possible.

If you wish to dispose of the product, ask your local recycling center or specialist dealer for details about how to do this in accordance with the applicable disposal regulations.


Problem Solution
Refrigerator does not work Check if the switch is on.
Check if the plug and socket are connected well.
Check if the fuse has been burnt.
Check if the power supply is malfunctioned.
Switching on/off the fridge frequently may cause start delay of the compressor.
Refrigerator compartments are too warm The door is opened frequently.
A large amount of warm or hot food was stored recently. Wait for the refrigerator to reach its selected temperature.
The refrigerator has been disconnected for an extended period of time.
Food is frozen The temperature was set too low, please increase the temperature.
There is a “water flow” noise from inside the fridge It’s a normal occurrence, caused by the flow of refrigerant.
There are waterdrops around the refrigerator casing or door gap It’s a normal occurrence, the moisture will condense to water when it touches a cold surface of the refrigerator.
The compressor is slightly noisy when starting It’s a normal occurrence, the noise will be reduced after the compressor works stably.
Code F1 displayed Possible cause: low voltage to fridge.
Adjust the battery protection from H to M or from M to L.
Code F2 displayed Possible cause: condenser fan is overloaded. Disconnect power to fridge for 30 minutes & restart.
Code F3 displayed Possible cause: the compressor starts too frequently. Disconnect power to fridge for 30 minutes & restart.
Code F4 displayed Possible cause: compressor not kicking in. Disconnect power to fridge for 30 minutes & restart.
Code F5 displayed Possible cause: overheating of the compressor & electronics. Disconnect power to fridge for 30 minutes & restart.
Code F6 displayed Possible cause: no parameter can be detected by the controller. Disconnect power to fridge for 30 minutes & restart.
Code F7 or F8 displayed Possible cause: temperature sensor is faulty. Contact manufacturer for service.


This appliance is covered by a limited manufacturer’s warranty. For one year from the original date of purchase, the manufacturer will repair or replace any parts of this appliance that prove to be defective in materials and workmanship, provided the appliance has been used under normal operating conditions as intended by the manufacturer.

Warranty Terms:
During the first year, any components of this appliance found to be defective due to materials or workmanship will be repaired or replaced, at the manufacturer’s discretion, at no charge to the original purchaser. The purchaser will be responsible for any removal or transportation costs.

Warranty Exclusions:
The warranty will not apply if damage is caused by any of the following:

  • Power failure
  • Damage in transit or when moving the appliance
  • Improper power supply such as low voltage, defective household wiring or inadequate fuses
  • Accident, alteration, misuse or abuse of the appliance such as using non-approved accessories, inadequate air circulation in the room or abnormal operating conditions (extreme temperatures)
  • Use in commercial or industrial applications
  • Fire, water damage, theft, war, riot, hostility or acts of God such as hurricanes, floods, etc.
  • Use of force or damage caused by external influences
  • Partially or completely dismantled appliances
  • Excess wear and tear by the user

Obtaining Service:
When making a warranty claim, please have the original bill of purchase with the purchase date available. Once confirmed that your appliance is eligible for warranty service, all repairs will be performed by a Newair™ authorized repair facility. The purchaser will be responsible for any removal or transportation costs. Replacement parts and/or units will be new, re-manufactured or refurbished and is subject to the manufacturer’s discretion. For technical support and warranty service, please email

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newair NPR048GA00 Portable 48 Quart Car Fridge and Freezer [pdf] Owner's Manual
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