MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions

Items of insert in package and specifications

Items of insert in package:

Watch 1
USB Cable 1
Instruction 1

Name: GSM Wireless Data Terminal
Model: G900A Charging
Volt: 4.2V Working Temperature: 0-40

Operation Manual

1. Apply for a SIM card from the local business hall
1): Select a GSM card as advised by your dealer, make sure it is a Micro SIM card, instead of Virtual Network Operator. For more information, please contact with our customer service.
2): The SIM card must support 2G network and can show callers ID.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Apply for a SIM card from the local business hall

2. Inserting SIM card
1): Inserting method: open the rubber cover, put the card into the slot, chip facing up.(Note: Before put SIM card, Pls turn off the watch.) 2): Reboot the watch after inserting the card successfully, then wait for the signal and start to operate following the next step.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Inserting SIM card
3. Download the APP
1): Open your WeChat and scan the QR code below, download and install it.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - QR Code

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Scan the QR Code


2) Or searching APP name: SeTracker MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - SeTracker App from Apple store or Google Play to down load and install it.

4. Register
1): When the installation is completed, start to register your personal account.


MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Register▲ Register code: ID number or register code, not IMEI number
▲ Account: Your monitoring phone number
▲ User Alias: baby’s name
▲ Password: set a password in six numbers
▲ (do not forget) Select APP language: Choose your location(HK, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania, North America and South America)

5. Log in
After registration, try to log in.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Log in

▲ Input your account and password
▲ Select APP language: Choose your location(HK, Europe and Africa, Asia and Oceania, North America and South America)

6. Setting
1): Log in and find the setting, click the phone book or contacts and save the numbers you need. The same goes for the other functions.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Setting▲ Set a SOS number(Mum/ Dad / Brother?)
▲ Only those numbers saved in phone book or contacts have the privilege to call the watch, suggest adding baby’s friends too.
▲ You should save the numbers in App, then the watch can call out these numbers.
▲Remember to click the save button.

7. Remote Camera
Log in and find R Camera, click it to take photos, refresh frequency 30 seconds. Click photos to amplify or rotate 90 degrees, also can check photo date.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Remote Camera


8. Calling
A: To call the phone using watch: 1) Slide the screen to find the surface of phonebook, click enter into it, it shows the numbers you saved before in APP. Choose the phone number to call out. 2) Long press Key 2 for few seconds to call 3 SOS numbers one by one, if the first one or the next one didn’t answer and will not end until the second round. 3) Short press key 2 to cancel the call. B: To call the watch with Phone : just dial the number of watch, when the watch receives a calling, press Key 1or 3 to answer, press Key 2 to cancel the call.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Calling

9. Flashlight
Two ways to power on flashlight: 1. Short press Key 1 for 2 times, power on flashlight. Short press key 1,power off it. 2. Slide screen find the surface of flashlight , click it enter into it, you can choose On or Off.

MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone Instructions - Flashlight
10. Location
1): Turn on the watch and make sure that it got signal. 2): Open the map on APP, click the location then it will shows your baby’s real-time position.

Notes: If the watch is indoors, it usually position yourself via LBS, and the deviation is inevitable, which depends on the distance between the watch and Base Station and the environment as well. If you’re in outside, it switch to GPS automatically, the range of deviation will also narrowed, but will still become unstable while the watch moved, which is normal, you can’t regard it as quality issues, won’t be listed in After-sale service.

FAQ Center

Few points need to be confirmed about the SIM card
1: Has GSM Network
2: Has 2G data base
3: Can show callers ID

1. Even if you inserted the SIM card, it still got no signal
1): Check the card’s type and size to see if it’s right, also check if the card has 2G network.
2): Check the card to see if it’s inserted properly. First shut down the watch, second, insert the card, then reboot.
2. When you save the numbers it indicates that the device can not connect the network.
1): Is there any signal after inserting the card, please check, and can the watch rings when receiving a phone call.
2): Check whether the watch is on or not.(before using the APP, the watch must be on)
3): Make sure that the SIM card has the data package and make sure you have paid the phone charge and the SIM card is available to call.
4): Check whether the watch ID match the ID on the tags or not.
5): If still not working, please send pw,123456,ts# to the number that inserted in watch, then your phone will receive a message from your watch, please send the message and the rear cover of the watch to your local dealer, they will solve this problem as soon as possible.
3. When you call the watch, it reminds you the number you have dialed is busy, please try again later.
1): Is there any signal after inserting the card, please check.
2): Please check you have saved phone numbers on your APP.
3): Check If you have turn on the DO NOT DISTURB in App and set a time, if yes, please switch to OFF.
4. The time can not update automatically.
When you manage inserting the card(must have data ), the watch will update the time automatically, which might take few minuets. If not, please send pw,123456,ntpservers,121.4 3.19.219,8089# via your phone to the watch, once your phone got answer, reboot the watch.
5. The positioning function is not working.
1): Go outside and try again.
2): Once the watch goes to SLEEP MODE, it will switch to SAVE POWER MODE, which means the function of uploading data is OFF, at this time, you can refresh the positioning and shake the watch to wake it up.
6. Neither charge nor boot
The battery enter into a self-protection mode, do as the following step by step:
1): Try another USB Cable to see if the original one was damaged.
2): Press the POWER key for 50 seconds, then recharge, it will indicate recharging on the watch after 1 minutes, at this time you can reboot.
3): If still not working, the watch has a recovery time, after two days, it has no power and then recharge it ,it should be work.
7. No voice on watch or phone.
Check the volume + – while calling. If the watch switch to max. still no voice, the speaker must damaged, it need be repaired.
8. The watch can receive any call.
Apply to your local operator for a function of showing callers ID.
9. When use the watch to call, it indicates that can not connect
Check the GSM signal, it shows on the screen. If not, maybe your SIM card has loosened, try to reload again.

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MYAQSH Kids GPS Watch Phone [pdf] Instructions
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