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NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 80-60500 Carbon Trekking Poles Set
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Parts OverviewNATIONAL-GEOGRAPHIC-80-60500-Carbon-Trekking -Set-1

  1.  Carbon Trekking Poles (24” Collapsed. 52” Fully Extended)
  2.  Basic Tips
  3.  Boot Tips
  4.  Mud Baskets
  5.  Snow Baskets
  6.  Holder Clips
  7.  Carry Case

Setting Pole Length

Setting the pole length to the appropriate height is essential for maximizing the benefits of trekking poles. For general hiking terrain, the pole is at the right height when your arm is at a 90-degree angle with your elbow at your side and the pole tip touching the ground.For downhill (lengthen) or uphill (shorten) hiking, you may need to adjust each pole about 5-10 cm to get the proper stability and support.NATIONAL-GEOGRAPHIC-80-60500-Carbon-Trekking -Set-2

Pole Locks

  1.  To set the pole length, undo the clasp component of the quick-lock system in the middle of the pole by unclamping the clasp. Slide the pole out or into the desired measurement (which is displayed in both centimeters and inches).
  2.  After setting the pole length, adjust the tightening knob on the quick-lock system by turning the knob 1/4 to 1/2 turn clockwise. Note: Clamping the clasp back should be difficult to close when properly tightened.
  3.  Clamp the clasp back down and repeat the procedure on the bottom section.NATIONAL-GEOGRAPHIC-80-60500-Carbon-Trekking -Set-3

Wrist StrapsNATIONAL-GEOGRAPHIC-80-60500-Carbon-Trekking -Set-4

The wrist straps can be adjusted to accommodate your hands and wrist. Pull the lock tab out slightly (1) so that you can move the strap. To shorten the strap, pull gently on the dangling end (2) and then push the lock tab (1) back into position when you’ve reached the desired length. To lengthen the strap, pull the tab out slightly and pull on the bottom side of the loop (3) and then push the lock tab (1) back into position. To grip the trekking pole, reach through the strap from underneath and grip the handle. Proper use of the wrist strap is essential for minimizing hand fatigue and can prevent injuries if you fall while trekking.

Tip Accessories

Your trekking poles come with a variety of tip accessories to help you tackle a variety of terrains. The standard tip is the bare tungsten steel tip that works on a variety of surfaces. Basic slightly rounded tips are included to cover the steel tip when in storage or when you are using them on surfaces that need protection like floors or well-maintained smooth trails. For traversing big rocks or areas that need extra traction, you can install the treaded boot-shaped tips by pushing them all the way onto the tip end of the pole. When trekking through muddy or sandy areas, you can install the mud baskets by simply threading them onto the tip end of the pole. In snowy areas, the snow baskets can be installed the same way.

Documents / Resources

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 80-60500 Carbon Trekking Poles Set [pdf] Instruction Manual
80-60500 Carbon Trekking Poles Set, 80-60500, Carbon Trekking Poles Set

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