Mysa white Smart Thermostat for Mini-Split Heat Pumps User Guide

Mysa white Smart Thermostat for Mini-Split Heat Pumps


  • BRAND: Mysa
  • ITEM DIMENSIONS LXWXH:8 x 3 x 4.5 inches
  • CONTROLLER TYPE: Amazon Alexa
  • SPECIAL FEATURE: Audible Touch Feedback, Adaptive Display Technology, Energy Insights, Geofencing, Scheduling
  • COLOR: White
  • SPECIFIC USES FOR PRODUCT: For ductless mini-split heat pumps, portable and window AC units
  • ITEM WEIGHT: 460 Grams
  • VOLTAGE: 24 Volts
  • SHAPE: Rectangular
  • CONTROL METHOD: App, Touch


Mini split, window, and portable air conditioners are all compatible with Mysa. For Mysa to work, your remote control needs to display more information than just the temperature. Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit are all compatible with Mysa. Stay comfortable, cool, and linked. Your home’s design is discreetly improved by Mysa’s superior appearance. Mysa can be mounted on the wall or a table and learns the codes for your remote control.


  • 1x Mysa smart thermostat for AC
  • 1x AC adapter
  • 1x micro USB cable
  • 2x adhesive wire ties
  • 1x tabletop stand


  1. Activate the Mysa app.
  2. click Add Thermostat on the menu.
  3. Choose Mysa AC.
  4. In the following part, adhere to the app’s directions or video.


  1. Choose your AC manufacturer.
  2. Directly at Mysa, press the Power button on the LCD remote control for your AC unit.
  3. Your AC unit’s command codes should be tested.
  4. As soon as Mysa has finished downloading all Command Codes, wait.


Applying the accompanying adhesive mounting strips to the back of your Mysa where they are indicated and placing it on a wall with a clear “line of sight” to your air conditioner or mini-split are the only steps required to attach Mysa to the wall. Following the application of the mounting strips, place your Mysa on the wall and press and hold it firmly in place for 30 seconds to establish adhesion. You could also want to utilize the provided cable clips; just take off the adhesive backing and install them on the wall as you like.


  • Simply remove the supplied tabletop stand from the package and align the two pins with the two holes on the back of the Mysa for AC to position it on a tabletop.
  • Once there is a strong connection and the pins’ lines are aligned, insert them. When put on your table, there should be no “wiggle.”


Additionally, Mysa for AC incorporates side buttons for manual control of the Fan and Mode settings.


Tap the top (M) button to manually cycle through the available Modes.


Tap the bottom (Fan) button to manually cycle through the fan speeds.


Here’s an example of what Mysa for AC’s thermostat control screen looks like on your smartphone:


Does this operate with 220-240v power or only 120v?

Reaction: It’s not hardwired. It plugs into a normal outlet and controls the temperature wirelessly like your remote but from a different place outside the house. Having said that, I got one even though it claimed to be compatible with my mini split and it did not work.

Can the thermostat be locked? I don’t want visitors to my Airbnb changing the settings.

In addition to locking, you can limit the temperature set point range, deactivate particular thermostat modes (such as Heat), and have Mysa notify you if a system’s thermostats are running both the AC and the heat simultaneously.

Is it available in white? If not, can it be painted?

The only color that Mysa is offered in is white.

Will it work with klimaire mini split units?

If there is an IR remote, it should work with Klimaire tiny split units!

Is it battery powered or can it only be plugged into an outlet?

There are currently no battery-powered devices available; instead, plug-in or baseboard units with gang boxes would be used (AC)

Is this a minisplit external thermostat?

Products from Mysa must only be used internally.

Two wall units and one outside unit make up our compact split. Are they required for each wall unit?


I just want my Airbnb guests to be able to control the volume and on/off of the device—not the mode or timer, which can cause problems. They won’t utilize the app. Does it work?

Only the Mysa device allows manual temperature adjustment; however, we are presently unable to restrict the mode option. However, visitors can make necessary adjustments to Off, Cool, or Heat directly from the Mysa device without using the app.

Do mirage units support this?

The unit, not the brand, determines compatibility. If you visit our website, you can use a compatibility tool to see if your device is supported.

If the internet goes down, will this maintain the mini split on schedule?

The last planned set point will stay in effect if your internet goes down. For Mysa to determine the time, an internet connection is necessary.

Does this only apply to one unit, or can it be used on several?

In line of sight (within 30 feet of Mysa), two identical models can be controlled by a single AC Mysa. You would need a Mysa for each if they are two distinct units.

Can the heating features of mini splits also be controlled by this?

The heat and cool modes for small splits should be controlled by Mysa for AC, the correct answer. You may determine here whether your device is compatible:

Can the mini split’s heat setting be adjusted using just the panel, rather than the phone, or is it limited to the cool option?

Yes, Mysa for AC/Mini Splits has the ability to regulate both heating and cooling.

Will this work with an ac or hvac system? (As opposed to the wall thermostat)

This most surely can! To find out specifically whether your model is compatible, I advise visiting our website and using the compatibility checker tool.

Is it possible to manage this through habitat?

The Mysa app is used to pair and control the device. However, it can also be paired with Google Home, Apple HomeKit, and Amazon Alexa.



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