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Getting to know your Solar Panel

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  • Ensure all cables and connected devices are protected and clear from moving parts.
  • Misuse or any design modification will void the warranty.

Technical specification

Dimensions: 360x40x10 mm (18x1Y2x3/8 in)
Electrical parameters:
Current: 180mA |
Maximum power output: 2W Voltage: 11V

For indoor use only

Choosing the right place

Disclaimer Before installing, determine if and where the solar panel will have a clear line of the southern sky. Choose the window side and location that receives the most sunlight, especially during the winter months.
Windows facing the north side will provide less charge than the south.
An obstruction such as stained or tinted glass, large constructions, and trees may cause the sunlight to be blocked for significant parts of the day. All these factors will significantly affect the solar panel’s capacity to charge your motor’s battery.

The use of a solar panel is intended to extend the time between battery charges.
We do not guarantee that eventual charges using an external charger will not be necessary.


Do not dispose of the solar panel with your regular waste. Please follow local regulations.


Neo Solar Panel (SP-2/11) carries a one-year warranty, counting from the invoice date. Normal wear and tear are excluded from the warranty.

Solar Panel installation

The solar panel must be within reach of the solar panel connection located on the motor head when selecting a place to mount it.

NEO SP 2 Solar Panel - fig 2

For motors with an external battery, select a position to install the battery that can be reached by both the solar panel and the motor.

NEO SP 2 Solar Panel - fig 3

If the solar panel’s cable is too short for the chosen location, connect the provided extension cable in series with the solar panel’s cable.
Attach the 2 provided brackets to the window frame 10 inches (25 cm) apart from each other. You can install it on the top or side of the window frame. Decide the best position based on the motor position (left or right), the available space, and the maximum sunlight exposure possible.

NEO SP 2 Solar Panel - fig 4

Once the mounts are attached to the frame, install the solar panel dark side facing out and connect the cable to the solar panel connection.


I have a solar panel and my battery blind stopped working
Check the solar panel connections to the motor or external battery and charge your blind’s battery for a few hours using an external charger. Charging the motor might be necessary from time to time. Please read the section “Choosing the right place” If the blind does not start working, contact technical support.

Need more help?

Please send a message to the technical support team at [email protected] for detailed instructions and troubleshooting.

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