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This manual provides important safety information for this Platform Shaker. It should be kept near the equipment for quick & easy reference. This platform shaker allows the shaking ( Orbital / Linear motion) of liquids & semi-liquids up to a maximum weight of 15 Kg. It supports various attachments for mixing liquids in flasks and beakers. It is supplied with a non-slip mat(Optional) to hold the flask and beakers. It comes with the program and sub-program features for various mixing purposes.


his is shaker is used to mix, blend, or agitate substances in the tube(s) or flask(s) by shaking them (up to 15 kg), which is mainly used in the fields of chemistry and biology. A shaker contains an oscillating board which is used to place the flasks & beakers. This shaker is a preferred choice of equipment when dealing with such large volume substances, or simultaneous agitation is required.


  • Shaker with true Orbital/ Linear motion, for shaking off 15 Kg mass
  • Brush less DC motor for long life and maintenance-free operation
  • LED display for speed and time adjustment. Speed, time, and mode of operation can be viewed simultaneously
  • Different attachments platform makes it possible to use almost all shapes and sizes of vessels
  • Speed ranging from 50to 300 RPM
  • The program mode allows one to set CW, CCW, Speed, Time, Dwell time, Sequence, and Loop operation.
  • The last run memory feature allows easy repeatability in tests


Motor Type BLDC motor
Variable Speed 50 to 300 RPM
Orbital/Linear Motion 30 mm to 70 mm diameter
Run Time 0 min to 99.59 hours
Digital display Yes
Maximum allowable Weight 15 Kg {Including Attachment)
Platform size (LxW) 745 mm x 490 mm
Dimensions (W x D x H) 825 x 645 x 165 mm
Protection Rating IP 21
Permissible Ambient Temp. S°C to 40°C
Permissible relative moisture <80%
Weight 60 kg
Input Voltage 24V;-;: 3A
Power Consumption 36 Watt


  • Power Adaptor: input -100-240VAC 50/60Hz Output: 24V ;-;: 3A
  • Attachments (Optional)
  • Spanner
  • Product User Manual


n order to use this unit properly and safely, every user must first read the operation instructions and follow the safety instructions as mentioned below.

  • Do not load more than 15 Kg of weight
  • Wear personal protective equipment before working with shaking unit for user safety
  • Never touch moving parts. It can cause mild to serious injuries.
  • Always install the unit on the flat, stable and non-slippery surface.
  • Do not hold or try to the lift the unit with shaking platform.
  • Ensure to unplug the power adaptor before cleaning.
  • Ensure that the product is used for the specified application only. It should not be used for shaking hazardous or reactive solution.
  • It must not be operated in a hazardous or flammable environment and must not be used to mix explosive or highly reactive material.
  • Do not use the instrument if it shows the sign of electrical or mechanical damage. If any such damage is found, contact supplier immediately.
  • Ensure to firmly tight the shaking attachments. If not done, it can lead to lead to an injury.
  • If you notice that the device is not working smoothly then reduce the speed or load till it has a smooth operation.
  • In case there is an interruption in the power supply during operation, the instrument will not start automatically again when power supply restore.
  • Furthermore, the shaking unit may only be used to stir those materials or material mixtures that the user knows will not react dangerously to the extra energy produced by the stirring. This also applies to extra energy by means of solar radiation during the shaking procedure.
  • The shaker must not be used in explosive atmospheres, for mixing dangerous substances or underwater.
  • Accessories may only be assembled once the plug has been disconnected. The safety of the user cannot be guaranteed if the appliance is operated with accessories that are not supplied or recommended by the manufacturer or if the appliance is operated improperly, contrary to the manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Always use the power adaptor recommended or supplied by the manufacturer. If not, it will void the warranty.
  • Make sure that all the attachments are attached and tightened properly before performing any operation.


This smart platform shaker is supplied in a box. Open the box, then remove the packaging and gently place the device on the firm & leveled surface. Take care while unpacking & removing all accessories. The user manual should be kept with the device for easy access. Please keep all packaging in safe storage for at least two years for warranty purposes.


  1. The ideal ambient temperature is 20°C ± S°C; avoid placing the shaker in direct sunlight.
  2. Keep a clearance of at least 30 cm from all directions to guarantee easy and safe operation.
  3. Keep away from heat or water to avoid sample temperature issues or shaker failures.
  4. Do not place the shaker so that it becomes difficult to operate the device.


Connect one side of the power adaptor to the left side of the instrument and the other to the supply as shown in the figure below.



Place the instrument on a flat and leveled surface; ensure that the four feet of this shaker stand on the surface firmly. Avoid installing on a slippery surface or surface prone to vibration. If the mounting surface is uneven, adjust the appropriate base mount of the instrument by moving downward or upward. Turn the base mount in the clockwise direction to move the base mount upwards and turn the base mount in the counter-clockwise direction to move the base mount downwards. To avoid automatically loosening the base mount, hold the base mount with one hand and tighten the nut of the base mount using a spanner. Tightening of the nut is in a clockwise direction and loosening in the counter-clockwise direction. Please make sure that the instrument is leveled on a mounting surface for efficient and safe operation.







Speed Section


Speed button, Speed value display, and CW /CCW direction selection LED.

  • Press the Speed button to select and set the speed value.
  • Clockwise and counter-clockwise LED allows the user to select the direction of the rotation. Press the SPEED button to select speed with CW direction of rotation. Press the SPEED button again to select speed with the CCW direction of rotation. By default, the direction of rotation is CW.

Time Section


  • Press Time button to select and set the Time value in Hours & Minutes. The 1st press allows the user to select the time in “minutes” and on 2nd press allows the user to select the time in “hours”.
  • Total Time and Remaining Time LED will glow only during operation. Both LEDs will glow alternatively. (+) & (-) Section  Increment and Decrement Buttons.


  • Increment (+) and Decrement (-) buttons are used to increment or decrement speed, time & sub-program values.



Program Mode Section

Program (P) button, Sub-Program (S) button, Loop button, and its corresponding display.


  • Long Press Program button (P) to enter or exit from program mode
  • Single Press Program button (P) to select programs.
  • Single Press Sub-Program Button (S) to select Sub-Programs.
  • Single Press Loop Button to Loop the sub-programs of a particular program.

Start/Stop Button

Press Start/ Stop button to start and stop the operation.


Optional attachments are used for shaking liquids in flasks & beakers. All these attachments easily get placed and tighten on the shaking platform. Below are the optional attachments with its name and usage.



Installing & Removing Universal Attachment

All attachments must be firmly placed on the shaking platform. Make sure that the unit is OFF while you place the attachment on the platform. Properly hold the attachment with both hands and place it on the shaking platform. Guide all four (4) holding brackets in such a way that it placed on the respective clamping screws. Once the attachment is placed on the clamping screw tighten all four (4) clamping screws.



  • Do not place any flask or beaker or any liquid material on the attachment while placing it on the shaking platform.
  • Hold the attachment carefully with gloves for user protection.


In order to ensure safe and secure operation, the shaking platform must only be operated within the range of usable weight and speed (see diagram). Please make certain that the platform surface on which the attachment is placed is clean and leveled. If the attachment is screwed together with an adjacent piece of equipment (i.e. if it is integrated into a system) it should be noted during operation that dynamic forces may arise as a result of unfavorable loading circumstances and the position of the center of gravity. This may cause the adjacent equipment to vibrate or may cause the table to vibrate uncontrollably. If you notice that the device is running unevenly, in that case, consider lowering the speed till the irregularities fade out. Make sure that individual attachment vessels are placed in the middle of the attachment and that multiple vessels are evenly placed on the attachment. Also, ensure that all the vessels are firmly fastened on the attachment.



Single press the “Time Button” to select the Time value. On 1st press, the “Minutes” value will be selected and on the second time, the “Hours” value will be selected. Minutes and Hours value will toggle on each press. Once the required value is selected, use the increment and Decrement buttons to modify and set the new time. Once the operation starts, the timer value in the display will toggle showing “Total Time” and “Remaining Time” once the set RPM is reached. Timer values can’t be modified or changed during operation.


Once the required speed and time values are set, press the “Start Button” to start the operation. The unit starts slowly and set RPM is reached. Press the “Stop Button” to stop the unit steadily.


  • Program mode is a feature used to run shaker in user define mode.
  • For Example: If a user has a requirement for a specific type of shaking like:
  • 250 RPM shaking in a clockwise direction for 2 minutes then
  • Hold for 1 minute then
  • 300 RPM shaking in counterclockwise direction for4 minutes and so on.
  • This kind of specific shaking is achieved using program mode or program section.
  • There is a total of 6 Programs available from Pl to P6. Each of these programs has 9 sub-program from Sl to S9 and a Loop mode for continuous or repetitive operation.


Program mode Flow chart. Each Program has 9 different Sub-Programs and all 9 sub-programs can have different speed and time values. Looping of each program can be done using Loop Button.


Initially, there will be no display in the program mode indicating that the shaker is running or operated in normal mode.


Long Press Program mode “P” to enter into Program mode. Once entered, the below display will be seen.


The above image shows that the shaker is entered into program mode and currently Sub-Program -1 “S1” of Program 1 “Pl” is selected. Both speed and time values are zero (O) for this program. Single Press Program Button “P” to select the program. Program value will start blinking and the user can use the increment or decrement button to select any program from the available 6 programs.


Single Press Sub-Program Button “S” to select the sub-program. The sub-program value will start blinking and the user can use the increment or decrement button to select any sub-program from the available 9 programs.


Once the required sub-program is selected, use the speed and time buttons to set the required speed and time values.


Press “Loop Button” to make the loop of sub-programs. The display will show “SL” indicating Loop is selected. The user can set the total time of the Loop by pressing the “Time Button”.


The above image shows that the loop of Program 3 “P3” is created and that loop will go on for 3 hours. Press the start button to start the operation. The operation will start for that particular program from 1st sub-program.


Operation starts with 1st sub-program and goes to the last sub-program which is set. The loop of the sub-program goes on for the total time set. Press “Stop Button” to stop program mode operation.



This product is warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase. Your product will be duly repaired upon prompt notification in compliance with the following conditions: This warranty is valid only if the product is used for its intended purpose and within the guidelines specified in this instruction manual. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, neglect, misuse, improper service, natural forces, or other causes not arising from defects in original material or workmanship. This warranty does not cover any incidental or consequential damages, commercial loss, or any other damages from the use of this product. The warranty is invalidated by any non-factory modification, which will immediately terminate all liabilities on us for the products or damages caused by its use. The buyer and its customer shall be responsible for the product or use of products as well as any supervision required for safety. If requested the products must be returned to the distributor in a well-packed and insured manner and all shipping charges must be paid. Some states do not allow limitation on the length of implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages. This warranty gives you specific legal rights. This warranty is given expressly in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied.

The purchaser agrees that there is no warranty of merchantability or of fitness for any intended purpose and that there are no other remedies or warranties, expressed or implied, which extend beyond the description on the face of the agreement. This warranty is only applicable to the original purchaser. Products received without proper authorization will not be entertained. All items returned for service should be sent postage prepaid in the original packaging or other suitable cartons, padded to avoid damage. We will not be responsible for damage incurred by improper packaging. All items returned for service should be sent postage prepaid in the original packaging or another suitable carton, added to avoid damage. This warranty is valid only if the warranty is registered with the supplier within 30 days from the date of purchase.


  • In case the product is to be disposed of, the relevant legal regulations are to be observed.
  • Information on the disposal of electrical and electronic devices in the European Community
  • The disposal of electrical devices is regulated within the European Community by national regulations based on EU Directive 2012/19/EU on waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).
  • According to these regulations, any devices supplied after 13.06.05 in the business to the business sphere, to which this product is assigned, may no longer be disposed of in the municipal or domestic waste. They are marked with the following symbol to indicate this.
  • As disposal regulations within the EU may vary from country to country, please contact your supplier if necessary.

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NEUATION iShak US 15 Lab Shakers [pdf] User Manual
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