Headphones with Microphone, Lightweight Foldable on Ear headphones




  • DIMENSIONS: 6.3 x 5.04 x 1.46 inches,
  • WEIGHT: 5.1 ounces,
  • FORM FACTOR: On Ear,

Nasuque On-Ear Headphones are one of the best sellers on Amazon. This is due to their good performance at a limited budget. They are a basic pair of headphones that provide limited features. However, the quality of these features is really good making them one of the top choices for users. They come with a number of features such as good quality sound system, built-in microphones, comfortable and portable design, and universal compatibility. They provide balanced sound with noise-isolating features. These headphones are perfect for travelling and business trips as they are light and don’t cause fatigue and provide essential noise isolation.


The design of these headphones is very comfortable. The ear cups of these headphones are padded with memory foam that is covered with protein leather. This makes them easy to be worn for long periods of time. They provide a good seal to the ears blocking most of the external noise. The headband of these headphones is padded with a thin soft layer that is covered with premium quality leather. It is foldable which makes it easy to carry and store without occupying much space. The cord of these headphones is tangle-free and has an anti-bend spring near the connector, which prevents damage at that specific place and ensures a long-lasting cord. The connecter is also straight with the spring which is better than the L-shaped connecter as the L-shaped ones can be easily damaged by stress accumulation. The L-shaped cords also require some devices to be taken out of their protective covers to connect to them. The cord of these headphones is about 1.5m long and features an in line microphone.


These headphones feature 40mm drivers that provide dynamic sound with impressive bass response. The sound produced by these headphones may not be the best but it surely provides moderate highs, mids., and lows frequency response.


These headphones have a 3.5mm audio jack. They are compatible with all devices that feature an audio port such as computers, laptops, smartphones and tablets.

Nasuque Headphones Controls

The headphones have an in-line HD microphone and a multifunction button. The various functions can be carried out using this multifunction button.

  • How to Play/Pause tracks?
    Press one time the MFB.
  • How to Go to the Previous track?
    Press three times the MFB.
  • How to Go to the Next track?
    Press two times the MFB.
  • How to Answer a Call?
    Press once the MFB while the call is incoming.
  • How to hang up a Call?
    Press once the MFB while the on-call.
  • How to connect the headphones to your Device?
    The headphones feature a 3.5mm audio jack which means they are compatible with any device that has an audio port.
  • Plug the 3.5mm audio jack into the audio port of your device.
    If your device doesn’t feature a 3.5mm audio port, you can use the USB Audio converter to connect the headphones to your device.


  • Spring near connector for increased life of the cord
  • Metal Connector
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Comfortable to Wear
  • Tangle Free Cord


  • No noise cancellation

If you are looking for basic pair of headphones that produce high-quality sound and are long-lasting the Nasuque Headphones are a good option for you. These headphones feature in-line HD microphones and multifunction buttons and the best thing about these headphones it the spring near the metal connector making the cord extra durable.


  • What is the length of the cord?
    The cord id 59” long.
  • Is the Audio Jack L shaped or straight?
    The shape of the audio jack is straight and has a spring near the connected making it more durable
  • Do these headphones need batteries?
    No, these headphones are wired and don’t offer any wireless connectivity. They work when connected to the device and don’t require any batteries to operate
  • Do these headphones have mic?
    Yes, these headphones have a built in HD microphone that you can use to attend calls and meetings
  • Can I use these headphones with my phone?
    Yes, you can use these headphones with your smartphone if it has an audio port.