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Nakamichi SPECK Wireless Speaker
Nakamichi SPECK Wireless Speaker

Please read the instructions carefully before using the product

Packing list:

Nakamichi SPECK Wireless Speaker
Blustooth Speaker *1

User Manual

User Manual*1

Charging cable

Charging cable*1
Audio cable
Audio cable*1

(The above picture is for reference only, specific to prevail in kind)


Product Structure:

  1. Power LED indicator
  2. Power switch
  3. Previous/Vol-
  4. Multi-function button(MFB)
  5. Next/Vol+
  6. Mode switching
  7. Mode switching LED indicator
  8. Micro SD card slot (support 64GB)
  9. Type-C charging interface
  10. AUX IN

Product Structure Product Structure 1


Power ON/OFF

  1. Long press the power switch for 2 seconds to turn on, the LED status indicator flashes blue and the power LED indicator lights up white.
  2. Long press the power switch for 2 seconds to ‘turn off, the LED status indicator goes off.
Bluetooth connection
  1. Turn on the Bluetooth Speaker and the LED indicator flashes blue continuously, waiting for Pairing. Or you can short press M to disconnect and to enter pairing mode.
  2. Then activate the Bluetooth of your phone and search for “Nakamichi SPECK”. Click manually to connect. If the connection is successful, the LED indicator will turn steady blue.
  3. The speaker can automatically reconnect to the last paired device. When the Bluetooth of your device tums ON, (just turn on the speaker), it will automatically reconnect.
Answer incoming calls

Press the MFB button to answer incoming calls. Tip: Since some mobile phones fail to answer calls via their own receiver, please refer to the instructions of your phone and set on your phone.


End the call

Press the MFB button once to end the current call.

Refuse incoming calls

Long press the MFB button for 2 seconds to reject the incoming call.

Last number redial

Dual press the MFB button to redial the last calling number.

Mode switching

Short press M to select mode. (Bluetooth/Micro SD card/AUX IN)

Bluetooth disconnection

Long press the MFB button for 2 seconds to cut off the Bluetooth connection.

Long press the M
  1. Long press the M button for 2 seconds to cut off the speakers TWS connection.
  2. Long press the M button for 5 seconds to erase the pairing record. (The speaker will automatically shut down when the pairing record erased successfully).


Thanks for choosing Nakamichi SPECK

Micro SD card mode

Insert a micro SD card. The speaker will automatically recognize it (with a voice prompt) and automatically broadcast MP3 format music in it. (The max storage of the micro SD card is 64 GB).

AUX mode

Connect your music player/phone to the speaker via provided dual 3.5 mm audio cable. Once done the speaker will automatically recognize your music player/phone.

Music playing
  1. Short press the MFB to pause/play
  2. Long press the “-“for PREV
  3. Long press the “+”for NEXT
  4. Short press the”-“for VOL-
  5. Short press the”+”for VOL+
True Wireless Stereo (TWS) Fit for two Nakamichi SPECK speakers

You can connect two Nakamichi Speck speakers as a pair for stronger stereo and surrounding effect.

  1. Make sure the Bluetooth function is OFF on your wireless player.
  2. Turn on two speakers.
  3. Long press M button on either of the speakers for 2 seconds, then there comes up a melody which means the two speakers are now in TWS pairing status. Until LED of the right channel speaker lights up steady blue and the LED of the left channel speaker flashes, the TWS connection is active.
  4. Then activate the Bluetooth of your phone and search for “Nakamichi SPECK”. Click manually to connect. The two speaker LED’s turn to steady blue if the connection is active.
  5. The function of TWS must match before connecting to the mobile devices. Otherwise, the function of TWS won’t match after connecting to mobile devices.
  6. The two speakers can automatically achieve TWS re-connection for the future use.
  7. Long pressing the M for 5 seconds after power ON can reset and restart the speaker.
  8. In TWS connection, only the left channel speaker has hands-free call function.

1. As product has built-in non-removable and rechargeable battery, please use the provided Type-C USB cable to charge.
2. Charging voltage and current is 5V/2.4A, please charge the speaker with the input power below 5V/2.4A.
3. Please choose the charger that is certified by the regular manufacturer.

4. The battery performance may decrease with repeating charging and using the speaker. It’s a normal phenomenon for all rechargeable batteries.

5. Charge if the power LED indicator lights up red, and it goes off upon charging finished.


IPX7 Waterproof
Bluetooth Version: V5.0
Product Size: 186*81*69mm
Net Weight: 530g
Wireless Working Range: 18M (Without Obstacles)
Speaker: 48mm
Profiles Supported: A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP
SNR: ≥80dB
Frequency Response: 115Hz-15kHz
Input Voltage: DC5V/2.4A
Rated Power: 8W*2
Battery: 3600mAh
Playing Time: 15H (Medium Volume)
Talking Time: 15H
Charging Time: 3H
Voice Chat: Supported


Function: Bluetooth, AUX, Micro SD Card, TWS, Type-C charging port

Material: TPU+Iron net

  1. Please follow the instructions to operate.
  2. Please charge the product with input power below 5 V/2.4 A, in order to protect the battery.
  3. Please store or use the product in a normal temperature environment.
  4. Please keep the product away from heat source, such as radiators, hot air regulators, stoves or other heat generating instruments (as it is not anti-high temperature).
  5. Don’t jam the ports of the product, such as charger port, LED port and microphone etc.
  6. In order to protect your hearing and extend the speaker service life, it is not recommended to adjust the volume to the maximum level for a long time.
  7. If the speaker system is halted, long press the MFB to reset and power off.
  8. In-case of any damage to the product, please feel free to contact our after- sales staff on time rather than repairing it by yourself.


Nakamichi SPECK Wireless Speaker User Manual – Optimized PDF
Nakamichi SPECK Wireless Speaker User Manual – Original PDF

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