NAVITEL R650NV Portable Video Recorder User Manual

NAVITEL R650NV Portable Video Recorder



Dear Customer!

Thank you for purchasing this NAVITEL® product.
NAVITEL R650 NV is a multifunctional high-definition DVR with many functions and features that are described in this User Manual. Please read the manual carefully before using the device and keep it for future reference.


Device layout

FIG 1 Device layout

  1. Adhesive mount (3M sticker)
  2. Mini-USB port for charging
  3. Menu
  4. Up
  5. Down
  6. OK
  7. Mount lock
  8. Speaker
  9. Reset
  10. Mini-USB port
  11. Microphone
  12. Power
  13. Camera
  14. MicroSD slot
  15. LED indicator
  16. Display



FIG 2 Specifications

Note: the specifications may change due to upgrades.



  1. Put the microSD card into the DVR. Use a high-speed SD card (Class10 or above); capacity should be within 8-256 GB.
    Warning Icon • To avoid malfunctions of the DVR and / or SD-card, don’t insert and remove SD-card during DVR operation.
    • Before using a microSD card, please format it inside the DVR to avoid data errors. For formatting the SD-card in Menu mode select Format SD-card and confirm it.
  2. Secure the device on the windshield with the bracket.
  3. Connect the car charger to the cigarette lighter socket.
  4. Connect the USB interface to the car charger with the charger extension cord.
  5. Adjust the camera position.
  6. Turn the power on; check whether the device is installed correctly. If the device is installed correctly, the indicator will glow red; the device will start up and begin recording (indicated by flashing blue light).



  • Use only the original charger adapter. Using another adapter may negatively affect the device’s battery. Use accessories only approved by manufacturer.
  • Permissible ambient temperature in operating mode: 0 to +35 °С. Storage temperature: +5 to +45 °С. Relative humidity: 5% to 90% without condensation (25 °С).
  • Put the device away from fire sources to avoid explosion or fire.
  • Do not expose the device to physical impacts.
  • Avoid contacting the device with sources of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Keep the lens clean. Do not use chemicals or detergents to clean the product; always turn off the device before cleaning.
  • Strictly follow the laws and regulatory acts of the region where the device is used. This device can not be used for illegal purposes.
  • Do not disassemble or repair device by yourself. In case of device failure, contact the service center.



FIG 3 Buttons

Note: the built-in battery is designed only for recording an emergency event in parking mode and turning off the device correctly when the power is turned off; for the full operation of the device in any mode, a constant power connection is required.

NAVITEL s.r.o. hereby declares that the device NAVITEL R650 NV is compatible with the European directive EMC 2014/30/EU.

The full text of Declaration of conformity is available at the following internet address:


Device functions

FIG 4 Device functions

FIG 5 Device functions


* This function is available only in firmware version 1.00.56 and higher.




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