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Fix the supplied wall-mounting brackets (marked with “S” symbol) to the bracket fixing holes on the back of the Sound bar with the supplied short screws so that the surface of each wall mounting bracket is as shown in the illustration.
Fix the two wall-mounting brackets to the left and right fixing holes on the back of the Sound bar.

nedis Soundbar A

  1. Make drill hole marks on the wall for the anchors. Make sure the marks are level before drilling.
  2. Use a 6mm bit and power drill (not supplied) to drill holes on the marks.
  3. Insert the included plastic anchors into the holes and push in until they are flush with the wall.
  4. Secure the supplied Metallic Brackets (marked with “W” symbol) to the wall by screwing the included flat head screws into the anchors and tighten until the screw head is fully inserted and flush with the metallic bracket.

Note: The distance between the brackets should be 350 mm.

nedis Soundbar B

Place the Sound bar with wall-mounting brackets (marked with “S” symbol) onto the mounting brackets (marked with “W” symbol) which fixed on the wall, then use the included two short screws to tight them. Make sure the Sound bar is attached firmly to the wall.

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